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About Kate Buck Jr.

Kate has trained over 35,000 social media managers, built an agency that’s worked with Fortune 100 companies & celebrities, and spoken on stages worldwide, including SXSW and Traffic & Conversion Summit.

In 2010, she launched her first online course – now known as Social Media Manager Pro.

Her students have gone on to start their own agencies, become influencers, and work at major brands like Facebook/Meta.

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“This is amazing! Your team read my mind in what I needed… I'm 50% done now and LOVING the content. 
The knowledge shared is priceless. Not only does this increase my confidence, but now I have a practical resource to refer back to often! Thank you.” – Sharon Cassidy


You’re now getting paid to give client proposals – for more money than you’re currently charging for your social media marketing service alone.

It’s easy because your paid proposals are a customized strategy that actually helps businesses…
And also persuades them to hire you long term for up to 3x more money, without ever coming across as a sales pitch!
If you’re curious how we’ve done this for over 300+ businesses in the last 2 years, and how I’ve charged high fees for my social media strategy alone…
(More than I ever did for my DFY service)
Then you’ll want to watch this extended webclass.
It’s exactly how I generated $10-$20k per month with less than 10 hours of work…
And ultimately scaled my Social Media Marketing agency to $1.2 million in 4 years.
You can also ask our thousands of successful students how it’s changed their lives.


Inside This Webclass…

You'll discover the 5 business categories we’ve identified that every client you’ll ever come across will fall into…
… which allows you to re-create strategies in less than 1-2 hours for any business.
Once you understand these 5 business categories…
You can ‘rinse & repeat’ the same strategies to sell them, making it far more effortless for you to grow your income, in a fraction of the time.
You’ll also see how we price this (what we sell it for) that always works. 
And how it weeds out the wrong clients from the best ones!
This is exactly how our students finally escape the ‘hustle and grind’ way of making money in their Social Media Marketing businesses.
Our students eliminate ‘burn out’, get unstuck and unshackled from their desks, drastically reduce their workload, and live the life they want.
They finally scale, grow, and 2x-3x their incomes, while getting to work with dream clients most people can hardly get their foot in the door with…
They also gain the ability to work ON their business, rather than constantly being stuck working in it!

“Based on experience working with hundreds of clients for over a decade…

The advice in this course goes beyond everyday tactics and takes a deep-dive into a holistic approach to digital marketing that can be applied to any business in any industry.

You’ll learn how to create paid proposals that will sell your services FOR you, how to diagnose the health of a client’s online business, and whether that client is an appropriate fit for your services.

And also how to best serve your clients to get them to where they want to be with their businesses.”  – Christine Rice

You'll love this because…

 You unlock the #1 way we know of to land dream clients (top brands that look impressive on your resume).
 You become an even better, well-respected, ‘looked up to’ Social Media expert by others (including top companies).
 As a consultant (aka ‘Strategist’) who gets paid for giving advice, you instantly position yourself as an authority on Social Media marketing.
 You also gain more confidence in what you do! (This might be the biggest ‘internal shift’ our students get. Get ready for a ‘new you’ as an entrepreneur.)
 Not to mention, talking ‘social media strategy’ is FAR more fun than trying to sell, yes? (It’s time to let your paid audit & strategy do the ‘selling’ for you!)
 You save enormous time and energy, because you only spend (paid) time with clients you desire most. (Choose who gets to work with you long-term, and fearlessly say ‘no’ to anyone else.)
 This also costs you ‘nothing’ – It only requires you to tweak your mindset and approach (You’re probably already doing this for free!)

As An Additional Gift…

You'll also get access to our free ‘Client Questionnaire” that gets clients to buy our audits & strategies with ease. 

You'll see exactly what our Questionnaire consists of, and what questions we ask prospect on the very first phone call…

… that gets them wanting to hire us for thousands of dollars for just 1-2 hours of work.

This, combined with the training in our webclass, will enable you to turn your social media business into a dream business that finally scales and gives you freedom…

… without hiring, training, chasing convincing or losing anyone.

Stop Wasting Time Giving Free Proposals to Clients Who Never End Up Paying You…

Dare I say, without this, you continue to lose time on flaky clients.
Or worse, put up with clients that take your ‘free advice’ and hire some other agency to implement it for them!
That’s why our social media students no longer chase down clients who give them the runaround, despite endless follow ups.
They truly become the choosers of clients, and take back control of their time and their lives.
They enjoy true abundance – of clients, projects, and cash flow.
Dream clients start chasing them.
Now the great news is…
You’re probably already sharing ideas with prospects before they hire you. And you have been for a long time.
This makes it an easy transition since you’re already an experienced Social Media Marketer…
… who’s probably been putting together proposals and sharing strategies with prospective clients anyway.
You’re now going to charge them ‘high dollar’ for it – by presenting it the right way and to the right type of businesses.
And that’s what this extended webclass is going to help you do.

Scale your social media business without needing to hire a team, train anyone, or somehow replace yourself in order to take on more clients and projects.

Do this as a standalone service, and choose to outsource the implementation of your Strategy when clients hire you long term, without a drop in your income…

Or get hired to simply oversee or edit your client’s work in applying your strategy. So you still get paid long-term without doing the DFY service yourself.

“What I especially love about becoming a highly paid Social Media Strategist
… is that your Strategy also sets boundaries & expectations around what will be done and not done on any project.
This eliminates any chance of ‘scope creep’, where you’d otherwise end up doing more for clients than they paid you for.
Which I’ve been guilty of in the past!
It’s also the best way to get out of ‘burn out’…
… or get out of being stuck at a ceiling in your social media freelancing or agency.
This is giving our students incredible freedom while being able to scale.
They take back control of their time, relax on holidays and weekends, and double or triple their earnings.”
– Kate Buck Jr.
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