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A Complete Step-by-Step Training Course



Transition from tactical execution to strategic mastery, guiding clients to their goals and transforming yourself into an invaluable consultant. Learn to simplify the process, charge higher fees, and elevate your status in the industry, all while streamlining your services for maximum impact and profit.



Discover Kate's streamlined process. Learn how to leverage five specialized business templates, stay current with industry trends, and position yourself as a social media consultant, all while gaining access to practical templates.



Elevate your social media consultancy by being your own best client, crafting a winning marketing strategy, and increasing your perceived value to potential clients through effective content creation, setting the stage for success from the first contact.



Shift your client interactions towards the consultative selling approach and position your expertise to offer the strategy as a solution. Learn how to guide potential clients from the mindset of seeking implementation to understanding the value of a strategy first!



Learn how to “pitch” this proven approach to clients through the art of the invitation. By positioning this as the foundation to move from point A to point B, you create a valuable proposition.



How to handle the post-invitation dispositions with effective onboarding and follow up strategies — including customizable email templates!



There are 4 key parts to every strategy… The Research, The Insights, The Plan and The Proposal.   In this module, we will dive into research and insights phase which is where you collect all the data that you need before jumping into the next section — The Plan!



Here we will outline the “Plan” phase of the strategic process, which includes implementing both best practices and wild card ideas!



See the whole process lined out in order — encompassing all the stages — from lead generation to discovery calls through payment and onboarding!



Let's dive into the often challenging topic of pricing!  Learn the KEY factors in how much you can charge — HINT — they are not what you think!  And how to determine  appropriate pricing tiers for different types of clients based on industry, revenue, and impact!



Listen to Kate deliver a mock discovery call close so you can repeat the same proven tactics on your client calls!



In this video,  we discuss the importance of setting boundaries and how to confidently guiding clients through the strategic audit process, ultimately showcasing the value you bring to their business! 



In this section of the course, I will guide you through executing the entire strategy process, (all 14 steps!) using the template.

We will cover all four parts of the audit process; including how to do the research, create the plan, and proposal!

SocialMediaPro Social Media Strategy

Proven Presentation Template​

Now in Canva, Google Slides and PPT!

These slides will save you time and allow you to share your findings like a pro! You'll get the actual PowerPoint Template, Canva Template and a PDF document of the slides to have handy as a cheatsheet.

Proven Presentation Template​

Now in Canva, Google Slides and PPT!

These slides will save you time and allow you to share your findings like a pro! You'll get the actual PowerPoint Template, Canva Template and a PDF document of the slides to have handy as a cheatsheet.

Strategic Planning Questionnaire

Plus These Amazing Bonuses!

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New for 2023! You now have the opportunity to turn in coursework to get certified as a Social Strategist. And, you’ll be fully supported to succeed by following Kate’s proven strategic template.

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Bonus Sales Trainings

Sharpen your selling skills with these two trainings from special guest instructors!

2023 Most Popular Trainings

Learn the most important trends of 2023 and how to implement them for your clients!


AI-Powered Marketing Modules

Six in-depth AI-Marketing Modules with Kate, and other special guest expert instructors!


Your Instructor

Picture of Kate Buck Jr - Founder & CEO

Kate Buck Jr - Founder & CEO

Kate Buck Jr. is a Social Media Strategist from Austin, Texas.  Since 2009, she has worked with some of the top names in Internet Marketing, as well as consulted with hundreds of organizations, entrepreneurs, nonprofits and freelance professionals.

Kate is the co-founder of Social Media Pro, a training program for Social Media Marketing Professionals. Her courses have trained more than 30,000 students.

As a digital nomad, Kate is usually traveling to cities all over the world, speaking and training at interactive conferences and events. A student herself, she is fascinated with the technology that connects people, and is passionate about training and developing social media managers.

People Are Talking...

"Once again Kate & Jesse hit it out of the park. Taking the information that matters and focusing on where it best suits the needs of the client as well as the social media manager.Just the right tweaks made in just the right places can take a company to the next level or just create some fast needed cash flowGood strategy is the key to it all, and this course will clear your fears and give you the skills needed to know the what and where of those tweaks. Get the course. You’ll be glad you did."
Kim Gail
"If you’re seeking how to refine your skills as a professional social media marketer, SMMPro’s Strategy Pro course provides detailed, step-by-step guidance on how to get the RIGHT clients to work with from the start AND how to get the best results for them so that you’ll be sure to KEEP them! Based on experience working with hundreds of clients for over a decade, combined with current trends in social media marketing, the advice in this course goes beyond everyday tactics and takes a deep-dive into a holistic approach to digital marketing that can be applied to any business in any industry. You’ll learn how to create paid proposals that will sell your services FOR you, how to diagnose the health of a client’s online business, whether that client is an appropriate fit for your services, and how to best to serve your clients to get them to where they want to be with their businesses. With the strategies, tools, and resources revealed in this course, you’ll never again have any confusion around how to market on any social media platform!"
Christine Rice
"This is amazing! Your team read my mind in what I needed. I started the course late yesterday. I'm 50% done now and LOVING the content. The knowledge shared is priceless.Not only does this increase my confidence, but now I have a practical resource to refer back to often! Thank you."
Sharon Cassidy
"I just finished SM Pro “Social Strategist Pro” course the other night and it’s thorough as heck, I highly recommend it. They also give you some great templates for organization."
Anthony Bernardelli

Social Strategist Pro

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  • NEW! Updated Videos Walkthroughs for 2023
  • NEW! Proven Presentation Template
  • Downloadable Email Templates
  • Strategic questionnaire for Discovery Calls
  • 13 Original Social Strategist Pro Training Modules
  • Social Strategist Certification coursework
  • BONUS! 6 AI-Powered Marketing Modules
  • BONUS! 3 Most Popular SMP 2023 One-hour Workshops

Frequently Asked Questions

We pride ourselves in having excellent support.  Our goal is to get you trained, proficient and confident as quickly as possible.  We leave no student behind.  You have around the clock access to our private Facebook Group for students and staff where no question ever goes unanswered.  We are also available via Facebook Messenger. Just click the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Getting you “unstuck” is what we do best.

We offer a 30-day or 30% course completion money back guarantee (which ever comes sooner).  This provides plenty of time to evaluate the course content.  Many of our students have found their first clients within this time and have made much more than their investment in the course and community.

Over the past 9 years, more Social Media Managers have come through our training than through any other. Students in our community are sharing their success stories almost daily. As you begin to connect with other members of our community in the Facebook groups, you will see just how many people are actively running their own Social Media business.

Our mission is to help as many people as possible have access to this kind of training.  So while our competitors charge A LOT more, we keep our prices affordable.

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