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Get paid to create irresistible Social Media Strategiesfor your prospective clients—in HALF the time—and charge more money than you ever imagined.

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If you are currently providing “Social Media as a Service” to clients, this training will immediately and forever change your business.

Social Strategist Pro is a Step-By-Step Strategic Playbook for Social Media Professionals.

It contains:

The Playbook is the result of Kate’s 10 years of social media client work, with every kind of business imaginable.  From mom-and-pop local business to speakers, authors, coaches, athletes, celebrities, tech startups, non-profits, and Fortune 100 companies.

In fact, Kate’s playbook is a step-by-step process that she used to perform  Social Media Audits and Strategic Roadmaps for more than 300 companies over two years—charging a minimum of $2500 for the service and up to $10,000.

April Only! Save $100 on Social Strategist Pro + Certification

A Peek Inside “Social Strategist Pro”

Once inside the training area, you’ll gain immediate access to 50+ training videos and templates. 


The April 2023 Special INCLUDES the Social Strategist Pro Certification opportunity. 

To achieve certification, you have the opportunity to submit coursework that demonstrates your understanding of the essential components and how to create and deliver a strategic report and proposal for a client.  

Here's what you’ll learn inside the training…

Social Strategist Pro - Module 1 - Introduction

Module 1

A Welcome Message and an overview of how the playbook was created. We'll share the patterns that we discovered after applying this strategy to more than 300 different businesses.

Social Strategist Pro - Module 2 - Audit Strategy

Module 2

In this module, you get a top-down view of the process from end-to-end. You'll learn not only “How” to create a social media strategy for any type of business, you'll also learn “When” to get to work on it.

Social Strategist Pro - Module 3 Benefits

Module 3

This methodology will help you land more clients, be able to easily find the clients that you want to work with, and set the tone for your working relationship, all while getting paid for your effort. In this module, you find out how.

Social Strategist Pro - Module 4 - Pricing and Getting paid

Module 4

We’ve heard story after story from Social Media Managers about the significant time and effort spent creating a plan for a client (and even delivering a detailed proposal!) before the client has agreed to pay you for services. You'll learn how to never do work again without getting paid.

Social Strategist Pro - Module 5 - Strategic Playbook

Module 5

This playbook is easily worth tens of thousands of dollars in the right hands. It contains the proven approach that has been successfully applied to every type of business imaginable.

Social Strategist Pro - Module 6 - Approach

Module 6

Ten years and more than 30,000 students later, this is the Social Media Pro® approach to Social Media Marketing. It's our proprietary system for how Social Media layers into all aspects of a business. It's a model that produces results every time.

Social Strategist Pro - Module 7

Module 7

Time is money, and knowing where to look when reviewing a company's social media past will save you a ton of effort and demonstrate that you know what you are doing. In this module, we'll show you what to look for.

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Module 8

In this continuation of Essential Components, you’ll learn how to determine if the client has strong branding and a content strategy that cohesively reflects their company and core values.

Social Strategist Pro - Module 9

Module 9

In this continuation of Essential Components, we cover Content Marketing, how to leverage featured blog posts to create a fleet of supporting content that can be steadily published on social media, on third-party blogs, and more.

Social Strategist Pro - Module 10

Module 10

In the last four modules of the course, we focus on the big reveal. This is where you report the findings of your audit, and present your strategic plan. Everything so far has led up to this event. We walk you through each step.

Social Strategist Pro - Module 11

Modules 11, 12, 13

The report of findings and the presentation of your strategic plan walk-through continues in Modules 11, 12, and 13.

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1423666_SMP Mini Course Cards_13_090722
1423666_SMP Mini Course Cards_14_090722

Module 14

We provide you with our proven PowerPoint presentation template and strategic questionnaire. These are the strategic questions that cover every business for just about every situation imaginable. Also included: Discovery Call Follow-up email template and Welcome email onboarding template.

PLUS… when you enroll in Social Media Strategist Pro before April 30, 2023, you’ll also receive the opportunity to turn in coursework to achieve certification FREE.

At this point you might be wondering…

How Much to Enroll in Social Strategist Pro?

Normally $297 + $97 for certification, to kick off Spring, we’re offering the training + certification for a one-time cost of $197.

"Once again Kate hits it out of the park. Taking the information that matters and focusing on where it best suits the needs of the client as well as the social media manager.Just the right tweaks made in just the right places can take a company to the next level or just create some fast needed cash flowGood strategy is the key to it all, and this course will clear your fears and give you the skills needed to know the what and where of those tweaks. Get the course. You’ll be glad you did."
Kim Gail
"If you’re seeking how to refine your skills as a professional social media marketer, SMMPro’s Strategy Pro course provides detailed, step-by-step guidance on how to get the RIGHT clients to work with from the start AND how to get the best results for them so that you’ll be sure to KEEP them! Based on experience working with hundreds of clients for over a decade, combined with current trends in social media marketing, the advice in this course goes beyond everyday tactics and takes a deep-dive into a holistic approach to digital marketing that can be applied to any business in any industry. You’ll learn how to create paid proposals that will sell your services FOR you, how to diagnose the health of a client’s online business, whether that client is an appropriate fit for your services, and how to best to serve your clients to get them to where they want to be with their businesses. With the strategies, tools, and resources revealed in this course, you’ll never again have any confusion around how to market on any social media platform!"
Christine Rice
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