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Millions of Businesses Worldwide are Looking to hire people just like you to help them with their Social Media!  Not just that… Many of them are willing to pay from you $500 to $2500 per month for your help.  But here's the crazy thing...  The skills needed to become a Social Media Manager are NOT ONLY in "High Demand"... They're Easy to Learn!  How do we know?  Because we've trained THOUSANDS of Social Media Pro's.  

In fact, you can learn the skills in as little as 4 to 6 weeks.  Some of our students have followed our training to get their first client in days.  Imagine...  In as little as one month, you could be earning more as a freelancer, than you are right now in your current job.  Have you’ve been looking, waiting, and longing for a real opportunity? A chance to learn a new trade skill with unlimited possibilities? 

Your Time Has Come!

Creating and sharing content on Social Media is both fun, and fulfilling! You're already spending time on Social Media.  Start getting paid for it!  Of all of the options available today, to become independent, and self-sufficient with a business of your own...  Social Media Management provides one of the fastest paths to personal independence.

We have put together the most complete system offered anywhere.  Designed to empower you with the knowledge, skills, confidence, and community support...  To help you get started FAST!   Over the years, we've discovered that to teach a topic like Social Media Marketing (ever expanding and evolving)...  You must take a different approach to the learning process.   It's NOT merely a matter of providing you with a single (or even many) step-by-step training courses.  Yes, well-structured course content is essential.  However, it's our "Complete Learning & Support System"...  that helps our students achieve consistent success.

The Social Media Pro Learning & Support System

Foundation to teach you proven principles and best practices in our two flagship training courses. 

Expansion to dive into platform specific training content, or choose your specialization.

Resources contains a massive library filled with an FAQ audio /video knowledge-base, student content audits & reviews, and an archive of past live trainings trainings (nearly 4 years).  

Hot Topics!  This is all about what's working right now in Social Media.  We host Live Sessions every week.  Hangouts with Guest Experts,  Live Q&A sessions, and Live Mini-Audit Reviews.  

Community.  Our Students & Faculty love our Private Facebook Group.  It's where we all connect and share.  At any given time there are more than 700 active students and faculty participating.  EVERY Question Gets Answers.  Even the questions that you don't know to ask.

The 5 Key Components of 

The Social Media Pro - Learning & Support System:

We begin by laying the foundation for your new skills as a Social Media Pro!

Social Media is the fastest evolving communication medium in human history.  For this reason, a solid understanding of Social Media can seem like a moving target.  This challenge has caused individuals and businesses to become reactionary rather than strategic.  The result is mistakes and assumptions that do more harm to their business than good.

We leverage our unique understanding of Social Media.  Gained from many years of serving a wide range of clients in many different markets.  The real role and responsibilities of a Social Media Manager are to function as an ambassador.  To help businesses to find & connect with their tribe.

With this training...  You will gain a solid foundation of essential fundamentals and best practices.  A base that will serve you, regardless of what new platform pops up or new feature becomes available.

Let's take a look at our Two Flagship Training Courses:

Social Media Pro - In this course, we begin with Our Signature 5-Step Approach to Social Media for any business, in any market.  We'll show you how to jump right in and make the most of your effort.  You'll learn to do it in a way that best fits the needs of your business or the client that you represent.  AND you'll learn techniques that produce the fastest results.

The playbook in our course comes straight from our own Social Media Agency where we service clients both large and small.  All our Instructors are active professionals on the cutting edge of Social Media Marketing.

We'll cover topics like...

  • Listening to the market
  • Where to find & create content that gets authentic engagement
  • How to grow an audience eager for your content
  • Steps to follow to build and maintain engagement
  • How to invite your fans and follows to consumer greater levels of value (purchase products & services).
  • Creating Your Avatar (Ideal Customer Profile)
  • ​How to setup and manage an editorial calendar that works best for you and the brand that you represent.
  • ​Where to find the best content, including 100 proven Social Media and Blogging Content Ideas.
  • ​Next your learn to properly setup Social Profiles for maximum impact.
  • ​You'll gain access to our Image Size Cheatsheet
  • ​We’ve also included a strategy for managing social profiles with Gmail. This will save you time and many headaches.
  • An extensive module on “Branding your Business”

Social Media Manager Pro - Here you learn the in's and out's of providing Social Media Services.  The fundamentals change very little.  However, there are some pitfalls and challenges that you will want to avoid.  This flagship course has launched many careers and is key to your success as a Social Media Professional.

We begin with an introduction to Social Media Management.  What exactly is a Social Media Manager and what does it mean to manage Social Media for a client?  We'll dispel the myths and help you to understand what it means to fulfill the role. 

Here's what you'll learn...

Getting Clients.

Finding clients is much easier than you might imagine.  There's a good chance that there are plenty of businesses that need your help right in your backyard.  We'll show how to find the ones that need you the most, and how to gain their business.

Don't forget; this is a business that you can work from anywhere with an internet connection.  This convenience opens up a whole world of new client possibilities.  We have students that choose to focus only on providing services to a specific niche market like...  Craft Beer Breweries, Health Spas, Travel Agencies, or Real Estate Agents.

Packaging and Pricing. 

Knowing how much to charge, how often, and for how long, will determine how much you can make in your business.  Here you’ll see examples of the most popular Social Media Services Packages. And, how to offer them in a simple Menu of Client Services.  We'll also talk about when is the right time and situation to raise your prices or offer discounts.

Look Over Our Shoulder & Follow Along:

We’ll guide you through...  A new client questionnaire.  A new client proposal.  A Social Media Properties Worksheet.  And, the process for a Social Media evaluation proven to gain new business.  We provide you with an easy-to-edit template that you can download and make your own. 

Doing the Work.
Happy clients make for a pleasant business. There are activities that we call "Low Hanging Fruit." They are the easiest to perform and produce the most significant results for your effort.  We'll show you our process for creating client-pleasing content.  And, we provide you with useful daily checklists.  You'll also learn about the most helpful tools of the trade that will help you automate many tasks.  Being efficient will allow you to manage more clients and make more money.

Managing Clients.
One of the most significant challenges that a new Social Media Manager faces is preventing clients from running away with your time.  Managing client expectations is key to the success of your business.  We've included a unique module on mindset.   It will teach you our proprietary IBR Client Management Method.  We'll share some easy-to-use methods to keep reporting simple for both you and your client.

Reputation Management

Many businesses hesitate to engage in Social Media. Publicly dealing with unhappy customers is a common fear.  We'll teach you how to save the day.  AND, we even show you some of the best customer service standard replies for Social Media.

Beyond Social Media Management.

Social Media Professional has become a broad term.  There are many opportunities to specialize.  Honing specific skills will significantly increase your market value.  We'll explain the path to becoming a Social Media Strategist.  Social Media Advertising Specialist. Speaker. Coach. Or, even an Author.

As a bonus we have added a training section on:

Social Media for Local Business.

Learn how to find local businesses starved for your services. We'll show you what you can offer them for the most significant impact.  You'll discover how to get your clients listed in search directories.  We'll highlight the ones that matter most so that their customers and new prospects can find them.

These courses sell individually...  

Social Media Pro: $297

Social Media Manager Pro: $497

However, with this very special offer...

You'll gain immediate access to both today for only $7.70! 

But, we have barely scratched 

the surface of what's included...

[Open to the Next 100 New Members] 

Membership renews each month for only $47 Mo.

Cancel at anytime and you still keep the Starter Kit.

Expansion Training - Here is where you will find "platform-specific" training content. So many aspects of Social Media continue to evolve with new features and functions. Our expansion training is where you get to choose the topics to help you stay informed. It's a common misunderstanding that you must know everything, about every platform.  Many of our most successful students chose one or more key areas to specialize.  You may decide to focus on a particular Social Network. (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest) Or, concentrate on Advertising on one specific platform.

Here are just a few examples of the training that awaits you...

[Open to the Next 100 New Members] 

Membership renews each month for only $47 Mo.

Cancel at anytime and you still keep the Starter Kit.

We host the most comprehensive collection of resources for the Social Media Professional.  Here you will find a vast library of training content from more than 80 guest experts. You'll also see reviews and a knowledge base of "Frequently Asked Questions." [source: eight years of student interaction]

Hot Topic Video Training Archive -  More than 100 of the best training sessions from our weekly LIVE “Hot Topic” Training Series. You'll find a wide variety of Social Media and Digital Marketing Topics. Such as...

Social Media Audits & Reviews - In this section you will find more than 20 hours of audits and reviews. Watch our seasoned faculty review student and client content. Few things will hone your skills faster. You'll see reviews of Websites, Social Properties, Ads, Posts, images, and more. Have a new client in a specific market? Real Estate? Craft beer? Travel? Dentist? Restaurant? Have content that you would like for us to review? Let our staff know and well get it reviewed in our next live session.  We have social audits and reviews for a wide range of markets.  Here's a sample... 

  • Speaker/Author/Coach
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Business Coaching & Consulting
  • Family & Educational Services
  • Fashion, Jewelry, Crafts
  • Financial & Insurance
  • Health & Well-being
  • Home Products & Services
  • Real Estate Agents & Realtors
  • Restaurants, Cafes, Specialty Foods
  • Social Change & Not-For-Profit
  • Social Media Management
  • Virtual Assistant Services
  • Travel & Lifestyle

FAQ Audio / Video Knowledge-Base - Another key-ingredient to the success of our training... Helping new students learn from past students. You'll have access to an Audio & Video Knowledge-base of the most common questions. Questions asked by Social Media students going back to 2010. Organized by easy-to-find topics such as…

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Blogging
  • Branding
  • Testimonials
  • Useful Tools
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Packaging & Pricing
  • Outsourcing
  • Scaling Your Business
  • Reputation Management
  • Client Management
  • Setting Up Your Business

[Open to the Next 100 New Members] 

Membership renews each month for only $47 Mo.

Cancel at anytime and you still keep the Starter Kit.

LIVE “Hot Topic” Trainings - Live Weekly Trainings “What New? What’s Working Now?” in Social Media, Social Media Management & Digital Marketing.  Here a few of our most recent trainings…

LIVE “Mini Audit Review” Sessions - Join us for LIVE hangouts and get your content reviewed. One of our Pros will look at your websites, ads, social properties, and content. You'll get feedback that will help you to shine. Our students find it comforting to know that they always have expert guidance close at hand.

LIVE “Question & Answer” Sessions - We hold live hangouts where you can bring your questions. These sessions are the source of our extensive Audio/Video F.A.Q. Knowledge-base. Imagine being able to tell a client... "Let me consult with my team, and I'll get back to you!" Then you bring your questions to our live Q&A sessions. Never feel unprepared for even the big opportunities.

Facebook Marketing Press - Our Weekly Newsletter

What began as an internal daily report, is now available to our community. Our weekly newsletter keeps you informed about... Tips. Strategies. Platform Changes. Key-Insights on Facebook and Instagram. & Newsworthy Events. You'll find highlights that impact Social Media Professionals and the businesses they serve.

[Open to the Next 100 New Members] 

Membership renews each month for only $47 Mo.

Cancel at anytime and you still keep the Starter Kit.

Social Media Pro - CONNECT - This golden gem is the single most valuable part of our offering.  CONNECT has compelled many of our students to remain with us for years.  Long after finding success as a Social Media Pro. 

CONNECT is a Student & Faculty Only - Private Facebook Group.  You'll be joining more than 700 active students (new and our seasoned pro’s). Interact daily, with each other, and our faculty and support staff.

Shortly after joining, you'll be added to the group by our fantastic Community Manager.  She is also available to answer your questions and point you in the right direction to help you get started.

EVERY question gets fast answers from both staff and other students.

[Open to the Next 100 New Members] 

Membership renews each month for only $47 Mo.

Cancel at anytime and you still keep the Starter Kit.

Social Media Manager Fast-Track Training Video - We realize that not everyone learns at the same pace.  Some of our students already have a freelance business. Their simply looking to offer Social Media services to their existing clients.  For this reason, we created a lean “condensed” training video. It's designed to help an existing freelancer to find new clients and get up and running in days.

As surprising as it may seem, one big hurdle that leaves sooo many new Social Media Managers feeling stuck and not sure what to do next is... 


We simplify the challenge of documents by giving you 

The same templates that we use in our own agency.  

Social Media Managers Document Package - Quick and Easy Templates to edit to make your own. 

Menu of Services

In the Fast-Track Video, we talk about what to offer your potential clients. Here we provide you with an editable "done for you" Menu of Pricing and Services document that you can make your own.

Proposal Template

When you are ready to send a proposal to a potential client, we've got you covered. Easily edit our proposal template to fit your brand.

Sample Social Media Evaluation

One of the easiest ways to get new clients is to do a Social Media Evaluation.  We provide you with a "tried and true" template that you can use as your own.

New Client Questionnaire

Our new client questionnaire will help you to identify where they need the most help.

Client Intake Form

This form will make your life easier by helping you get off to a perfect start with your new client.  Save yourself the hassle of going back and forth to collect the information that you need to get started.

These templates are all easy to edit so that you can make them your own.  Our students tell us that this kit helps to take the pain out of the paperwork. It allows them to focus on the fun of helping clients with their Social Media.

[Open to the Next 100 New Members] 

Membership renews each month for only $47 Mo.

Cancel at anytime and you still keep the Starter Kit.

Why choose...

The demand for Social Media skills continues to grow. As the Internet's #1 Community & Training Resource for Social Media Professionals... We are committed to refining what it means what it means to be a Social Media Manager.

We host the oldest, largest, and most active Facebook group for Social Media Professionals. ( 20,000+ members) Moderated by more than a dozen active social media professionals.)

Our Roots Run Deep!

Social Media Pro: Founded by Kate Buck Jr. and Jesse Jameson.  Kate's been an active thought leader in Social Media for a decade, and she’s been teaching social media for nearly as long.

Her first Social Media Manager Course… “Let’s Get Social” trained more than 29,500 students. It also started the Social Media Careers of many of today’s Social Media thought leaders.

Jesse has been In the Internet Marketing Industry for 20 years. He's helped thousands of people to start a successful "online" home-based business. Today he is a much sought-after Facebook Marketing Expert. 

Both Kate and Jesse speak on stages around the world. Topics include Social Media, Social Media Marketing, and Facebook Advertising.

In addition to training modules by both Kate & Jesse... More than 80 Social Media Experts have contributed to the Social Media Pro community.

[Open to the Next 100 New Members] 

Membership renews each month for only $47 Mo.

Cancel at anytime and you still keep the Starter Kit.

These training courses (when purchased on our site) cost nearly $1800.  The two flagship courses. The 4 advertising courses. The extension courses.  The weekly newsletter sells for $9.97 per month.  The Live Weekly Training, Resource Libraries, Quick Start Video, access to our private groups AND an editable template library to make your own...  We could easily sell this entire package for several thousand dollars. Our goal is to change the industry by empowering new Social Media Managers "like you" to "Do Social Media The Right Way!"  So we have put together this incredible offer [for a limited time]- For an affordable price.  - Within anyone's reach.

Here's a quick recap of what you get...

  • Social Media Pro - Training Course
  • Social Media Manager Pro - Training Course
  • An Ever Growing List of Expansion Training Courses
  • Live Weekly Trainings with Guest Experts
  • Live Social Audits & Reviews
  • Live Q & A Sessions with our Pro Staff
  • CONNECT - Student & Faculty Private FB Community
  • "Hot Topic" Training Archive [Best of 4 years]
  • Social Audit & Review Library - Sorted by industry
  • F.A.Q. Audio/Video Knowledge base [Since 2010]
  • Facebook Marketing Press - Weekly Newsletter
  • Fast-Track Training Video
  • Social Media Managers Document Package
  • Invitation to FB's Social Media Manager Pro Group

Everything you need to become a Social Media Pro!

Join the Internet's #1 Community & Training Resource for Social Media Pro's Today!

Membership renews each month for Only $47 Mo.

Cancel at anytime and you still keep the Starter Kit.


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Membership renews each month for only $47 Mo.

Cancel at anytime and you still keep the Starter Kit.

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