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Take advantage of a unique window of opportunity and gain a HUGE headstart on your competition. Become an expert on THE social media platform specifically used by people to shop and buy.

14 Training Modules

2 Bonus Interviews

Templates & Documents

A Complete Step-by-Step Training Course


Foundation & Strategy​

Your training begins with a understanding of Pinterests role in an overall Social Media strategy and how it is different from the other platforms.

Your Pinterest Business​

Here is where you'll learn how to craft the perfect Pinterest Business Account and how to optimize your website for Pinterest.

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Content & Boards​

Next you'll learn how to search your competition and how to optimize your business boards for maximum reach.

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Audience Growth & Engagement​

In this module we dive into how to optimize your pins for growth and engagement, content curation for business growth, and all about the new Social Collaboration Boards.


Traffic & Invitation

This is where we reveal the Pin for Profit Strategy and the Three Lead Generation ideas at work.


Scheduling & Tracking

Schedule will save you tons of time. Here we help you to understand Pinterest Seasonal Marketing and show you tools and cheat sheets for one-hour per week automation. We'll also cover Pinterest Insights

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Advanced Traffic: Promoted Pins​

Next we dive into how promoted pins differ from other platforms, how to create an effective ad for this unique platform. You'll learn about Pinterest's built in keyword promoted pin tool, and how to build custom audiences.

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Case Studies​

Cases studies are where you get to see the strategies in action. Katrina pulls back to curtain to show you real results.

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Pinterest Marketing as a Service​

Looking to provide Pinterest Marketing as a service? Here is where you'll learn how to determine if your client is right for Pinterest, how to do a consultation, what to ask and what to charge.

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Business Set-up Walkthrough​

Nothings helps you to learn faster than looking over someones shoulder. Here Katrina walks you through setting up your business on Pinterest so that it meets your needs.

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Promoted Pins Walkthrough​

Watch and learn as Katrina goes through her unique process for creating, managing and monitoring promoted pins.

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Tags & Audiences Walkthrough​

Learning the ins and outs of the proper use of tags on Pinterest and how to create audiences will make all of your effort more efficient and effective.

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Graphic Templates Walkthrough

Want to know how to get that rock start Pinterest Pin look? Katrina shows you the graphic templates that she uses for herself and her clients.

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Automation Walkthrough

Learn the proper way to setup and use automation to save yourself time and to keep Pinterest working for you around the clock.

Bonus #1

Bonus #2

Interviews with Social Media Pro Founders​

Downloadable Templates and Documents​

In addition to teaching Social Media Marketing and Management, Kate Buck and Jesse Jameson also have an agency.  Each of them brings their own unique perspective and questions to Katrina to talk about how Pinterest fits in to an overall Social Media strategy.

Having access to the documents and templates that Katrina uses in her own business will save you time in yours.
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Bonus #3

Brand New August 2020 Content
with Chef Katrina​ 

New Bonus Content includes:

  • Why Businesses Are Flocking to Pinterest
  • Understanding the Power of Promoted Pins
  • Grow a Super Targeted Audience that Converts
  • Affiliate Marketing Case Study
  • Q & A
Picture of Chef Katrina

Chef Katrina

Prior to Chef Katrina becoming an online entrepreneur, she worked as a Sous Chef for Walt Disney World for over 12 years. Having burnt out from the corporate kitchen, Chef turned to online marketing and found her passion teaching entrepreneurs the recipe for marketing online.

Chef Katrina is on a mission to empower, educate and support aspiring marketers everywhere to create true success online. She is the Social Media Pro faculty Pinterest expert.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We pride ourselves in having excellent support.  Our goal is to get you trained, proficient and confident as quickly as possible.  We leave no student behind.  You have around the clock access to our private Facebook Group for students and staff where no question ever goes unanswered.  We are also available via Facebook Messenger. Just click the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Getting you “unstuck” is what we do best.

We offer a 30-day or 30% course completion money back guarantee (which ever comes sooner).  This provides plenty of time to evaluate the course content.  Many of our students have found their first clients within this time and have made much more than their investment in the course and community.

Over the past 9 years, more Social Media Managers have come through our training than through any other. Students in our community are sharing their success stories almost daily. As you begin to connect with other members of our community in the Facebook groups, you will see just how many people are actively running their own Social Media business.

This is a limited time offer that will expire soon.  This gives us an opportunity to work with a small group to get their questions and feedback before raising the price.

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