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Learn the skills to become a...

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Learn how to drive foot traffic and awareness to local businesses through local listings, social media, online advertising, and more.

5 In-Depth Training Modules

2-Part Bonus Interview

3 Checklist Downloads

A Complete Step-by-Step Training Course

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What is Local Marketing?

Your training begins with understanding how your website optimization and online advertising work together to help drive foot traffic and awareness in localized regions.

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Local Marketing Strategy

We'll walk you through the quick-start checklist and get to work on local listings, directories, online reviews and the world of online reputation management.

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Content & Engagement

Using the framework of the marketing funnel, we ensure our content is a match for where a customer is in the flow of their customer journey. We're also creating an environment for potential customers to engage with each other.

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Social Media Advertising

Using location-based advertising to reach targeted local leads at the right phase of their customer journey with the right message.  Includes an overview of retargeting and lead generation.

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Client Work

We walk you through finding and approaching potential local clients (which are ofter the first clients of new Social Media Managers), as well as services and pricing for your local marketing efforts.

Bonus Part 1

Bonus Part 2

Interview with Claire & Courtney

Interview with Claire & Courtney

Social Media Pro co-founder Jesse Jameson interviews Claire & Courtney on what Social Media Managers should know if they’re going to make Local Business Marketing their Social Media Focus.

In part 2, Jesse, Claire & Courtney focus on the best platforms for your Local Business clients as well as short-term and long-term goals. 

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local marketing pro bonus part 2

Downloadable Checklists

Downloads include Claire & Courtney's Quickstart Checklist, Online Reputation Management Protocol, and steps for Setting Up Offline Tracking in Business Manager.

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Claire Winslow

Claire Winslow is the President and Senior Strategist at Best Practice Media, a boutique social media marketing agency in downtown Austin specializing in content creation and curation, daily engagement, and online reputation management. Claire is a regular contributor on social media marketing panels for small businesses with a particular strength on social for local. Claire is also on the faculty of Social Media Pro.

Picture of Courtney Byrd

Courtney Byrd

Courtney Byrd is the Vice President of Strategy at Best Practice Media, a boutique social media marketing agency in downtown Austin specializing in content creation and curation, daily engagement, and online reputation management. Courtney is also the Creative Director of Social Media Week Austin and has a particular strength and focus on social for local.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We pride ourselves in having excellent support.  Our goal is to get you trained, proficient and confident as quickly as possible.  We leave no student behind.  You have around the clock access to our private Facebook Group for students and staff where no question ever goes unanswered.  We are also available via Facebook Messenger. Just click the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Getting you “unstuck” is what we do best.

We offer a 30-day or 30% course completion money back guarantee (which ever comes sooner).  This provides plenty of time to evaluate the course content.  Many of our students have found their first clients within this time and have made much more than their investment in the course and community.

Over the past 9 years, more Social Media Managers have come through our training than through any other. Students in our community are sharing their success stories almost daily. As you begin to connect with other members of our community in the Facebook groups, you will see just how many people are actively running their own Social Media business.

This is a limited time offer that will expire soon.  This gives us an opportunity to work with a small group to get their questions and feedback before raising the price.

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