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Become an expert in the one-and-only mobile first, multi-channel platform ideal for visual content and brand marketing. Get your brand or product in front of whole new audiences quickly and organically.

14 Training Modules

2 LIVE Instagram Account Audits
+ Bonus Interview

Daily Checklist &
Editable Spreadsheet

A Complete Step-by-Step Training Course

instagram pro module 1

Introduction & Why Instagram

Your training begins with understanding the benefits of using the Instagram Platform over other channels… and why Instagram is the fastest growing social media channel in history.

instagram pro module 2

Instagram Strategy

How do you know if Instagram is the RIGHT platform for you or your client?  Learn to apply the AIDA model & the Social Media Pro Strategic Approach on Instagram!
instagram pro module 3

Content Planning

Ever struggle with knowing what to post and when? This module is for you! We cover dozen of post ideas and examples, including Tar'lese's favorite tools to keep your content calendar full.
instagram pro module 4

Growing Your Following

How to find your target audience by leveraging your competitors followers, using hashtags, and simple strategies for getting followers from other social media sites.

instagram pro module 5

Engage Your Following

It's important to understand that engagement is not just about what to do when someone comments on YOUR post! Proactive engagement is an important and effective strategy to implement.
instagram pro module 6

Traffic & Inviting

Growing an audience and engaging them is important… but what if nothing happens after that? Businesses need to know how to get their Instagram followers to their websites! This can be tricky so in this module we breakdown the best practices to accomplishing this!

instagram pro module 7

Scheduling & Tracking

Know the most important KPIs to track and what they mean. We'll also cover the best tools to use for scheduling!

instagram pro module 8

Client Work

What are the services you can offer? How should you package and price them? How to work with clients that are not comfortable with creating content yet… all things covered in this module!

instagram pro module 9

Case Study

Let me show you how I got 60 new customers, made $7,500 in sales and earned 60+ pieces of new user-generated content on Insta in just one week!

instagram pro module 10

Set Up Your Accounts – Walkthrough

Step-by-Step business account set up on Instagram

instagram pro module 11

Growing Your Account – Walkthrough

Watch over my shoulder as I show you my best tricks for growing your audience.

instagram pro module 12

Engagement – Walkthrough

To win at Instagram, you must get good at engagement. Follow these steps to become a better Insta-engager!

instagram pro module 13

Traffic & Inviting – Walkthrough

For most people, getting traffic off Instagram is the most challenging part of using the platform. I show you 3 ways to get traffic the easy way.

instagram pro module 14

Apps – Walkthrough

A behind-the-scenes tour of all my favorite apps! A gold mine of content creation, timeline planning, metrics/reporting and more!

Bonus #1

Bonus #2

Instagram Account Audits

Social Media Pro Co-founder Jesse Jameson interview Tar'Lese

Kate and Tar'ese Audit Spend 45 minutes auditing Instagram accounts. You're sure to find many gems in this bonus training that you can immediately apply to your own business and for your clients.
Having access to the documents and templates that Katrina uses in her own business will save you time in yours.

Bonus #3

Downloadable Templates & Documents

Having access to the documents and templates that Tar'lese uses in her own business will save you time in yours.
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Tar'Lese Trainer

Tar’Lese is a powerhouse when it comes to social media and social networking. She has, in a few short years, created a following online that most will never build. As the creator of “Your Social Media Tool Kit” and “Insta-Influence” courses, she has a unique and powerful approach to social media as well a home business success. Her energy and communication skills plus secrets on how she built a social media power base will help your business immensely. Due to the enormous response to her posts, along with inquiries as to HOW she has managed to make daily sales from Instagram, Tar’Lese decided to create her own Instagram course. To date, she has helped assist thousands of Instagram users increase their engagement gain massive followers and get their brand in front of tens of thousands of clients in their target market.

Instagram Pro

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Frequently Asked Questions

We pride ourselves in having excellent support.  Our goal is to get you trained, proficient and confident as quickly as possible.  We leave no student behind.  You have around the clock access to our private Facebook Group for students and staff where no question ever goes unanswered.  We are also available via Facebook Messenger. Just click the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Getting you “unstuck” is what we do best.

We offer a 30-day or 30% course completion money back guarantee (which ever comes sooner).  This provides plenty of time to evaluate the course content.  Many of our students have found their first clients within this time and have made much more than their investment in the course and community.

Over the past 9 years, more Social Media Managers have come through our training than through any other. Students in our community are sharing their success stories almost daily. As you begin to connect with other members of our community in the Facebook groups, you will see just how many people are actively running their own Social Media business.

This is a limited time offer that will expire soon.  This gives us an opportunity to work with a small group to get their questions and feedback before raising the price.

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