Metaverse Social Summit

Now is the time to ensure you’re ready for the future of marketing.

Grab the on-demand recordings focused on Web3 and the exciting opportunities for Social Media & Community Managers in the emerging landscape…

…and get ready to learn:

  • How to transfer your skillset into the Metaverse
  • Tips for evolving your work from Web2 to Web3
  • Ways to build, cultivate, & engage communities in Web3
    New opportunities with NFTs, crypto, and more
  • What decentralized Social Media platforms will make possible for creators and communities
  • Which platforms social media professionals need to know
  • Myths, musts, and mantras for marketing in the Metaverse
  • Opportunities for women as we move into Web3
  • What the most in-demand skills will be in the future
  • Making Money in the Metaverse for Marketers
metaverse summit 8 speakers

Selling Your Skills Summit

Attended by Social Media and Marketing Professionals from more than 60 Countries. For only $49 you can watch each presentation (and review the slides) as many times as you need—and at your own pace.

The sessions are packed with strategic client outreach and attraction tactics as well as package, pricing, and selling-your-skills know-how, including:

  • how to painlessly raise your rates and attract high-paying clients.
  • actionable tips for growing and selling your skills & services.
  • over strategies to position yourself as an expert in your field.
  • leveraging outsourcing to save time, extend your services, and grow your business.

    Get the replays, key slides, session transcripts and bonus training for just $49.
selling your skills 5 speakers

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