My Step-By-Step Method to Building a Successful
Social Media Management Agency

Give Me 30 Days And A Little Bit Of “Sweat Equity”…
And I’ll Guide You To The Social Media Manager Agency of Your Dreams…

Let me be brutally honest (and confirm what you already know to be true)…

There’s no “magic button” hiding on the internet that can guarantee you a successful social media business.

Instead, you’ll need to…

  • Have a Plan for launching your business
  • Network to find your dream clients
  • Deliver outstanding services so that you generate raving fans that refer you over and over again…

…and actually do the work required in all of those areas…

Which is exactly why I designed Social Media Manager Pro.

Then, and only then, will you have a reasonable –  not guaranteed – but reasonable shot at making your dreams come true.

I know this because since 2010, 35,000 others just like you have gone through Social Media Manager Pro and gone on to find their dream clients and deliver their outstanding services, and then followed my processes and built the Social Media Manager Agency of their dreams!

And I’m certain that with what I’ll teach in Social Media Manager Pro, you’ll learn and be fully capable of creating those types of results for yourself as well!

A Peek Inside “Social Media Manager Pro”

Once inside the training area, you'll gain immediate access to 20 Training Modules.

Each module contains the action guides and the templates you need to move forward.

Along with each module, you'll also get our entire Document Template Library with downloadable business resources and templates, summaries of the most important points, and key questions you'll want to answer to have the best shot at building your Social Media Manager Agency.

Here's what you’ll learn inside the training…

social media manager pro course overview

In the course overview, you discover the three phases of every single marketing or social media campaign…with a twist. We teach you the Social Media Pro approach to the three phases and provide an overview of what YOU, the social media manager, will be focusing on in each phase.

In this module, you’ll learn the foundations of digital marketing and go deep into the Social Media Pro approach. We cover the steps in the customer journey, the content lifecycle, and funnels–from tripwire to post-sale.

social media manager pro foundation module
social media manager pro course getting clients

What will success look like to you and how will you measure it? In this module, you’ll get clear on the pathways to success and what the journey looks like for three common types of people that embark on this career path.

Learn the tactics for getting clients and having clients FIND YOU. From mindset to prospecting, this training covers both traditional and priceless wild card methods to find and land your first–or next–client.

social media manager pro packages and pricing
social media manager pro value exchange

From types of packages to example proposals, in this module you will learn how to formulate a plan that meets your client’s objectives, sell your strategy, and price your service packages. This is consistently rated as one of the most powerful modules in our training.

Understanding value exchange expands your confidence and gives you a clear-eyed view of how to balance “what’s in it for you” and “what’s in it for the client.” This context will be a the foundation in pricing your services.

social media manager pro strategy and planning
social media manager pro branding

See the SMP Approach in Action and learn how to strategically plan and deploy a complete social funnel, from content research and planning all the way through social distribution.

Learn how to stand out with either a personal or business brand. From keywords to colors to  messaging, you’ll understand not only the elements of a brand, but also how to set a brand apart from the competition.

social media manager pro content marketing
social media manager pro editorial calendar

Whether your primary content “home” will be a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel, you’ll learn the essentials of content marketing from research and keywords, to search engine ranking and organic traffic strategies.

Learn how to gather, repurpose, create, and schedule content so you never run out! This module covers working with your client to ensure you’re on the same page with the right content mix for your social distribution and editorial calendar.

social media manager pro social advertising
social media manager pro course -facebook

In this *NEW* AdSkills module from guest instructor Justin Brooks, you’ll learn advertising options for multiple platforms, the anatomy of killer campaigns, and both basic & advanced tactics for creating, deploying, and measuring ads. 

In this Facebook training from Kate Buck Jr., you’ll get the basic tactics and strategies for setting up and managing Facebook personal profiles, pages, and groups.

social media manager pro course -pinterest
social media manager pro course -instagram

In this Pinterest training from guest instructor Chef Katrina, you’ll get the overview strategy for Pinterest for business.

In this Instagram training from guest instructor Tar’Lese Rideaux, you’ll get the overview strategy for Instagram for business.

social media manager pro course - youtube
social media manager pro course - twitter

In this YouTube training from assorted guest experts, you’ll learn how to create YouTube content that connects & builds community and how to optimize your videos for maximum impact.

In this Twitter training from Kate Buck Jr., you’ll get the basic tactics and strategies for setting up your Twitter profile, growth & engagement tactics and more.

social media manager pro course linked-in
social media manager pro course - local biz

In this LinkedIn training from assorted guest experts, you’ll learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, how to use LinkedIn for Social Selling, and how to get the most out of LinkedIn ads.

In this Local Business Marking training, you’ll get a quick-start checklist plus learn the power of local listings, online reviews, and best practices for local social focus. 

social media manager pro course - running your biz
social media manager pro course - bonus

In this training, you’ll get the nuts & bolts for running your business from setting expectations and client agreements to ensuring your get paid and metrics and reporting. This module is packed with handouts to get your business off the ground.

Mini Client Audits by market niche! Our faculty reviews and provides strategic and tactical feedback for every niche imaginable—from brick-and-mortar local biz to marketing agencies, to information products and coaching businesses.

PLUS… when you enroll in Social Media Manager Pro, you’ll also receive access to the Social Media Manager Pro Connect Group

This is a robust online community where every question is answered and you are connected with other social media manager professionals to network, with an endless supply of resources at your fingertips.

If you want to know what it REALLY takes to create a successful social media manager agency

…this community is the place for you.

At this point you might be wondering…

How Much To Enroll In the Social Media Manager Pro Training?

Like I said, it doesn’t have to cost you anything… if you just do the work.

All I require of you is to COMMIT to your own success – meaning, I’m holding you accountable for going through and IMPLEMENTING each and every lesson in the program.

Within 30 days, you’ll have your first client and be on your way to having a successful social media manager agency. ???

It’s not a lot of work.

It just requires you to sit down, watch the videos, to think, and to answer some questions.

Truth is, you could get through the entire training in about a week if you set aside just 2 hours per day.

Heck, even with a family, working two jobs, you could still knock it out in 30 days. (Just replace Netflix or Xbox with time invested in going through the training and executing!)

The exercises that you'll complete and the questions you’ll be answering are the foundation to ANY successful social media manager agency.

Imagine how much less stress you'll experience, if you’re starting with a system that you know WORKS.

You’ll be building your agency on a rock solid foundation, miles ahead of the competition when you launch.

As long as you actually sit down and do the work, you could throw this training on a credit card, and you’ll more than likely have your money back before the next bill is due, because you’ll already have your first client.




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With that said… I am looking for people who are committed enough to invest in themselves and put a little skin in the game.

That’s why we’re asking you to pay a refundable enrollment fee up front.

There is one catch…

If you don’t do the work, you are NOT eligible for the refund.

That’s the rules.

Don’t bother my support team for a refund if you’re not willing to do the work AND submit it as proof that you went through the entire program.

But then again, why would you invest in the training if you weren’t going to do the work?


Priceless Social Media Knowledge At Your Fingertips

Listen – This training is the BEST social media manager training on the planet… It teaches you the foundation of EVERY great social media management agency ever… so to call it priceless is absolutely true.

If you skip what we teach in Social Media Manager Pro, your chance of success drops dramatically – no matter what other advantages you might think you have.

I’ve been behind the scenes of hundreds of businesses that didn’t understand these social media concepts… Concepts that you’ll know backwards and forwards after completing Social Media Manager Pro.

Knowing these secrets will…

  • allow you to LAUNCH your agency faster…
  • find your ideal CLIENTS faster and with more certainty…
  • know exactly how to PACKAGE, PRICE, and SELL your services…
  • have a PLAN for execution…
  • and the PROCESSES that you need to scale your business fast…

So tell me…

What would it be worth to bypass the struggle and failure so many others encounter when trying to launch their business?

More importantly…

What would it be worth to finally cash in on that dream you've been carrying around for all these years?



Land That Dream Client

If you’re like my friend (Nicole, Brittany, Megan), you might see yourself land your Dream Client in less than 30 days.

(Nicole, Brittany, Megan) work in social media every day…

Every time they go online, they see …..

In (Nicole, Brittany, Megan)’s own words…

“It’s the coolest thing! Whenever we travel, we try to go to a local gym, and I see my gloves being used almost every time.”

The best part? (Nicole, Brittany, Megan) have sold millions of dollars worth of their services, and they could not be more proud of what they have done.

Just imagine seeing Success for your Clients… and being paid well for doing what you love.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

– Steve Jobs, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO, Apple 

Another great example of this is my student, (Nicole, Brittany, Megan)…

(Nicole, Brittany, Megan) is… [insert case study]

……….within a couple of weeks, (Nicole, Brittany, Megan) had her dream client and an amazing business.

Today, (Nicole, Brittany, Megan) agency, [business name] has been consistently delivering social media manager services, and she’s never had to look for another client again. 



How Would It Feel?


Being on the beach, your toes in the sand…

And instead of using up all of your vacation days for some R&R, you have your laptop by your side and are delivering your social media manager SERVICES from anywhere in the world

Imagine the satisfaction you feel… knowing that you’re making waves around the world and that YOUR business is making a significant, positive impact on your clients’ lives

All while providing the means for you to give yourself and your family the emotional security, the quality of life, and the types of unforgettable experiences that most people can only dream of.

Would you pay $10,000 for those results (if you could), like my 3-day private workshop clients do?

Would you pay $60,000, like my BackRoom mastermind members do each year?

If you’re anything like me, chances are there is NO amount you wouldn’t be willing to invest in order to create a life based around your creativity that provides unlimited joy and financial abundance to those you love…

…and yet, the 100% money back guarantee you’ll be making to access the Social Media Manager Pro training today is nowhere near $10k or $60k.

And it’s far and away from what you’d be investing to go the route many social media professionals do –


  • COLLEGE DEGREE – business and marketing degree
  • OTHER CERTIFICATIONS/TRAININGS – might not teach  the business side of things 

Average Training Costs for a Social Media Career:

  • 4-Year College Degree = $101,160
  • MBA Business Degree = $161,810
  • High-Dollar Training Program

Carly invested over $200,000 in her college degree, and she still has student debt!

…and that isn’t anything out of the ordinary.

Same is true for just about any high-dollar training program with a proven model of success.

But we’re not going to ask you to invest anywhere near the amount of money a college or high-dollar training might cost you.

Heck, we’re not even going to ask you to come up with the $3,000 that I’ve charged for earlier versions of this program – although that’d be more than fair.

Instead, we asked the team here at the office what’s a fair investment in your future that will keep out the tire kickers and looky-loos but still allow committed entrepreneurs easy access.

A couple of my friends in the business suggested I stick with the $2,000 most other courses are going for.

I said no. I’m not looking to play the “info product” game.

Then we batted around dropping that by half to $997.

And that seemed close… But I knew we could do better.

So when I dropped the price even further my team thought I was nuts.

They were afraid the customer service would be a nightmare… that it might let the wrong people in.

That's when I told them:

“I’d rather let a few of the wrong people in than keep too many of the right people out.” I want to help as many people as I can and I know that times are tough

So while I absolutely do not believe in giving this away to anyone who asks, I do want to make it as reasonable as possible for you if you’re ready to build a real social media manager agency worth millions…

That’s why you’ll get full access to Social Media Manager Pro for just $297 when you enroll in the training today.

Make Your $297 “Deposit” And Secure Success For Your Business


As I mentioned before, when you complete the work and submit it to our team within 90 days, you’ll get your money back.

Look… this isn’t just some sales tactic to “remove objections” and dupe you out of five hundred bones.

If you’re anything like me, you’re sick and tired of online business gurus selling “how-to-start-a-business” information that doesn’t deliver on the promises they write in their sales letters.

You're frustrated by having to spend thousands of dollars on courses that take forever to finish… and leave you with no help… no real guidance…

They’re playing a rigged game designed from day one to put money in THEIR pockets. They know 97% won’t finish their course and they don’t care.

And that’s a game I’m not willing to play.




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To be frank, I don’t need your $297. I have multiple clients utilizing the services I teach my students and taking care of all my financial needs even as we speak.

In fact, I’ll be absolutely PUMPED to return your investment to you

…if that means that you’ve actually executed on the program material!

See, at this point my friends and I play in the “big leagues”…

We look for investment opportunities, where we can take successful companies and help turn them into World-Changing TITANS of their industries…

…so my time is much better spent helping savvy online entrepreneurs like you to actually SUCCEED, rather than just dazzling you with puffed-up promises so I can make a buck.

That’s why… We're Changing The Game.



The Life Of Your Dreams Is Within Your Reach

So listen… you’re about to gain access to the same Social Media Manager Pro business plan that has allowed me and 35,000 other people to become social media managers. 

And while achieving your dream of becoming a social media manager might seem like a pipe dream from where you’re standing right now, I want to share a little known secret with you, for perspective…

You just need ONE. You just need one client to get you started in this business.

Average client prices for social media management are $500/month. You don’t need hundreds of clients a month, you just need a select few clients to have a successful social media manager business. 

And that’s a key component of what we’re going to teach you inside Social Media Manager Pro:

How to get your first client

Then how to get future clients AND boost the sales of your existing Services.

(In my experience – and the hundreds of case studies I’ve witnessed from students who have gone through the program – getting your first client in the first 30 days can be easily achieved if you’re willing to put in the work).


Because once you get your first client, it’s incredibly easy to get more clients after that… It’s what I call the First Client Principle

Take these SMP students-turned-social media superstars for example…

  • Ryan Stewman –  after managing the social media accounts of 70+ people, he created Hardcore Closer, teaching people how to use social media to drive sales…
  • Keala Kanae –  CEO & Founder of Fullstaq Marketer
  • Los Silva – has consulted for over 150+ brands to help them scale and garnered 371,000 Instagram followers himself

***Insert screenshots of their Instagrams and video of Ryan Stewman***

They all started out with getting just one client to invest in their social media services…

Clearly – true and lasting success and wealth IS attainable… and once you enroll in Social Media Manager Pro, you will possess the keys to making it happen for yourself.



Your Life As CEO of A “4 Pillars” Business



Escaping from “Cubicle Hell” and being able to live life on your own terms, travelling whenever you want and creating unforgettable experiences for you and your loved ones…

Feeling the weight of financial stress lift from your chest so you can breathe again, because you always have more than enough coming in…Only working on projects you’re truly passionate about, and only when and where you feel like it…

Imagine how HAPPY you’ll feel, living the abundant, joyful life you’ve always dreamed of for yourself and your family…

How ENERGIZED you’ll feel, knowing you’re having a positive impact on people around the world each and every day…


And imagine the relief and RELEASE of pressure, knowing you’ll NEVER have to worry about the bills getting paid again.…Because you know your business will just continue to grow, your income will just continue to multiply, and your FREEDOM will just continue to expand.

Sound good?




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