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For the past 10 years, Social Media Pro has been a closed community, exclusively for Freelance Professionals who provide Social Media Management as a service.

For the first time ever, we are expanding the community to include non-professionals who want to learn Social Media best practices.


Presenting: Social Media Pro Connect!

If you manage social media for your employer, or if you are a content creator or digital marketer, or if you have a business of your own and are interested in staying on top of “What's working now in Social Media marketing and management” Then Social Media Pro Connect is for you.

Let's take a look at what you get when you join today…

A Thriving Community where every question gets answered.  You'll be welcomed into our private community and Facebook Group by our Community Manager (Dorien) and our members. This is also an opportunity to introduce yourself.

Live Weekly Training with SMP Faculty and Guest Experts. Each week we hold a live training with the social media pro instructor faculty or with a Guest Expert on a wide variety of topics that will give you an edge with your Social Media Marketing. If you miss the live training, you can always watch the replay at your leisure.

Live Mini Audits & Q&A Sessions
Watch our training staff do live reviews of real websites, social properties and marketing campaigns, (you can request a review of your own). This is also an opportunity to ask questions.

270+ Video Training library
We've been holding these live weekly trainings for more than a decade and have selected our best sessions and added them to a video training knowledge base that is easily searched by topic.

70+ Industry Specific Trainings
We've created an “easy to navigate” library of industry and niche specific trainings.  Now you can watch past reviews of these business types so that you can implement these best practices into your own business.

Access to all Summit Session Replays (past and future while your membership is active). We hold three summits each year, including our 5 day, social media day summit. More than 25,000 people register from 115 countries around the world to learn from Social Media Experts. As an added bonus, many of our training sessions have a slide deck, and some are even transcribed.
SM Pros Trained
Content Contributing Experts
Years of Community Growth

Become a Member of Social Media Pro Connect!

Take advantage of additional savings with this special introductory offer.  Choose either the low cost monthly option, or the further discounted annual option.  We look forward to welcoming you into our community.

SMP Connect

Monthly Membership
$ 19
Monthly (30% Savings)
  • Connect Community Access
  • Live Weekly Training (Guest Experts)
  • 270+ (Searchable) Video Library
  • Regular Live Mini Audits & Q&A's
  • 70+ Industry Specific Video Trainings
  • Summit Session Replays
  • Summit Session Slide Decks

SMP Connect

Annual Membership
$ 194 Annually ($105 Savings)
  • Connect Community Access
  • Live Weekly Training (Guest Experts)
  • 270+ (Searchable) Video Library
  • Regular Live Mini Audits & Q&A's
  • 70+ Industry Specific Video Trainings
  • Summit Session Replays
  • Summit Session Slide Decks

Heroic Member Support!

Social Media Pro is a global community, with members in countries all around the world. When it comes to support, we make it incredibly easy for you to get help.  Let's explore your options:

Have an administrative question about your membership?  The fastest way to reach us is through the chat bubble down on the bottom right of the page.  Have a question right now? Ask away…  We're here to help. 

If you prefer to use email you can reach us at [email protected]

While on Facebook, you can reach us through Messenger on our page.  All of these channel send your inquiry to the same place so that we can quickly respond.

If you have questions about the content, about your business or a social property,  you will be best served by bringing those questions to the group so that the community can weigh in and support you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

No previous experience required.  Social media management skills are accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. Chances are that you already spend some time on one or more of the social networks.  Here we help you understand how to help any business become “Social” including yoru own.

Our billing is month-to-month or annual. You are free to cancel at any time.  We do not provide refunds  for partial billing periods, so If you are unsure about joining our community we suggest starting with the monthly plan. This way your only out of pocket risk is for a single month. If you like being a part of our community as much as we believe that you will, you can alway switch to the annual plan later for the savings.

We've been doing these live weekly trainings for more than a decade.  We've selected more than 270 of our best and added them to a searchable knowledge base.  We have done the same for our industry specific trainings. This allows you to learn about topics that are helpful to your specific needs and business type.

You are able to attend each summit for free.  As a member of Social Media Pro Connect you also get free access to all of the session replays and slide decks, speaker notes, and transcriptions when they are available.  You maintain access to all of this content for as long as your membership remains active.

This is a huge perk of membership.  You can bring your questions to our private community where all questions are answered.  Our instructor faculty and our seasoned community members can weigh in with help.  Additionally, you can request that you websites, ads, and social properties be reviewed on one of our live audits and Q&A sessions.

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