Opportunities for Women in Web3

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What are the opportunities for women as we move into Web3?

How do these opportunities differ from Web2?

As I was selecting speakers for Social Media Pro's Metaverse Social Summit, my number one goal was to ensure that our community of social media professionals and digital marketers would walk away from the summit ready to take on Web3 client work and projects.

And I knew I wanted someone who could specifically speak to the opportunities that Web3 holds for women.

Opportunities for Women in Web3 with Lisa Buyer

That's why I've enlisted Lisa Buyer to speak with us about all of the possibilities that Web3 holds for women in the digital marketing and social media world.

Lisa is on a mission to inspire and educate brands and women on the superpowers of PR, SEO, social media and tech in the Metaverse. She founded Female Disruptors, a community, magazine and movement spotlighting and leveling up the success of women and all minorities disrupting in their industries, to empower them.

Female Disruptors

Female Disruptors started out as an online publication to highlight women disrupting in their space.

At the time, while working in public relations, Lisa realized that it was a lot easier for her clients who were men to get media coverage versus her women clients – who had either a better story or the same story.

That prompted Lisa to ask, ‘What can I do with Female Disruptors to take it to the next level alongside Web3 and the Metaverse?'

Through her experience building Female Disruptors and continuously being an early adopter, Buyer realized there is a huge opportunity for women working in digital media in Web3, and she's shared with us her tips for moving into the Metaverse and staking your claim.

Own Your Space in Web3

There's an amazing opportunity for women to stake a claim in this new generation of the internet.

This evolving iteration of the web is creating a decentralized online experience for us, when everything has been controlled by Big Tech previously. The reality with Big Tech is that it has been completely male-dominated.

With Web3 not relying on Big Tech, we can take things into our own hands and build a more equitable web.

Women-led projects and women in Web3 have a real opportunity to build their community and grow their platforms.

Tips for Women Moving into Web3

Start exploring.

Right now, we're in the early days of Web3 and it's time to get educated. There is no guidebook – the best way to learn is to dive in and immerse yourself in these platforms.

Build your network.

Following early adopters, such as Cathy Hackl, who have a proven track record are a great resource to grow your Web3 community. Look for leaders who aren't just in Web2, but are already working in AR, VR, and mixed realities. Twitter and LinkedIn are great resources to learn from others who are already in these spaces.

Stay proficient in Web2.

All of these new technologies are an accumulation of technology that we're already using. The future of Web3, new virtual worlds, and what's going to come from the Metaverse is continuously building on technology that already exists. We're not walking away from Web2 entirely at the moment, so continue honing your skills in your day-to-day tasks.

Look for Web3 implementations.

Start asking yourself, “Where does it make sense that I could give my audience an experience in a Web3 type of environment?”. Find ways to experiment with your community or join a group. Think of your hobbies, personal interests or niches that you could bring into the Metaverse. Figure out how to build your avatar and set yourself apart in the virtual world.

Want to Learn More?

At our Metaverse Social Summit, Lisa dives further into the opportunities for women and all social media professionals in Web3, as well as myths and mantras for marketing in the Metaverse and best practices for maintaining your digital wellness while entering this new generation of the web.

Lisa Buyer discusses opportunities for Women in Web3 at our Metaverse Social Summit.

Join us on October 20th to hear from our incredible lineup of speakers that are leading the way in Web3 and the Metaverse. We'll be covering:

  • How to transfer your skillset into the Metaverse
  • Tips for evolving your work from Web2 to Web3
  • Ways to build, cultivate, & engage communities in Web3
  • Decentralized Social Media platforms & which platforms you need to know
  • New opportunities with NFTs, crypto, and more
  • Myths, musts, and mantras for marketing in the Metaverse
  • Opportunities for women as we move into Web3
  • What the most in-demand skills will be in the future
  • How to win clients in the Web3 economy

FREE tickets to join us live are still available – but our Early Bird special ends this Friday, October 7th so grab your seat now!

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