How to use LinkedIn Like a Social Media Pro

How to Use LinkedIn Like a Social Media Pro

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As a social media manager, there are many different ways you can find new clients, or where new clients can find you.

Linkedin is one such place!

LinkedIn is the perfect place for professional networking! While that is the number one reason to be active on LinkedIn, it should not be your only reason. 

LinkedIn is great for job searches, job opportunities, connecting with hiring managers, brand awareness and can act as an online resume and portfolio

You might be asked to consult with your clients about the use of LinkedIn, therefore besides knowing how to use it for your own gain (clients) it is also important to understand how to use LinkedIn like a Social Media Pro.

Here Are The Most Important Things to Know About Using LinkedIn

Keep Your LinkedIn Bio Updated

Put a bit of thought into your LInkedIn bio; it’s often the first thing new connections see, and it is also the first thing those who find your through LinkedIn Search see. Like a physical business card, your bio needs to make a good, professional first impression.

Once you’ve created it, don’t abandon your bio! Keep it updated and make changes as needed.

Your LinkedIn bio needs

Fill Out Your LinkedIn Profile With Pertinent Information

Once your bio is all set, fill out the rest of your LinkedIn profile with as much information as possible. Add profile sections including

  • About, including a summary
  • Featured Posts
  • Background
  • Skills
  • Accomplishments
  • Additional Information
  • Supported Languages
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Customize Your LinkedIn Profile URL 

Creating a “vanity url” for your LinkedIn profile is easy! It always makes it simpler to share your URL with someone to connect with you, and it will look nicer on any printed materials as well as on other places you might share that link. 

Here is how you do it!

Ask for LinkedIn Recommendations

When you receive LinkedIn recommendations and add them to your profile, they act as ‘reviews’ or ‘social proof’. These recommendations might help a potential client or customer decide whether to hire you, or not. 

We recommend you ask for recommendations from 1st-degree connections who value your work, services, or products, such as: 

  • Managers
  • Colleagues
  • Co-workers
  • Customers
  • Clients
  • Supervisors
  • CEO of companies you’ve consulted with
  • Event organizers, if you are a speaker
  • Agencies, if you’ve worked with them
  • College professors

Create LinkedIn Posts

If you have created a LinkedIn profile but never post anything, you will not get the most out of LinkedIn. Regular posting allows you to show up in people's newsfeeds! Use all available types of content; social posts, links, videos and documents. If you feel you don't have the time to do this, using a 3rd party scheduling tool is a great way to have a consistent presence on LinkedIn.

Write and Share LinkedIn Articles

Thought leaders on LinkedIn are highly regarded. If you want to stand out in your industry; get noticed by those who might want to hire you, if you want to get the most of your LinkedIn profile, we highly recommend you write and share your own articles! 

This is how you post and share your own articles on LinkedIn.

Engage with Other People’s Content on LinkedIn

As much as people love seeing your content in their LinkedIn feed, you know what they love even more?

They love it when you engage with their content! You will be seen, you will be heard and more importantly, you are having conversations with real people! Eventually, if your engagement rate goes up, so will the number of connections on LinkedIn. 

Use Hashtags on LinkedIn

We know you are using hashtags on Instagram, on Pinterest and maybe on Facebook. Are you using hashtags on LinkedIn yet? You should! 

Hashtags work in

  • Profiles
  • Posts
  • Articles
  • Groups
  • Pages

Learn more about LinkedIn hashtags here from our friends at Sendible

Join LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are dead. Long live LinkedIn groups! 

While most communities have migrated away from LinkedIn, there is still value to be had in LinkedIn groups if you know how to use them. 

As we don’t know the future of LinkedIn groups, we would not recommend starting one at this time, and putting resources into something that could disappear. We do however recommend joining some groups, especially if you write LinkedIn articles or if you have a website blog. Share some of your content into industry specific, or geographically optimized groups! 

Create a LinkedIn Page for Your Business

Not everyone needs a LinkedIn page for their brand, especially if you are a solopreneur or freelancer. Deciding to create a LinkedIn company page is up to you. Check out these 6 reasons it might be a great idea to create a LinkedIn page.

Grow Your LinkedIn Network; Connect with People

No matter what you say or do on LinkedIn; if you have no audience, your words and actions go into the great void, so to speak. 

Growing an audience is important when you are getting started on LinkedIn; growing an audience consistently is paramount to your engagement rate and continued success on LinkedIn!  

Finding a new LinkedIn member to connect with is as easy as regular networking; each time you encounter someone interesting when you are engaging and commenting, go to their profile and send a connection request.

Find your sweet spot, whether that is seeking out and connecting with 5 new people each week, or 50! Just make your goal an attainable goal, and write it down. Than add this task to your to-do list or productivity management tool. 

Last Words on How To Use LinkedIn; Search Engines Love LinkedIn!

If you’ve ever Googled yourself by name, or if you have Googled someone else – your spouse, teenager, potential employee – you might already know this piece of vital information. 

Your social media profiles are indexed by all search engines.

When you Google someone by name, many entries come up; and LinkedIn is always high on the list; your LinkedIn profile and posts weigh more than those of most other social networks! 

Try it and you will see! 

That is one more reason for you and your social media clients to use LinkedIn like a Social Media Pro! 

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