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In Uncertain Times, People Look to The Helpers

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As the ‘uncertain time’ due to a global pandemic is dragging on with no clear end in sight, many of us are in need of more business and social media help than we initially had thought. Is this you?

While certain loan programs might have helped absorb the first financial strains and lessened the shock of a worldwide shutdown due to COVID-19, the coronavirus seems to be here to stay for a while longer and things will not ‘go back to normal’ for a long while yet. 

If your social media management business is in trouble due to COVID-19, or if you are ready to grow despite the current pandemic conditions, this article is for you. 

In uncertain times, people look to the superheroes and helpers! Take note, leaders; could it be you who the community needs help from? 

Ask Your Community and Social Networks for Help

If you have lost one, or several major social clients, or need to get that first big client contract, get to networking! Reach out to your online and offline communities and be specific with what kind of help you need. 

  • Would you like your community to help you amplify your brand on social media? Ask for shares to increase brand awareness!
  • Do you need an updated or expanded products and services list? Ask your community to fill out a survey to help identify pain points!
  • Need new content marketing ideas? Ask your target audience what they are searching for on Google!

Asking for help will start conversations. Conversation leads to relationships. Relationships lead to trust. Trust leads to new opportunities!


Work with a Social Media Strategist to Market Smart

“What you don’t measure you cannot improve.”

Without a strategy or a written plan, you can not work towards a goal! Just as you work with your social media clients on goal setting and KPIs, this is the time to do this for yourself and your business. 

Working on your business and not just in your business is a great marketing strategy in itself. While many social media managers are great at promoting their clients, social media managers often forget to self-promote as a business owner to the detriment of their small business. 

This is a great time to experiment with running Facebook ads – in case you didn't know, Facebook ads have been comparatively cheap during this pandemic – and don't forget to combine that with continuing to offer exceptional customer service. 

To wrap it up: working with a social media strategist means you are working smart, not just hard! 

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Reach Out to Your LinkedIn Connections

We’ve seen many heartfelt posts on LinkedIn where people are connecting people to jobs openings and business opportunities because of a business or job loss due to COVID-19. 

If you are in need of help, ask! Linkedin should be the social media platform of choice for most social media managers, because while LinkedIn is a professional social channel, it is of course populated by … humans!

Creating a genuine, sincere social media post outlining your business need on this platform might yield you offers of help, new connections and opportunities. Try using a video to state your need and you’ll reach even more people. 

Look to YouTubers, Podcasters and Live Show Creators

Who do you know?

Find people in your network who interview experts and get on those shows as a guest. Look for content creators like YouTubers, Podcasters and Facebook Live Show creators. Be giving of your time and expertise and in return, tap into these new networks to grow your audience. 

It might take a bit of research to find the right fit and the right show, because don’t we all know not everyone should be on everyone’s show. Yet the pay off to research and find the right shows to be a guest on can be huge. 

In addition to amplifying your network and reaching new potential clients, search engines will love your new backlinks and mentions from being on these shows. 

Engage in Facebook Groups to Find Helpers

Up your engagement in Facebook groups and other online communities but be sure to be a bit picky. Not all groups are created equal. Start by vetting Facebook groups and only join and engage in those that have the right people i.e. potential collaborators or clients to help you attain your networking goals. Group that have a dedicated community manager often offer higher value of content and engagement than those groups left unattended and in the hands of members.

Next, look for engaged senior group members who have more years of experience under their belt and might offer to be a mentor eventually. First, build relationships. 

Join a Mastermind, and mastermind

If you’ve never heard of masterminds, buckle up and get ready for an amazing ride. My Mastermind changed my business. It changed the business model, rates, processes and helped me scale. How? By connecting on a deeper level with like-minded entrepreneurs within the same industry and trusting and sharing real-life experiences. 

While you might ask your peeps on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook if they know of an active Mastermind you can join, you can also start your own. This is a perfect time to do it! 

Read, Read, Read.

How will reading more help you? 

It’s quite simple: when you read you learn. You too, can become a thought leader. 

Read blog posts, LinkedIn conversations, books and everything you can get your hands on. Then connect with those writers on Facebook, Twitter or wherever they are most active, and initiate conversations about the content. Learn from the writers, delve deep into their content and rise up and become a thought leader yourself! 

This will open new doors and, yes, opportunities. Rinse and repeat.

Get Ready. Set. Action.

It might not have escaped your notice that all of the suggestions in this article to find help include calls to action for you to make moves. 

No so called ‘Golden Egg’ will fall into your lap. 

You will have to work for success, now more than ever. Despite what you might think or have heard, many social media managers and social media professionals are experiencing a higher-than-normal demand for their business services, and are thriving despite this pandemic. 

Get aligned with what your ideal customer needs right now, and get your offer ready! You, too can do this. 

Make sure to thank those who help you along the way and never ever forget to reach out and become the helper when the time is right! 

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