Why Twitter is a Necessary Marketing Tool!

Why Twitter is a Necessary Marketing Tool!

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Like many millions of people around the world, you as a social media manager might have immersed yourself in every popular social media platform available, including Twitter

However, you might have heard a rumor that Twitter is a ‘dying' social media platform.

I'm here to tell you, it hasn't died yet. In fact, as a social media manager, you should already have this powerful tool in your arsenal, ready to go at a moments notice for new clients that come your way!

In this article, I will give you more than one reason to continue using Twitter as a marketing tool. But first, it is imperative to learn to use Twitter appropriately to get the most out of your marketing plan.

Let's Start With the Basics of Twitter

Since the creation of Twitter, the social media giant has consistently posted a loss each quarter – yes it took more than a decade to post a profit! Due to revamping of the app, and cleaning up of useless positions within the company, Twitter has reported a profit consistently over the last four quarters. Way to stick with it, Twitter! This is powerful information to have, and it looks like the profit will continue.

According to Hootsuite, there are 500 million plus tweets sent out daily.

That's roughly 5,700 tweets per second.

Try to wrap your head around that number. Who wouldn't want to get in on that action? Using Twitter is one of fastest ways to increase your following as you can choose who you want to target. [LinkedIn and Facebook do not allow this.]

To find people you want to connect with, just do a Twitter search with keywords, or search a specific hashtag and follow whom you want to connect with!

Twitter is a Relationship-Building Platform

One way to gain the trust of your Twitter audience and to grow your following is to build a relationship with those that you want to attract.

Interacting with them on their own Twitter pages is a great way to start building that relationship. Once people see your content is relevant to their own business, you will see your followers increase dramatically.

If you can build trust with your audience, your audience will share your content and expose you to an even broader audience.

Search, follow, engage, repeat!

What Makes Twitter an Effective Marketing Tool?

If you are running a successful, popular business, chances are people are already talking about you and your business online.

Think of Twitter as a search engine. Whether the information people are tweeting about you is positive or negative, people are still talking about you and you will want to be part of that conversation!

You can search for anything related to your business via hashtags; those hashtags will be grouped together in one place. Check into Twitter several times a day to see those tweets multiply.

This is also true about your competitors. Not only should you use Twitter as an educational and informational platform regarding your business, but you can keep a proverbial eye on your competitors to see what they are up to. You can “one-up” your competitors that way, or at least try something new.

Keep your friends close, but your competition closer!

Use Twitter as a News Outlet

You should use Twitter as a news outlet retweeting and reporting relevant news from around the world to your audience. Using technology to report news regarding your business and your industry is smart. One suggestion would be to use the same hashtag every time you post about industry news.

Don't forget to check your competitors for tweets relevant to your shared industry and news.

Know Your Brand Before Posting to Twitter

If you start posting content or news to Twitter without a plan, you most likely won't get much traction. Most consumers are on social media looking for a specific type of brand, product or service. Without a clear brand message, how is the consumer supposed to know what you're about? Again, this is where a branded hashtag will help. You can use as many hashtags as you wish, but always include one company-specific hashtag so that the consumer knows what brand you have created and they can check out all your tweets with one easy clcik-through.

Don't be afraid to give your brand some Twitter personality! Nothing is worse than boring tweets. If you want the consumer to see your company as a fun, upbeat and relevant to 2019, be sure to convey that in your content. Content is key, especially when creating a new brand. Giving that content personality will humanize your brand!

Interact with the Consumer on Twitter

Pay attention to how your audience interacts with their followers. Is there a conversation going? Does he or she comment positively or negatively with his or her audience? Be sure to interact with your audience and your audience's audience, too! Whether that means liking their comments, replying to their comments, or retweeting their response, interacting with the consumer means the world to them. That is how you build your Twitter following.

become a social media manager

Twitter is Here to Stay!

Building a brand and a new business is like climbing a mountain. You can't get to the top without putting in the hard work to get there. Perseverance is key, and if you are willing to put in the work and you have a vision as well as a strategic plan for Twitter, your brand and business with be successful and flourish.

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