Awesome Tools fo Social Media Management Success

Awesome Tools for Social Media Management Success

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The Online Tools We Use Affect Our Business Success

As a regular reader of our blog, you might be aware that we at Social Media Pro run the oldest and one of the largest social media managers Facebook groups on Facebook. 

What you might not know is that we have a dedicated team of amazing volunteer moderators who help us make this community on Facebook such a success. 

Each moderator was handpicked by the co-owners of the group, Jesse and Kate and are dedicated to providing our members with a safe and spam-free platform to interact with peers.

What makes these Facebook group mods we have so very special is that they are ‘in the trenches’ themselves; each group moderator is a social media manager or strategist, helping small businesses around the globe with their online marketing. 

Our moderators have years of experience and by virtue of their activity in the group alone, are up-to-date on all the latest trends, features, platforms and marketing methods. 

Therefore, when we needed advice about tools, we asked this group of experts to give us their list of preferred tools for social media management success.

What Social Media Tools Do The Experts Use?

When asking for the best tools, we didn't specify what type of tools, apps or equipment. The way we stated our question was as follows.

What tool, app or piece of equipment are you most grateful for right now?

Let us tell you, the answers surprised us. While we were expecting expensive tools or complicated answers, some of the answers were just simple apps that make the life of a social media manager more manageable on a day-to-day basis. Are you curious yet?

Let us get to it!

Useful Tools for Social Media Management Success

The following list of tools is the secret sauce to social media management success for our moderators. We encourage you to check these out and as always in this industry; clients change, needs change, platforms change and tools change. 

Shop around for new tools often, in fact, we encourage you to do so! 

Tools for Video Creators

Our longest-serving moderator Steve Zarella, is a PC guy and has two apps that help him create videos for his clients. Steve lists the photos app and recorder app as his current favorite tools! 

“I am grateful for the Photos app in Windows 10 that allows me to edit videos and the voice recorder app on Windows 10 that allows me to create the voiceovers.” 

Tools for Event Planners and Event Attendees

Our moderator Shelly Webb, who coincidentally runs Social Media Day Coeur D'Alene, has a favorite tool that helps her while on location. 

WordSwag– it’s just so easy to use! Whenever I need something super fast, like when I’m live-tweeting from an event but want an image to go along, it’s my go-to!”

Tools to Increase Workflow and Productivity

Kim Gail has also served our Social Media Managers community for quite a while. She is an expert on workflow and productivity.

She has found a secret sauce recipe to success that includes the following tools:

  • Scheduling tools: a combo of Social Report and FB Creator Studio for Instagram
  • Creating tools: Relay That and Wave
  • Evernote, which manages her entire life
  • Snagit, for screenshots and image editing
  • Windows Movie Maker to edit videos

Tools To Brand Content for Multiple Clients

Our Texas moderator Tonie Boaman is known for her community management skills! She manages multiple online communities for several clients. To brand content ‘on-the-go' from her phone, she loves and uses the following two apps on a daily basis; Typorama and Over.

Tools To Keep Focused While Working Online

While Christine Rice, who lives in Australia, is known in our group as the Dubsado Queen, today she is grateful for the Chrome extension called Facebook Newsfeed Eradicator. This extension replaces the newsfeed with a motivational quote. She says “I am certain it has saved me thousands of hours of distraction!”

Need More Online Tool Suggestions? Keep Reading!

Just for fun, we also threw this question into our group!

Here are some of the additional responses. Keep in mind these are answers from busy social media managers who work in social media management on a daily basis, churning out content for their clients.

Yvonne Heimann loves Easil “amazing templates that don't look like templates combined with great customer support.
They have saved me so much time and headache while making my own and my clients' graphics look amazing.”

Diane Masri agrees with our moderator Shelley. She says “WordSwag. Great for IG and other platforms. Easy to use. a Great tool.

Cheri Bales and Emmanuel Anu-Oluwatomiwa both recommend Canva. Cheri writes “Canva is fun. I know (and taught) Adobe Creative Suite, but it's fun and quick to play with Canva. I still use CS but for pure thankfulness, Canva on the fly can't be beat.”

Nancy Foster and Alaska Vasquez both love their phones to create content! Nancy says “iPhone 11 is making photo and video taking for social sites a breeze – with almost the quality of my Nikon!” From Alaska “Definitely my phone. Without it, I wouldn't be able to travel the world and work at the same time!”

Elena Davey suggests you try out Space for Instagram. “I hate trying to get line breaks right in the app or via my notes app and space just makes it so much easier.”

Anand Iyer tells us he loves using Brand24. “It is the ONE is a tool that I am grateful for to have as a social media manager.
It helped to manage our company reputation, keep track of what people are saying online and act accordingly. I was able to follow up on positive comments, respond to negative comments (not trolls), segment audiences based on sentiment analysis and get alerts when my brand is mentioned on social media.”

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