The Advantages of Being a Certified Social Media Marketer

The Advantages of Being a Certified Social Media Marketer

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Social media marketers come from all cultures, countries and backgrounds. They can be found working as freelancers, working for agencies and in-house.

Some social media marketers have a background in marketing or communication, others have no formal education to speak of. 

Whether you are successful in this industry has a lot to do with how you position yourself and your business, whether you spot and then take advantage of opportunities, as well as your personal drive.

In this article, we will look at social media marketing certification and what it takes to become a certified social media marketer.

We will answer the following questions

  • Who hires certified social media marketers?
  • Why should you get certified in social media marketing?
  • How can you become a certified social media marketer?

Who Will Hire a Certified Social Media Marketer?

Business owners who need help with their social media marketing will look to social media managers as a solution to their immediate need to market their business. Hiring or outsourcing marketing-related tasks to a social media manager is a great first step for business owners to take when it comes to driving more traffic to their website and to grow an audience.

Depending on the size of the business, a small business owner might decide to hire a contractor (freelancer), or hire an in-house social media manager. Large corporations will have a complete marketing team on staff, including one or more social media managers.

become a social media manager

Any of the above-mentioned business and corporation would hire a certified professional.

Would these business owners consider hiring a non-certified social media marketer? Of course they would if the fit was right. 

Having an industry certification listed on a resume and online profile will help any social media manager get their foot in the door with a chance to show their worth during the interview process! 

Certification is the icing on the cake to a great resume! 

5 Ways to Show Off Social Media Marketing Skills

As social media marketers’ work is primarily online, it only makes sense that the vetting and  hiring process includes online activity as well.

To be found by headhunters, or clients, it is imperative that social media managers have an online presence; whether it is an online portfolio, blog or website. 

Here are five ways social media managers can show off their social media marketing skills.

  1. Portfolio with case studies and work experience
  2. Social media profiles with mention of skills
  3. Content Marketing with videos and blogs
  4. Facebook Advertising campaign (to gain clients)
  5. Certification

In a perfect world, a social media manager will employ all of these avenues (not all simultaneously, some consecutive) to leverage their skills to land the next job, project or client

Training Course vs Certification Course

Taking a digital marketing training course is a great first step to certification. Without topical knowledge, no one can pass the exam! 

While there are quite a few social media training programs available online, there are not as many certificate programs for social media managers.

You might have already checked out and taken courses from Hootsuite Academy or Facebook’s Blueprint certification. 

An official certification for any course weighs more heavily on a resume or in an online portfolio than adding the course without the certification. 

Here are some analogies that might help

Completing training but not getting certified is like going to your high school classes, but not graduating.

Completing training but not getting certified is like attending college, getting some college credits, but not the degree.

Arguably, plenty of people are successful in life without a high school diploma or college degree. 

To that we say “Why leave this recognition on the table when it’s available for such a small additional time commitment and low price?”

What Does Industry Recognized Certification Mean?

Industry recognized certification means the following 

Industry-based certifications (i.e., developed in partnership with and fully recognized by the business community) are an individual's passport into the new economy. Employers, as members of a particular industry base, participate in setting the standards and creating criteria for certificate acquisition.

When you take an industry-recognized social media certification course, you are receiving a well-researched, thoroughly vetted and peer-approved certification. 

What Social Media Marketing Certification Can Do For Your Career

Social media marketing certification can instantly open doors previously closed.

Simple as that! 

Social media managers can use it as a talking point during an interview, or proudly display the badge on their website, social profiles or resume, giving social proof of their industry knowledge and skills

A Final Word: The Training Course Makes the Certification!

It should go without saying, but we are going to mention it anyway, that the training course associated with any industry-certification makes or breaks the certification. 

In our industry this means social media managers need to learn not just facts about each social media platform. Training should include marketing strategy, specific social media strategies, effective social media advertising, Google analytics reporting and much much more. 

In addition, our Social Media Pro training includes training on how to run a business, how to create attractive packages and pricing structures, sending proposals, and working with clients. 

We are proud to offer social media certification to not only our students, but to any current social media marketers interested in getting certified! 

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