Nicole Wight

Nicole Wight

Updated December 11, 2020

Kate & Jesse changed my entire life. I was working retail 4 years ago in NJ, and took the SMPro Course. Kate took me under her wing, and I have been on the Admin team for over 3 years now. After doing the coursework, and being active in this group, I started my own boutique consulting agency and was recruited by my current company. Moved to Texas a short time later with my entire family, I am making more money than I have ever made in my life, and am now a Global Lead for DFW through Facebook’s  Community Leadership Program, with my training starting in April. My dream job is now within reach and I attribute 100% of it to being in this group and taking the SMPro course. Congrats on this huge milestone! When I joined, we had less than 5k members!

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