10 Steps to Starting Over from Scratch

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Starting over from scratch? Ready to say out with the old and in with the new, then this video is just for you. 

Recently, I was connecting with my mentoring students. During three different conversations, the same advice presented itself. 

Are you in the place where you feel stuck on repeat getting the same types of clients, the same low paying clients, the same overwhelming amount of work?

Are you fed up with the cycle and ready to make a change? You’re in the right place.

10 Steps to Start Over From Scratch

You can use these steps for starting over from scratch in your business or life. 

These 10 steps for starting over from scratch are tips that I have used personally when I’ve needed to start fresh again.

While in those moments, I didn’t have a clear vision for what I wanted my life to look like during this time of reinvention, I knew the way I had been living was not going to work anymore.

Let’s dive into the steps! 

Step One: Get Clear on What You Want

The first thing you’re going to want to do when starting over from scratch is to get as clear as you can on what you want. Make your vision as vivid as possible. Write it out. Create a vision board or mind movie. 

Note: If you’re applying these steps to your business, consider re-thinking your client avatar. Here’s a resource for you to get started. 

Step Two: Make the Decision

You need to decide for yourself what the line of demarcation is. 

When and where will you draw a line and say “never again”? Never again will I go back to the past. Never again will I return to this kind of partnership. Never again will I repeat this cycle. 

The momentum and amplitude of energy you can build with a declaration like this is greater than the energy that has held you back up until this point.

Note: Tony Robbins says “Most people think it takes 10 years to change your life, it doesn’t. It takes one moment, one decision.”

Step Three: Believe Fully

Believe with your whole being that you are capable and able to create and achieve your goal. This step can be challenging for some people.

Do you feel that you deserve it? That you are worthy of receiving it? This isn’t from a place of entitlement. This is you tapping into the realm of possibility.

In the realm of anything is possible, can you envision yourself receiving and achieving your dream or goal? 

After you’re in a receiving state, your next step is to find gratitude for your goal becoming a reality as if it has already come into existence. Go back to that vision board or mind movie and re-presence yourself to the feeling of what you’re wanting.

When you have gratitude for the achievement of your goal as if it is already here, you are creating a clearing for it to come into existence in the tangible world. 

Step Four: Memorize the Feeling

The next step is to teach your body how to stay in the space of possibility. You’ve got your mind backing you up. You’ve made the decision to move in this new direction.

Close your eyes and think of what it would feel like to accomplish that goal. 

Visualize yourself in your mind’s eye. Ask yourself, “what would i do if I already was X? How would I move through my day or make decisions if X were already true?  

Memorize that feeling and use it as an anchor for your goal.

You can also use objects, clothing, music or other rituals to help you anchor into the feeling of what’s possible in bringing your new goal to life. 

If you find yourself being triggered and popped out of the state of possibility, use your objects or rituals to help you reconnect with your goal or vision.

The name of the game is to try and stay in this state all day (not just during your 10 minute morning routine).

Step Five: Pattern Interrupt

The next question you want to ask yourself is, how can you constantly remind yourself to be in the feeling of your new decision?

One of the ways to do this is to use a pattern interrupt app. The one that I like to use is called the I am app. You can set timers for when the notifications will alert you.

This is a positive thinking app that you can use as a pattern interrupter throughout your day to help you stay in the space of possibility more. 

When the notifications go off and you read what’s on the screen, do a check in with yourself to see if you’re reverting back to old habits. Or if you’re still committed and fully believing that you deserve to receive and actualize your dream.

Aside from this app, you can place reminders everywhere. Your calendar, all over your house, screensavers, bathroom mirror, etc.

You can even create a daily checklist or spreadsheet to keep you on track.

Step Six: Proximity is Power

Look at the people around you in your life. Is it time to upgrade your group or get an accountability partner?

Some people get to stay in your life, but they need to be at arm's distance. This could be people that criticize you or that constantly complain and are negative. 

It’s really easy to get sucked down when you’re elevating to the next level. 

Be intentional about who you let in your mental and physical space. It’s crucial when starting from scratch that you be diligent about the kind of people and conversations you surround yourself with. 

You want to allow people into your life that lift you up and even if only energetically, support you in moving forward with your goals in a positive way.

This also applies to what you read and allow into your social feeds, what you watch on TV, and anything else your brain may be consuming.

Step Seven: Start Here

If you don’t know where to start, begin with your physical body. 

Whether you’re looking at supplements, your diet, hydration, or your movement routines – bringing awareness, intention and action to your physical body will help you move in the right direction. 

How you do this isn’t based on anyone else’s standards. Consider what might feel good for you to implement physically, knowing that the contribution you make there, will bleed over into other areas of your life and support you moving in the direction that is in alignment with your goal.

Step Eight: Integrity File

Another thing you’ve heard me talk about is integrity. One thing you can do is create an integrity file where you make note of all the things in your life right now that are out of integrity. 

Maybe there are unpaid bills, or the car is out of inspection, maybe you’ve been needing to duplicate a key that’s been sitting next to the door for a year. Or maybe you need to get in conversation with someone you’ve been meaning to speak with to clear the air.

Make a list and start getting to work to begin cleaning up all the loose ends. 

Clearing away some of this gunk and heaviness will clear the clogs and assist you in feeling lighter as you move towards your goals as you start over from scratch.

This is a task that you can have in rotation ongoingly, as well as something you can use a jump start to build momentum as you accomplish your goals. 

Step Nine: Make a Plan

The next thing you’re going to want to do is make a plan for yourself. 

Personally, I use a system called EOS from the book Traction by Gino Wickman

This process teaches you how to map out a 3 year, 1 year, and quarterly vision where you can track your progress and all the moving pieces of your goal. 

As you plan, work backwards from your vision and pair all the steps with your calendar so you have an actionable timeline for what you wish to accomplish. 

You can do this for both your professional and personal life.

Step Ten: Get Started and Take Action

We’ve been talking about how Social Media Managers aren’t the best when it comes to marketing their own services. They often don’t take their own business seriously or treat themselves as they would a client

If you’re not satisfied with how your business is going and you’re wanting to apply these steps to start over from scratch to reach your goals, you have to get in action. 

It’s not all about believing and feeling and visualizing. You have to meet that intention with the energy of action. 

Show up for yourself and work for that vision. Hold that vision and goal in your mind and feel it, knowing that you are taking the steps to get there. 

Take the Next Step

There you have it! These are my 10 Steps for Starting Over from Scratch. You will know that the work you are doing is working when you start to see the results showing up around you. 

One new client with higher rates may be an anomaly, but the second, and third – something you’re doing is working. Even if you don’t land the clients, that’s okay. Even their presence is evidence that you’re leveling up. 

Congratulate yourself for the small victories along the way. Thank you for watching or reading! If you’re ready to take action and you know you want to uplevel and scale your business in 2023, check out our Social Media Manager core training here.

Starting over from scratch with your business? Check out my step-by-step method to building a successful social media manager agency.

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