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How To Start A Social Media Management Business

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Are you ready to start a social media management business?

This is a great time to start as a social media freelancer or start your own agency; many small business owners and brands need help navigating social media. 

Today on the Social Media Pro blog, we share a 10 step process so that you, too, can become a social media manager and start your social media management business!

The 10 Step Process to Starting a Social Media Management Business

While there might be several additional (mini)steps, this 10 step process lays out in large strokes what it takes to become a social media manager. 

And while it’s not cut and dry, and your previous business knowledge, your geographical location as well as your other skills play a role in your overall success as a social media manager, we believe this 10 step process will help those who are new to this industry and interested in starting a social media management business. 

Let this serve as a roadmap to your new career!

1 Learn Social Media Management

First things first. 

Having personal social media accounts does not make someone a social media manager. 

Social Media Management requires additional skills beyond an understanding of each platform.

Skills needed for social media management success include:

While anyone can learn the business of social media management, not everyone grasps the importance of friendliness, a serving attitude, business ethics and so on. 

You will need to a be well-rounded, service-minded individual if you are going to succeed in this field!

You might consider not just learning social media management, but also getting certified in social media management. This might help you get your first client!

become a social media manager

2 Understand the Business of Being a Freelancer or Agency

Starting out a freelancer is a great way to test the waters for those who are already employed and might be looking for a career change. Starting a social media management business as an agency is perfect for those who have previous management and leadership experience. It takes a special type of leader to run an agency. 

Learning about setting up an LLC, invoicing, strategic planning, proposals, selling, project management, contracts and setting rates are all important details to keep in mind. Not all social media courses and training program teach you the business of social media management

3 Research Social Media Niches

There are many industries and nearly as many social media skills; when it comes time to niche choose carefully

We always recommend combining your current knowledge with your passion and applying that to your social media marketing business

For example:

  • Photoshop Expert + Love for Animals = Graphic Design for Veterinarians
  • Facebook Expert + Love for People = Community Manager
  • Video Editing + Love for the Outdoors = Drone Services for Realtors
  • Facebook Ad expert + Love for Travel = Run ads for Digital Nomads
  • Copywriter + Love for Food = Content Marketer for a Food Blog

You get the picture. 

Note: Not everyone starts out with a planned niche. Sometimes social media managers fall into an opportunity and then develop that into a niche. At other times, niches come and go and focus shifts from B2B to B2C or from Content Management to Community Management. That’s perfectly fine. Starting out with a plan will help you focus better when finding your first clients, but is not a requirement to get you started! 

4 Define The Target Audience You Want To Serve

This goes along with what was talked about in the previous paragraph; make sure you define who you want to serve. Build that avatar for your business as you will help your future clients build theirs. 

Doing this exercise will help you get clarity on your future marketing messages

5 Figure Out Your Product or Service Offering 

Now it’s time to find out what to offer. Once you know who you serve, you’ll quickly find out what they want, but more importantly, what they need. 

Offer services and products that will help a future client solve their pain points.

Bundling services and products is a great way to offer choices to a client.

Think of service and products that will help a client

  1. Save time
  2. Amplify social media efforts
  3. Enhance overall marketing efforts
  4. Manage social media platforms
  5. Grow an audience

and more!

6 Create A Social Media Strategic Plan

Now before you are up as running as a marketing company, you are in need of a business plan, a marketing plan and part of that marketing plan – even for your own social media management business – should include… wait for it… a social media strategic plan

You can’t grow what you don’t measure. 

In order to grow a business you need goals, measurable KPIs and a plan of action. 

7 Name and Register Your Social Media Management Company

Next up you will need to take a bit of time to first name your new business and then register your business.

Take care to research the name you want! You will need to make sure it’s not trademarked and that your preferred domain name for your future website is available

TIP: Once you settle on what you want and it's available, purchase that domain name!

With registering a business comes setting up a business bank account and making sure you are able to invoice a client and receive funds.

8 Set Up Social Media Accounts Plus a Website

Once you have a name and you are in business, set up your social media profiles and pages, social platforms and of course, your website. 

Once you have experience, or if you have previous experience working in-house in the social media industry, you can also link a portfolio to your website. 

On your website, list the social media services you are offering, create links to your social media pages, and start posting content on your blog! 

9 Start To Network with Fellow Social Media Managers

Now is the time to let everyone know what you are doing! 

Start with social media posts letting your current connections know that you’ve started a new career as a social media manager. Ask for referrals, but make sure to offer value as you post to Facebook Instagram and elsewhere. 

Next, reach out to other social media managers, professionals and experts. Learn how to do this the right way by reading this

Last but not least, consider putting your digital marketing skills to good use by running Facebook ads to attract new clients! 

10 Take Daily Action To Find New Clients and Grow

The last step to starting your social media management business is to never stop prospecting.
Every day take action to learn, improve, provide, reach out and grow. 

Make new connections and gain experience. 

After all: commenting, liking and sharing on social media is… free!

Use this to create new relationships. 

Reach out and be genuine, interested and real! 

Asking for help will start conversations. Conversation leads to relationships. Relationships lead to trust. Trust leads to new opportunities!

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