Why You Should Start a Facebook Group for Your Brand!

Why You Should Start a Facebook Group for Your Brand!

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How Many Facebook Groups Should You Belong To?

Did you know there is a limit to the number of Facebook groups you can belong to?

The limit of how many Facebook groups an individual can belong to is currently set at 6000.

The question is; what would you as an individual get out of being a member of 6000 Facebook groups? Unless you live on Facebook, or unless you use these groups to leave spam comments and messages, one individual would have a hard time being a productive and active member of 6000 Facebook groups.

The question then becomes: How many Facebook groups should you belong to, get the most out of each group?

While not finding a definite answer as to what number is manageable as that differs of course with each individual, we have found several Facebook group admins who use 150 groups as the cut off for the number of groups one individual can be in when requesting access to their group.

Meaning; if you are already a member of 150+ groups, that raises a ‘red flag' i.e. potential spammer, for these admins and they will deny you access to their group.

The Value of A Facebook Group for Individuals

What is the value of a Facebook group for an individual?

Groups provide a space to communicate about shared interests with certain people.

Facebook groups give you a place to

  • learn
  • connect with influencers
  • meet peers
  • find solutions to problems
  • sell and buy items
  • grow your network

and much more!

Being active on Facebook using your Facebook profile, you can search for and join groups to help you accomplish goals like the ones mentioned above.

One thing we don't currently like about Facebook groups is being added to groups without permission. How often do you have to remove yourself from groups your ‘friends' have added you to? It's a Facebook feature that we hope will be disabled soon.

It's hard to argue anything other than that Facebook groups provide great value if you are in the right groups and if you are active in those groups.

What then, is the value of a Facebook group for brands?

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The Value of A Facebook Group for Brands

The value of a Facebook group for a brand should not be underestimated. The value grows with the growth of the Facebook group. Ever since Facebook allowed groups to be linked to pages, groups have undergone many changes, all for the better.

Benefits of Facebook groups for brands include (but are not limited to) being able to

  • have direct access to your audience
  • engage with your audience on a very personal level
  • direct attention to any call to action you want to be highlighted
  • offer specials to a select group of people
  • build trust quickly
  • gain insight into your marketing avatar
  • complete immediate market research
  • introduce new products and services to a small audience

Groups for brands are so beneficial that Hootsuite wrote a complete guide to ‘Using Facebook Group for Business'.

Are you ready to enhance your social media marketing efforts with a Facebook group for your brand?

How To Start a Facebook Group for a Brand

The best way to start a Facebook group for your brand is to analyze first an foremost what your audience wants and needs as to create the right type of group.

Next,  make a list of services and benefits such a group can provide for your Facebook fans.

Last, look at your resources.
Do you have the bandwidth to moderate an active group? Who will be monitoring the group along with you? Being in charge of an active Facebook group takes time and effort and if you are to pay someone to do it, it will take money.

If you are ready to get started, that process is simple.

Go to your page and locate the ‘group' tab on the left side of your page. Click, and create a group.
NOTE: If you have an existing group already and you want to link it to your page, click ‘link your group' to add a group.

If you do not see a groups tab on your page, go to your page ‘settings' and ‘edit page'.

Scroll down until you see ‘Add a Tab'

Once you click that, you can select to add the ‘groups' tab to your page.

This new tab will show up on the left side of your Facebook page.

How To Manage and Grow a Facebook Group for a Brand

There are several things you need to manage your (new) Facebook group. If you expect growth, results and yes, sales, to come from this group, you need to start with a written plan of action.

Here are some other things to consider as you start your Facebook group for your brand.

When you are just getting started with managing and growing your Facebook group, concentrate on

  • the overall strategy, keeping your goals in mind
  • finding good moderators
  • publishing excellent group specific content
  • creating a weekly content schedule
  • enforcing group rules
  • being present
  • growing your group

To dive into community management, especially if you are new to this, you might want to find out what the experts are doing.

As with all social media management, it is important to remember that you should prepare for a marathon, not a sprint. Groups can grow quickly but your group will only grow if you target the right audience and put time and effort into it.

You have to nurture your group in order for your group to sprout and bear the fruit of your labor!

Learn more about the latest group updates and how group moderation works!

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