Soft Skills a Great Social Media Manager Should Have (and How to Acquire Them)

Soft Skills a Great Social Media Manager Should Have (and How to Acquire Them)

Updated August 13, 2021
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As social media managers, we usually cover a wide range of responsibilities. From copywriting texts and editing pictures to analyzing data, working with customers, creating and publishing social media posts to providing community management. Managing all these responsibilities is a challenging and exciting task at the same time.

A person working in digital marketing should have a specific set of soft skills in addition to their marketing skills, or develop this necessary set of marketing-adjacent social media skills if they are missing skills. 

Social media managers should never stop learning, improving, and advancing.  We advise you to concentrate on cultivating soft skills, including but not limiting to the six we are mentioning in this article, and relevant resources to excel at social media management and drive results. 

Here are 6 soft skills to cultivate to be a great social media manager! 

1 Communication

Communication is key in social media management. A social media manager portrays the brand voice for the business online. Therefore, advanced communication skills that can help fit any platform, audience, and sphere are a must-have professional skill for those managing social media. 

Social media management requires switching between internal team communication and direct work with the customers. A response to a public comment requires an individual approach and particularly sophisticated wording to be effective. In other words, interpersonal skills are key when communicating online with the public. Here is an example of good communication skills demonstrated by Let’s Make Art brand on Instagram:


All means of communication: listening, reading and writing are vital to express yourself and be understood. 

If you are interested in improving your communication skills, we’ve put together several resources for you:

The power of knowing how to communicate should never be  underestimated. Better communication always makes better impressions. 

2 Creativity

One of the most challenging tasks for social media managers is how to assure your content stands out from the crowd.  There are millions of brands and businesses active on social networks. Creating viral content and implementing an innovative social media strategy requires creativity and bright ideas, along with marketing efforts, of course!

A creative mindset of a social media manager should be applied to:

  • content idea generation
  • social media planning and strategizing
  • productive brand storming
  • enhancing and reinforcing the brand’s voice and positioning. 

Social media users tend to unfollow those profiles posting repetitive or boring content. To keep followers hooked and wishing for more content, social media managers have to take risks and develop new creative ideas. Check out this creative Take what you need post from HubSpot created to help people adapt to the new realities of 2020. 


Creativity is all about finding new ways and approaching problems from different angles. Thus, creative thinking skills may be developed with the help of the following resources:

Numerous practices and tasks aimed at flexing creative thinking and boosting the brainstorming process are available online.

3 Responsibility and Organization

One can not manage numerous social media accounts and develop strategies without wise time management. Efficient planning and organizational skills are essential for an excellent social media manager.

A social media manager should make and execute plans and organize the process and teams to implement them successfully. Skilled social media pros use specific tools and software to keep everything running smoothly.

Often, these abilities are the results of hard work and self-training. There are several techniques that will help to improve the existing skills:

Apart from time management and organization, as a brand's voice, a social media manager should have a strong sense of responsibility, as brand reputation largely depends on online communication and branding.

4 Visual Skills

Social media has evolved in recent years. Long gone are the times of mere text pieces. Social media is driven by appealing visual elements and interactive content. Thus, visual intelligence is a valuable skill needed to be a great social media manager. 

Having an eye for eye-catching designs and aesthetics is essential for a social media manager. The ability to handpick and create visual elements is a great advantage. Visual skills are not only about creativity, but understanding platform specific guidelines to make sure all images meet social media content requirements is needed as well.

Consider applying the following hints to work on your visual intelligence:

While designing and creation visual content with the help of modern tools may be learned in a relatively short time, proficiency comes with time and practice!

5 Aptitude to Learn

Technology changes constantly. So do audience preferences. It would be somewhat naive to consider that any learning is a process that has a clear ending. On the contrary, this process is eternal for a successful specialist.

An excellent social media manager needs to have a high level of self-awareness. Here are several resources to consider if you feel a lack of self-motivation and a natural hunger for knowledge:

Only natural curiosity and willingness to grow and develop can motivate to learn new things every day. Besides, there is often a need for a social media manager to learn on the fly.

6 Agility and Adaptability

Changes are constant in the world of social media. Therefore, agility and adaptability complement natural curiosity and make an excellent soft skills mix for a good social media manager. 

When you discover a new trend or come up with an innovative idea, the most important thing is to adapt quickly to keep ahead of the curve. A good social media manager can keep up with such changes and adapt fast to ever-changing circumstances. 

Consider the following resources to develop or improve these skills:

Keeping a pulse on ongoing and incoming social media trends, as well as the ability to interpret data and feedback appears essential for a successful social media career. 


The need to be strong in all six of these aforementioned skills is not necessary. When you start developing some of these skills, you'll be well ahead of most of your social media colleagues! Remember: mastery in one area can open new opportunities in the other. 

Social media is a career of lifelong learning. There should always be a place for development and self-improvement. We encourage you to continue learning and continue to build a fantastic social media career. 

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