10 Of The Most In-Demand Social Media Services

10 Of The Most In-Demand Social Media Services

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What Sort of Social Media Services Are Requested By Your Clients?

If you work as a social media marketer, you probably have heard all kinds of service requests, some of which might have made you scratch your head!

‘Can you update all pages on the website while you upload the next blog? Something is not performing right.'
‘Can you make my website mobile responsive when you upload that PDF? That would be great!'
‘While you are on Facebook, can you just run a few ads for me? You do ads, right?'
‘My sister wants to have a Facebook Page. You are so good at this, can you just set it up for her?'
‘This charity I volunteer with needs some flyers made. You make great flyers, I told them you'll do them for free, won't you?'
‘Can you post pictures for me on my profile? They are on my phone and I just don't have time to deal with them.'
‘Can you produce a video today and have it up by tonight?'
‘I want an extra newsletter sent out and want it to go out by 2 PM. That isn't a problem, correct?'
‘My restaurants is hosting 30 events in 30 days. Can you create these Facebook events real fast so we can start inviting people?'

Whether you offer the social media services requested, or not, it is clear by the many ‘add-on' service requests social media managers receive that even our own clients often don't realize what we do and what we won't do! 

How Can You Best Communicate What Social Media Services You Offer?

We, as social media managers, need to be explicit about our offering of social media services right from the start. The best place to start is in the initial conversation with any potential client.

Together, explore how your company and services can help this client and what is needed to take over their social media marketing. Once you decide on what services you will take on for said client, list all additional services that they didn't choose in your proposal as add-on services! One way to do that is to list them as ‘A La Carte' items available for ‘purchase'. Lastly, when you write up your contract, add an hourly fee to your contract for “all services requests outside of scope of work” meaning that when your client requests services not within the scope of work, you should send an email and confirm that a) they actually want the work done and if so, you need a work order b) they will pay your (high) hourly fee.

Setting boundaries with each of your clients is so important! Be clear on what you will, and will not, do for the monthly fee they are paying you.

If your clients request social media or other marketing services you do not provide, you have the option to outsource these services to contractors, keeping the client ‘in-house' so to speak, or give that client a referral to a trusted colleague who does provide that service.

Let's look at how and where you should list the services you provide.

Where Are You listing The Services You Offer Your Clients?

As a social media manager, you most likely have a list of skills you are proud of. Furthermore, you also might have a list of preferred services offered.

To make it easy for potential clients to learn as much about you as possible and to do their due diligence on finding out if they want to hire you, it is imperative you list your skills and services where potential clients will see them! This includes places online, and on your marketing materials.

List your social media services on your

  • Website
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Social Media Bios
  • Resume
  • Speaker One-Sheet
  • Company Brochure
  • Business Card

Make it clear why someone should hire you and what benefits they receive when outsourcing these services to you.

Not Every Client Needs All Your Social Media Services

Be prepared!

Not every client will need all of your social media services. Some clients might only be missing one ‘piece of the puzzle' in their marketing suite and will want to bring you on for just that one service. Do a bang up job. There is always time, later on, to upsell more services once you've proven yourself to be a great resource and valuable member of their team!

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Who Determines What Social Media Services Your Client Needs?

The decision of what services to hire you for ultimately is in the hands of your client.

However, it is in your best interest to guide them and steer them towards services they need vs services they think they need or want. Remember, you are the expert. Advocate for them as if they already are your client and steer them towards services that will bring the best results.

Don't ever sell clients services they don't need. You might receive some monetary reward initially, but eventually, you will lose that client and their respect.

Why You Should Rate Your Services In Order of Highest Profit

It is important to know what services yield you the highest profit margin for the least amount of time and effort. Those are the exact services you want to sell.

Therefore, your sales copy should reflect a push toward those services. Of course, listing these services at the top of your services list and adding these ‘skills' to your social media bios will also make them stand out.

The only exception to this rating system would be in the case where you offer a service with a huge profit margin but it is a task you don't personally enjoy performing. If that's the case, look into outsourcing that profitable service to a set list of contractors you work with. You sell the service to the client, someone else provides the service. You still get a slice of the profits for minimal effort. Side Note: Quality control is going to be super important on these projects.

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10 Of The Most In-Demand Social Media Services

It's time to get down to the nitty-gritty.

What are the 10 most in-demand social media services according to social media managers?

Here's the list.

  1. Social Media Management Packages
  2. Community Management
  3. Facebook Advertising
  4. Content Calendar Creation
  5. Graphic Design for Social
  6. Blog Writing and Management
  7. Email Marketing and Management
  8. Social Media Strategy and Audits
  9. Social Media Training
  10. Photography, Videography and Video Editing

Ask yourself these questions next:

  • What do I love to do for my clients?
  • How can I make the most money with the time I have?
  • Where will I start promoting my favorite services?

Take action today to analyze where you make the most profit, set clear goals to attract more clients needing those services and then provide the best service possible. 

Offering what each client needs and requests, and providing those services is how you will continue to grow your business.

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