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First and foremost all of us here at Social Media Pro wish you strength for yourself and your family, and compassion and empathy for others at a time of great challenge for us all.

Uncertainty about the future can be very unsettling. What we do retain control over is what we choose to focus on, what things mean to us, and what we do in spite of fear and challenges.

Those of us who are involved in Social Media as a career and trade skill must take extra precaution in how we consume the news and media since we are exposed to it perhaps more than the average individual. The very nature of traditional news media is to sensationalize. It is very easy to be consumed by fear. It serves us to remember that no matter how challenging it becomes, this too shall pass.

For most of us, we are experiencing a significant pattern interruption in our daily lives. We quickly learn the fragile nature of our infrastructure, personally, within our community, and within our government.

Routines and Rituals Will Keep Us Grounded

It is these times that show us how much we engage in the frivolous, how many routines and rituals that we have in our lives that we may not be conscious of, and perhaps most importantly, how we may take for granted the people and parts of our lives that are ultimately most important to us.

Over the next few weeks (or possibly, months), each of us are going to be called upon to be the best possible version of ourselves. We may be tested in ways that are both uncomfortable and unfamiliar. Yet it is each of us as individuals that chooses how we will show up. Circumstances only define us if we allow them to.

I’ve seen a number of people asking about their Social Media Pro® Membership and what will happen if you cancel or pause your membership. The short answer is that it will be there for you upon your return. Your account stays intact, and your progress is retained. We (Social Media Pro®) are first and foremost in the business of people, and we take great pride in the fact that we will always put people first. If life demands that you place your attention elsewhere, we support you in that choice and will be here for you when you return.

For those of you who are uncertain about what to do, I’d like to offer you this consideration…

The very reason that Social Media Pro® exists is to empower people with independence. I have personally been a part of the home business industry for 20 years. The driving force behind that choice is that I recognized early on that a home business is the most practical means of personal independence available to the average individual. And of all the home businesses that a person can start, I have found Social Media Management to be accessible. Why?

Personal Independence With a Home Business

1. Easy to Learn. Compared to other trade skills Social Media is fun, easy to learn, and most people already have a level of comfort using it personally.

2. It is in high demand, future proof and crisis proof. There are not enough Social Media Professionals to meet the demand of existing businesses or the new businesses that start up every day. This demand shows no sign of slowing, and even when events occur such as what we are all experiencing now, the social media person’s role remains important, if not critical.

3. Serving clients diversifies your income. Three clients equals three separate sources of income. Losing all of your clients at once is highly unlikely. Diversified income creates financial security.

4. Social Media Services are location independent. There are many within our community now who are fortunate to be able to continue their work from home.

5. Time Flexibility. Our work as Social Media Managers allows us to be flexible with the time that we work so that we can focus on other priorities when we need to.

6. Compensation. Due to the high demand, even basic social media manager skills offer you rewarding compensation for your time.

7. Social Media Skills are attractive. Whether your goal is to stay in the workforce or to start a Freelance business of your own, Social Media skills increase your value.

Many of you are already experiencing these benefits. I have already heard from some of you who have expressed gratitude for how these skills have provided you with choices and a greater level of security right now—something that would not have been available to you prior to entering the world of Social Media Management.

For those of you who are on the fence about what to do next as it relates to your Social Media Pro® training… consider that Now is the perfect time to be retooling yourself for the future. Circumstances have provided an abundance of time (that precious commodity that we often feel we lack). Time to read, time to reflect, time to study, and time to learn new skills that empower us with new choices in the future. Many of the students in our community are going to come out on the other side of this ready for new opportunities. Will you be among them?

Ultimately the choice is yours, and we support you in that choice whatever you decide.

Wishing you health and prosperity,

Jesse Jameson – CEO
& The Team @ Social Media Pro®

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