How to Make Your Social Media Manager Resume Stand Out

How to Make Your Social Media Manager Resume Stand Out

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While no one plans to lose a job (i.e. get fired or laid off) it’s essential you plan ahead for potential job termination, job loss or unexpected family circumstances which might force you to leave your job.

No matter what industry you are in, no matter who you work for, an unexpected event can trigger an avalanche of additional events to the point where a whole company has gone under or, where huge layoffs are a result of bad management or a downturn of economics. Additionally, if you have a family emergency need time to take care of family, you need a way to get back ‘in the game; asap once the crisis is over.  

Whether you think your social media job is secure, or not, having a social media manager resume and portfolio up-to-date and ready to be distributed can make or break your financial situation should you ever lose your current job!

In this article, we will give you pointers as to how to make your social media resume stand out and have it ready at a moment’s notice!

Wouldn't you love to find your next social media manager job and have it be the job of your dreams?

Do Social Media Managers Need a Professional Resume?

Yes, yes, yes!

Times change. Companies grow and shrink. Your financial needs change. 

If you do not have a current resume, and do not have a portfolio, how will you be competitive when it comes time to apply for your next job? 

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What Does a Social Media Manager Resume Look Like?

We use the word ‘resume’ but in our industry, that can mean many things.

Here are some examples and ways you can show off your work history, as well as your skills.

  • Website. Include a blog (that’s your knowledge) case studies, your bio, and videos.
  • Portfolio. There are many ways to create a portfolio. Your portfolio should showcase the industries you’ve worked in, and highlight the type of skills you have. 
  • Digital Resume. Much like a portfolio, you could create a digital resume (add it to your website)
  • LinkedIn. LinkedIn Recommendations, places you’ve worked and the skills you have are all ways to show off what you can do. 
  • YouTube Channel. This could be a portfolio in itself if you are a video creator! 

There are more ways than these to create a resume for the next job you need. The key is to not let too much time lapse between each update and to keep whatever medium you choose looking fresh.   

For resume templates, use Google or check out VisualCV.

Social Media Jobs vs Freelance Projects

Remember; you need more than one resume! You might be searching for one job, but you should always tailor your resume to that specific job you are applying for! Therefore, create several variations on your resume and personalize it for each job application. One simple trick is to put the most wanted skills for a specific job application at the top of your skill list

For those who are freelancers and self-employed, here are three reasons you still want to create and maintain a social media manager resume:

  • You never know when you might need a full-time job
  • When losing, or firing, one too many clients forces you to look for a part-time job
  • When you want to branch out and start working with an agency

For those who are employed and working as a full-time employee, you will want to keep your resume updated for the following reasons:

  • When going in to ask for a promotion
  • If you are ready to move on from a company due to conflict or lack of growth opportunity
  • In case your family needs to relocate

Marketing Strategies for the Social Media Manager!

Marketers need to market themselves as quite often we suck at it! 

While we might create beautiful videos, gorgeous-looking social media channels and raise brand awareness for our clients, we social media managers are often like the cobbler’s kids; left without shoes, or in this case, without a social media strategy plan

Stop! No More!

In 2020, find ways to market yourself. Get new and larger clients. Build your resume, your skillset, your expertise! 

Be ready for that next opportunity when it comes knocking. 

Here is how:

  • Look to expand to new industries to grow. Duplicate your systems.
  • Network like crazy. If not always what you know but who you know!
  • Ask clients and friends in the industry for their business
  • Same thing; Ask clients and friends for referrals
  • Attend conferences and meet, greet and follow up online.
  • Utilize private messaging to create new relationships with those you admire
  • Job groups are a great place to find new clients or (part-time) gigs

Making Your Social Media Manager Resume Stand Out

Thousands of social media managers in your location, hundreds of applicants. How will you stand out? Besides your years of experience and a killer cover letter, your resume can speak for itself if you include these following:

Here are 5 ways you can make yourself, and your social media manager resume stand out:

  1. Certification (list all applicable certifications)
  2. Portfolio (include social media platforms experience)
  3. Diverse Clientele (list all industries)
  4. Experience (digital marketing, marketing campaigns, social media strategies)
  5. Unique Skills (languages, graphic design, advertising expertise)
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Resume Builder Strategies To Work On in 2020

What’s next?

If you have an updated resume, website and portfolio, congrats! 

If not, add the following tasks to your monthly to-do list and take time to keep things updated throughout the year. 

  • Portfolio. Expand as soon you have a new client in a new industry
  • Speaking opportunities. Local, paid or unpaid; these add social proof
  • Training opportunities. Clients or prospects; training shows you know your stuff.
  • Online Courses/Webinars. These add huge value to your resume.
  • Certification. Pick one or two new certifications each year. Recertify any previous certification.
  • Coaching. Add the types of people/business owners you help with problems.

Social Media Manager Directory

If you are ready to get found for your next job, client or opportunity, we invite you to check out our Social Media Manager Directory!

It's a great way to show off your skills and get found by those who need your services.

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