How To Effectively Explain Your Social Media Manager Job

How To Effectively Explain Your Social Media Manager Job

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When you ask 30,000+ social media managers in a Facebook group to explain their job, expect to get a lot of different answers.

We asked the questions this week and received great answers! We got funny, serious, hilarious and everything in between.

What stood out immediately is that for every small business out there in the world, there is a perfect social media manager waiting to work with them! 

We who manage social media marketing, part-time or full-time, we do our job to the best of our ability. We all have a different set of skills, background, education, culture and business know-how.

“Will The Real Social Media Managers Stand Up?”

Just kidding! 

We are all real social media managers in this digital marketing industry. We differ by our preference for certain social media platforms over another, the way we launch social media marketing campaigns, and how we plan social media strategy for our clients.

We manage channels including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more. 

We are community managers, SEO specialists, content managers marketing managers…

How Do You Explain Your Social Media Manager Job?

Since the question brought forth lots of laughter in our group, we want to bring you the best of the best answers!

We’ve divided them into several categories, so that if you ever ever to explain (again) your social media manager job to someone, you can take these awesome explanations and rock that conversation – and by that we mean blow everyone away! 

How To Explain Your Social Media Manager Job To Your Mom

“I create something out of nothing with no direction from management which magically translates into awareness, engagement, appointments and healthier people”
Teajai M Kimsey

“I help small businesses share their mission and work with the online world so they can focus on their clients and the work THEY love to do.”

Hannah Westfall

“Helping businesses and personal client level up their online presence”
Phoebe Gubb

“My job is to do what the newspaper, billboards and flyers used to do effectively years back. Now I do so digitally and with much more precision to reach the right audience.”

Diana E Perez

How To Explain Your Social Media Manager Job To Your Boss

“I amplify the voice of brands and build an engaged and loyal following!”
Judea Robinette

“Brand awareness, storytelling, reputation management, customer service, help funnel sales.”

Tracy Shipp

“I take boring tech whitepapers and product information and turn it into interesting, concise social copy and graphics so people will visit our website (where they see even more of my catchy copy) and hopefully tracking works so I can prove that my work actually generates leads.”
Amanada Jane

“I put my anthropology degree to work by studying human behavior online and making predictions on how to apply our content to our channels in a way that will resonate and standout above the noise.”
Valarie M Evans

“Helping brands reach out to their target customers and become a constant presence in their online lives to improve brand recall, trust and loyalty. Social media management also helps brands establish their authority in their industry by pushing out engaging, useful information that their customers would be able to appreciate.”

How To Explain Your Social Media Manager Job To Your Spouse

“Since I work primarily with paid ads, I tell people that I spend other people's money for a living.”
Crystal Perra

“I provide online marketing services so that organisations and businesses can focus on what truly matters to them.”

Nick Burt

“I assist small businesses with increasing their digital footprint through social platforms. All done with small business budget-friendly prices. ;)”

Mariah Evely

“First line of customer service. Have the chance to change an experience. Just like when someone picks up the phone at your office, someone needs to “answer” on social.”

Susanne Yberra

“I help clients engage with their potential customers by telling the brand story with a friendly tone, encouraging engagement and not just salesy hard-sell posts which turn followers off.”

Joanna Yoeli

“I become my client in order to exemplify and showcase the unseen aspects of most businesses.”
Tonie Boaman

How To Explain Your Social Media Manager Job To Your Clueless Friend

“I create media content that I use to subtly manipulate strangers into liking the people who pay me”

Shadia El Tabch

“Getting paid to play on social media for a living… duh!
Kidding! I create compelling content for brands that allow them to engage with their target market online by telling their stories and connecting with others!”
Courtney Tusken

“My clients live the life, I just document it.”
Anne Moore Sabatos

“I keep killing it on socials”

Heather Lynn

“There’s an Entire Legitimate Industry With Products and Services to Offer, and an Entire Community Of Consumers Interested.

What We Do, is Connect the Two.”
Joe N Bri

How To Explain Your Social Media Manager Job To Your Clients

“I create posts that engage, entertain & educate followers. Whether I'm using a client's budget for paid ads or keeping followers interested with timeline posts…”

Debra Rody

“I’m a conduit really, since I can’t make up what’s not already there, just shine a light and help others come to engage with it. But what that means is I cultivate and help brands identify the core of what needs to be communicated to their community and help in some instances to translate subjects so they are easily understood, appreciated and engaging by those same communities.”
Amy J Hughes

“Provide companies with a way to tell their story on social media that explains their product or service with engaging posts that also educate their following on why they need what the company offers.”
Tammy Lansing

“I run the part of your business that you know is important but have no clue how to do…that isn't accounting.”

Cj Pomerantz

“I help small businesses identify and implement the best social and digital media tools and strategies to provide their highest return on investment.”
Cheri Bales

“I act as your number one fan and get inside your ideal client's mind then create content that will grab their thoughts. Every business that I write for, I write differently according to their niche. I post the content at the best times, when most of your audience are online, THEN I provide tips to help you and I reach your external audience (not just your followers). The strategic planning means you don't have to press the dreaded boost button or pay platforms to get your content to reach a huge audience!”

Alison Harper

“I identify the best examples of your work and create stories to tell about the strengths of your organization, using words, photos and videos. Also help you to develop your messages so you provide them with a human touch and not in tech speak or PR lingo.”

Kathryn Ann

How To Explain Your Social Media Manager Job In Just a Few Words

“I build community and loyalty.”
Rob Ainbinder

“We are keeping you out of Facebook Jail”

Yvonne Heimann

“Focusing your business on how to be social, not just do social”
Dan Mounsey

“Professional Story Teller.”
Bath McShane

“I bring businesses and professionals into the online conversation.”
Shelley Webb

“I make people’s thumbs stop (scrolling)”

Quirin Müller

“Professional pole plate-spinner!”

Christine Rice

“I put lipstick on a pig”

Steve Hall

“What I tell you I do today, won't be true tomorrow”

Toi Condo

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