7 Fundamentals To Social Media Management Success

7 Fundamentals To Social Media Management Success

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Cheers to Social Media Management Success in 2019!

This is our last Social Media Pro blog article of the year 2018.

Thanks to our readers and contributors, we can look back on a successful first year for the Social Media Pro blog!

Just for kicks, here are three fun stats about this social media blog!

We want to wish you much social media management success in 2019; we hope you are able to take everything you've learned in 2018 and use it to scale your social media management business to new heights in the coming year.

What's New On The Social Media Pro Blog for 2019?

Just like you have made plans for a new social media strategy for your social media management business, we've been busy as well strategizing for 2019.

In 2019 we will be adding two categories of posts!

We will be adding guest posts as well as sponsored posts. We are very excited to be offering you, our reader, several new ways to learn more about social media management from those in the ‘trenches'.

Interested in either of these programs?

Start a conversation with us; just send an email to [email protected].

What Do You Need To Succeed In Social Media Management in 2019?

You need

  • knowledge
  • time
  • strategy
  • drive
  • vision
  • work ethic

and lots more.

become a social media manager

Let us look back at some of our best content from 2018 to help you build a successful social media management business in 2019.

The 7 Fundamentals To Social Media Management Success

These 7 fundamentals when executed right, will get you noticed, hired and on track to become a successful social media manager.

They each are a must-have component to your social media management business.

If you miss one or more of these components, you run the risk at disappointing your client. Not having fundamentals in place also jeopardizes your client/social media manager relationship. It's never fun to lose a social media management client due to no fault of your own, but if losing a client is avoidable, why not learn how to do that?

Here is what you need to start and run a successful social media management business.

1) Social Media Management Strategy

First and foremost you need a social media strategy for your social media management business, as well as the knowledge to create and implement a social media strategy for each and every client you work with.

Start here.

2) Social Media Management Packages and Pricing

If you don't value what you do, your clients will not see the value either!

Charge what you are worth

and get away from hourly rates as soon as you can manage it.

To learn more about social media management packages and pricing, read this.

3) Contracts

Protect yourself and your family, your business as well as your clients.

Don't work on any social media account without a valid and professionally executed contract. Not sure where to start? We suggest you read over these contract suggestions and then consult with an attorney in the state/country where you reside and work.

4) Client Care

What good is getting paid that first payment after signing a new client if your reputation is shot almost immediately?

You'd learn quickly that reputation is everything.

Take care of your clients and they will take care of you with longevity, and referrals!

5) Content Strategy

Next, you need a solid content strategy for yourself and your clients.

That includes new branded content and curated content, as well as a creating, sharing and approval of a content calendar.

6) Social Media Industry Knowledge

It's important to stay up-to-date about industry trends, news, and changes to serve your clients best. How can you do that most effectively?

We shared some ideas on ‘how' in this article just this month.

7) Peer Support

Last, but not least, having support from your colleagues aka peers in the social media management industry is important to continue to learn new best practices and update your strategies and skill set. It's also great for moral support.

We invite you to join our growing community of 26,000+ social media managers on Facebook!


From all of us at Social Media Pro, we wish you a Happy New Year!

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