Why Everyone Needs Social Media Management Skills

Why Everyone Needs Social Media Management Skills

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What are ‘social media management skills’? 

Skills include but are not limited to:

  • Strategic planning for social media content creation
  • Creating content calendars
  • Shooting video content for social posting
  • Taking and editing photographs for social media
  • Researching keywords and understanding SEO
  • Blogging and Copywriting
  • Understanding how the main social media platforms work
  • Managing multiple social media brands and voices

Who needs these types of skills besides a good social media manager? 

Are you a

  • Business owner
  • Celebrity
  • Job seeker
  • CEO
  • Startup entrepreneur
  • College Student
  • Teacher
  • Communication Director
  • HR manager

The list can go on and on and on.

We can not think of a single job or professional situation that would not benefit from knowing and understanding social media. 

We already know that successful social media managers benefit from an array of skills in their jobs in the social media marketing industry. But did you know…everyone who works with the public and provides a service or products needs social media skills! 

This article will tell you ‘why’!

Social Media Management Skills Help Attain Business Goals

No matter what business you are in, or what business you work for, social media management skills will help you and your team attain business goals. 

Social Media skills to help attain business goals include online research of competitors, keywords and social media platforms, creating marketing strategies and long term goal setting for marketing. 

If you are having trouble reaching your business goals one way or another, may I suggest you try a new social media strategy! Your social media strategy can work alongside your other marketing efforts to enhance them and grow your community, thus growing your audience and potential customer base.

Social Media Management Skills Provide Customer Care

Those who are in social media management know and understand the power of essential skills like online customer service. Providing online support on all active social media channels and within online communities can mean so much for your business. 

When customers feel taken care of and happy, they tell their friends. If customers are dissatisfied, they will tell the world, including leaving negative online reviews.

If you have any sort of skills that include community management or working with influencers and brand ambassadors, you are golden. These skills should not just be limited to your marketing team – no matter what your role is in the business you work in, providing customer care and online customer support are essential to the growth of that business. 

Social Media Management Skills Offer Target Audience Insight

While you may not know it; understanding the power of using your online community to provide feedback and research with surveys, polls and conversations is… priceless!

Possessing these skills can certainly enhance your chance at getting a social media management job and becoming a great social media manager. But understanding who your audience is, or using social media to find out what this target audience wants is data that engineers, buyers, CEOs and all other team members need to have access to. Learn to read and interpret monthly data reports to provide better content, drive more traffic and build your business, no mater what department you serve!

Social Media Management Skills Enhance Online Communication

While not everyone is an extrovert and loves to communicate, using social media skills to communicate behind the scenes will even give the most introverted person the ability and opportunity to enhance online and offline communication between teams, clients and prospects.

CEOs have had to learn to Zoom. Engineers are working from home. Coaching are teaching virtual workshops and virtual summits.

If you have these more technical skills to work online from a phone, tablet or computer, you will be able to better serve your team and its internal communication.

Social Media Management Skills Translate Into Digital Marketing Success

The more you know… having a toolbox full of social media management skills will translate into digital marketing success. 

The ability to optimize content, manage social media accounts, write social media posts and approve Facebook posts or run ads translate into digital marketing success for the whole company. 

If you are used to outsourcing everything without understanding what it takes to create a successful digital marketing campaign, you are missing out on an important aspect of your business. Your online success starts with all team members being on board and all team members being involved. 

Why You Need Skills for Social Media Management

Can’t just anybody do social media, don’t we all have phones and post things?

  • “Social Media is so easy my 15 year old can do it”
  • “I’ll just hire my nephew/niece/teenager/intern/retired mother to manage our accounts”
  • “I’ll just pay you for posting a few times per week, what’s so hard about that?”
  • “I want to be on all social networks all of the time”

Some of these statements and this advice is.. well… unadvisable! 

Social media posting without a clear strategy, plan and goals is just wasted time and effort. 

It’s not a measurable activity. 

Why would anyone spend money, time and effort on a task that can not give you measurable data? 

When you hire a professional social media manager, that person understands the strategy behind posting, will track data and test and improve all things content. 

Everyone Does Need Social Media Management Skills

Social Media management skills will allow your business or personal brand to

  • Look and sound professional online
  • Concentrate on what it is doing best
  • Step up in times of crisis with a plan
  • Reach customers and clients in their own home
  • Grow and establish trust one customer at a time

We also get that not everyone enjoys marketing. While we recommend anyone acquire social media management skills, it’s not necessary for everyone to use these skills all of the time.

Look at it like you would at taking a ‘first aid course’, ‘CPR training’ or even ‘Fire Safety’. 

You might hope you’ll never need to use these skills but just understanding and having them in your arsenal will make you a better service professional!

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