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The Best of The Social Media Day Summit 2020! A Recap

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It’s been an eventful few weeks here at Social Media Pro!

We are proud to declare we successfully executed our 2nd Social Media Day Summit

Today’s article will be a quick recap of our speakers, sponsors and highlights of the Social Media Day Summit that took place June 29 – July 3, 2020. 

A Bit of Social Media Day Summit History

While we did come up with the name for our summit, we surely did not start Social Media Day! That honor goes to Mashable who on June 30, 2010 declared the first Social Media Day a ‘fait accompli’. 

Mashable launched Social Media Day “as a way to recognize and celebrate social media’s impact on global communication. Today, social media is the heart of global communication”.

Each year since then on June 30th, small businesses, social media clubs and social media professionals all around the world celebrate their profession and favorite social media platforms by celebrating Social Media Day.

Social Media Day Summit: Take Two!

Last week, our team at Social Media Pro launched the second Social Media Day Summit to celebrate all who work in social media marketing

We offered learning opportunities for small business owners and social media managers, and for anyone interested in becoming a social media manager

This year, our sessions focused on providing access to high quality speakers who work in the online space, thought leaders who were willing to lift the curtain and show our attendees a peek behind the curtain! 

Sessions on content strategy and content creation tips, personal brand strategy, social media strategy, pricing and packages, video creation, and Facebook advertising tips as well as sessions dedicated to social platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook! 

Thank You To Our Fantastic Social Media Day Speakers!

Without the willingness of our speakers to share their digital marketing and social media expertise, there would be no Social Media Day Summit. 

A HUGE thank you goes out to this fantastic crew:

and our own team members:

Each of these experts gave freely of their time and knowledge to help our Social Media Pro students and attendees get a better understanding of social media and online marketing, often giving easy step-by-step instructions and a clear roadmap to success. 

Once again, we thank you!

Thank You To Our Fantastic Social Media Day Sponsors!

Just like this Social Media Day would be nothing without speakers, we are very grateful for our fantastic sponsors who ‘sweetened’ the pot for attendees to register for the summit.

A HUGE thank you goes out to this fantastic group of Social Media Day 2020 Sponsors:

We are excited that some of our summit attendees have received goodies from these companies to further their business! 

become a social media manager

What Attendees Said About the Social Media Day Summit!

The best feedback about our Social Media Day Summit came from our attendees. 

Here are some of the things they shared with us! 

I love the summit! Great presentation and lots of valuable information.

Brigitte N.

Good morning. I've watched every video on schedule up to this point. Loving all the detailed useful information. I am enjoying learning oh so much through your videos!

Sheldon C.

Thank you for hosting the Social Media day Summit! I've bene enjoying the session I've been listening to!


I just listened to the seminar. Sooo helpful. So insightful. thank you so much.

Social Scoursers

OMG . This is amazing stuff! Thank you so much!

Anshu L.

Thanks! I learnt a lot. I am just starting out so this was great!


The Facebook ad tips are awesome. I used to find paid social media so intimidating. But this session is making it easier to access ads in the future.


So glad I bought the replay pass. I'll definitely be watching this again

Paula S.

This was such a great session. I am actually excited to do LinkedIn now! I created it and avoided it years ago. Thanks again.


Thanks for the online event! Looking forward to the next one.

Silvia B.

Did You Miss It?

If you missed the Social Media Day Summit and are now curious, we’ve got a replay pass available for you. 

All of the sessions are still available to you and your team with the Replay Pass. 

Check it out today.

Join the #SMDAY Conversation!

To get ready for next year, we highly encourage you to use the #smday and #smdaysummit hashtags on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter in order to stay connected to our community. 

We also invite you to become a permanent member of our Facebook community! We have a fantastic community of social media managers and professionals who share, learn and communicate together in our Social Media Managers Facebook Group. We are 43K+ strong and growing.  

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