How to Find a Social Media Day Event Near You

How to Find a Social Media Day Event Near You

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Each year, social media clubs, businesses and event organizers create in-person and virtual events to celebrate social media professionals on one specific day. 

This is called Social Media Day

Some of these #smday events are recurring, yearly events. Those that are recurring are easiest to find and learn more about. 

However, each year brings new events as events pop up all over the world and online. Finding those new events might be a bit more challenging. 

As the world as we know it is in the grip of a Pandemic, many local Social Media Day events that were to take place on or around June 30th, have been canceled. These events are usually well attended and serve as a way for local social media professionals to connect, network, learn and celebrate.

Fortunately, while all in-person events had to be delayed or canceled, some event organizers were able to pivot to create online events. 

We at SMPro want to help you celebrate Social Media Day. We are sharing our best research tips for finding Social Media Day events near you. 

What Is Social Media Day?

Before we tell you how to find Social Media Day events near you, we want to give you a brief overview of what Social Media Day is. Social Media Day is a recurring yearly celebration. The day is a celebration of our social media profession and the impact on global communication. #smday is always held on June 30th. In 2020 we are celebrating the 11th #smday.

Social Media Day is for everyone who works (and plays) in the social media and digital marketing industry. #smday is celebrated across all social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and Snapchat, just to name a few.

Many of the Social Media Day events include presentations and interviews about social media related topics like content marketing, influencer marketing, and the latest social media media updates and features. It’s an opportunity to learn and network along with other social media professionals in a shared space.

Are you ready to participate? Join thousands upon thousands of social media professionals for one of these once-per-year social networking events near you! 

Here is how we recommend you go about finding a Social Media Day event near you.

1) Follow the Social Media Day Hashtag #SMday

The official Social Media Day hashtag is #smday. Follow these hashtags on Twitter and Instagram.

However, to distinguish their event from others, many Social Media Day event organizers have created and now use their own hashtag in addition to using the original hashtag. Often these hashtags are  a combination of the #smday hashtag and a geographical location. 

For example 

  • #smdayNYC is the hashtag for the NYC event
  • #smdaySD is the hashtag for the San Diego event
  • #smdaysummit is our very own hashtag for our upcoming Social Media Day Summit.

Follow this hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to get notified of events. Of course, adding your location to the #smday searhc makes it even more powerful!

2) Set Up Google Alerts

If you don’t have a lot of time to search for events, we suggest you create several Google alerts for key phrases like

  • Social Media Day Event
  • Social Media Day Event + (your city)
  • #smday + (your city)
  • Social Media Day Celebration

When new content is created about these events, you will receive an email in your inbox. 

3) Search Google for Social Media Day Events Near You

Another way to find Social Media Day events near you is to just Google for events near you. Use the name of your state, city, county or neighboring large city. 

Try using both the #smday hashtag for the search, as well as spelling out the words ‘Social Media Day’. 

Even if the event has pivoted to an online event, learning more about that event and who organizes it locally will give you a head start for next year's celebration.

4) Search Google for Virtual Events That Celebrate #smday

 Instead of searching for Social Media Day events near you, we suggest you add the words ‘online’ or ‘virtual’ to that search to find globally accessible online and virtual Social Media Day events.

become a social media manager

5) Ask Friends How They Plan to Celebrate Social Media Day

This might seem like an easy tip, but it’s easy to forget to just ask your peers, friends and colleagues about how and where they intend to celebrate Social Media Day! 

They might surprise you and share an event you’ve never heard of. 

6) Look To the Influencers to See Where They Will be on June 30

Who are the influencers you follow? Are they talking about an event? Are they speaking at a global #smday event? Search their social media posts to find out where and how they will be celebrating on June 30th. 

7) Monitor Social Media Networks and Marketing Professionals

Last but not least, monitor social media networks and conversations between other marketing professionals. Those who keep an ear to the ground will often find new conferences and events to check out, including #smday events. 

Use Your Social Media Strategy Skills To Get the Most Out of #smday 2020

We highly recommend you create a (mini) strategy before attending this (or any other) event. 

  • Set event goals – ask yourself ‘Why am I attending and what do I hope to get out of this event?’
  • How much time will you be able to dedicate to this event?
  • Are you planning to create content around this event? If yes, what type of content and where will you present this content (video, blog article, tweets…)?
  • What topic are you most interested in learning about?
  • Who do you hope to make a connection with?
  • How will you follow up with speakers, fellow attendees and event organizers?

Ready to Celebrate Social Media Day 2020?

If you are ready to celebrate Social Media Day 2020 with an amazing group of social media experts and the best online community, we invite you to register for our free virtual Social Media Day Summit! 

Our online, virtual summit will take place from June 29 – July 3 and offers content created by 18 expert speakers. The Social Media Day celebration will continue in our Facebook group online community with over 40K social media professionals. 

We will have perks, giveaways and lots of fun! 

Register today! We've already registered over 10,000 social media professionals! Join us for a week-long celebration.

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