Recap of a Successful Social Media Day Summit

Recap of a Successful Social Media Day Summit

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A huge ‘thank you' goes out from our Social Media Pro Team to all those who helped us make the first Social Media Day Summit hosted by Social Media Pro from June 24 – June 30, 2019, a success! What makes a successful Social Media Day Summit you ask?

People aka you!

A summit would not be complete without an amazing audience eager to learn and ready to implement new ideas!

Here are some of our amazing stats!

Attendees: 1393
Speakers: 20
Sessions: 21

A Virtual Summit doesn't just happen overnight. This successful Social Media Day Summit was a true team effort between Social Media Pro team members, the speakers, and our audience; we will let the results speak for themselves!

Successful Social Media Day Summit Speaker Line Up

No summit is successful without amazing speakers!

We had THE best lineup we could have asked for.

Check out our speakers listed below. The variety of expert topics presented by this group is mind-blowing. ?

Successful Social Media Day Summit Topics and Sessions

This Social Media Day Summit was geared to all social media professionals! Social Media Managers from all over the world participated and learned about

  • Analytics
  • Blogging
  • Branding
  • Facebook
  • Freelance Business Development
  • Instagram
  • Lead Generation
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Strategy
  • Tools and Tactics
  • Video Marketing
  • YouTube

While all sessions of the Social Media Day Summit were well attended, here are the TOP 5 session of this year's summit!

  1. ‘Facebook Groups for Business Growth' by Nicole Wight
  2. ‘Influencer Marketing' by Kristen Daukas
  3. ‘Branding & Brand Storytelling' by Jeff DeHaven
  4. ‘The Power of LinkedIn and Social selling' by Joshua
  5. ‘Top 10 Facebook Messenger Marketing Hacks for 2019' by Larry Kim

Let us know if you watched any of the these in the comments below!

If you missed our Summit, you can still watch all of these fantastic sessions for just $1 each!

become a social media manager

Social Media Day Summit Professional Networking

Is it possible to network with 1393 social media professionals?

Sure thing!

Not everyone who attended our Social Media Day Summit was interested in networking however, as many came purely for the excellent content, but those who did network had fun.

We used the #SMDaySummit hashtag widely during the 7-day summit. Attendees were able to connect and converse on Twitter, Instagram and on the summit platform as well.

We curated two public Twitter lists:

Feel free to connect!

Successful Social Media Day Summit Rave Reviews!

We loved getting immediate feedback from those who were watching the sessions live. Our awesome speakers were able to answer questions and receive immediate feedback from their live audience.

As many of our attendees had to catch the sessions on the replay due to work commitment, or timezones, if was nice that these comments and questions stayed visible for our attendees.

The speakers as well as our team have enjoyed the conversations flowing from these sessions!

Social Media Day Summit Giveaway Prize Winners 2019!

We are ready to announce our four Grant Prize Winners. ?


The winner of a Lifetime Pass to Social Media Pro is Brooke Phelps.

The winner of a free year of Thinkific is Melody Campbell.

The winner of one free year of AgoraPulse large plan is David Wyatt.

The winner of a lifetime license for the LeadFamous software is Karlyn Williams!

Social Media Day Celebrations Should Never End

As social media professionals, we should never stop celebrating our professions and industry. There are many opportunities to keep learning, keep networking and keep on celebrating! We know many of our students were able to attend Social Media Day celebrations all across the world, in-person. We understand how empowering it is to meet up with colleagues in real-life!

We wish you a wonderful and profitable rest of 2019!

Cheers to more Social Media Day Celebrations!

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