How To Post To Instagram on Your Computer

How To Post To Instagram on Your Computer

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How many Instagram accounts do you manage? As a social media manager, you might have the login credentials to 5, 10, 15 or 50 Instagram accounts. If you have more than that to manage… you most likely have a team, or so we hope! 

How to manage more than five Instagram accounts is a FAQ in our Facebook group and we are happy to provide a solution on how to that in a previous article.

Today’s question is ‘How can a social media manager post to Instagram from a PC, any computer really, without having to use their phone?’

This article will give you four options to post to Instagram using a computer. 

Read on and Happy ‘Gramming. ?

Why Posting To Instagram on a Computer is ‘Dah Bomb’

Before we give you four options to use a computer to post to Instagram, let’s briefly touch on the advantages of doing so. 

Here are several reasons to use your computer to post to Instagram.

There are many more advantages, one being able to use your computer. Did we mention yet that you can do it from your PC? ?

4 Ways To Post to Instagram on Your Computer

The initial research for this article gave us three ways to post to Instagram on a computer. But then just about a week ago, Facebook updated its Creator Studio to add… wait for it… the ability to post to Instagram from Creator Studio – on the computer, of course. This is a new feature and is still rolling out to many Facebook users as we write this.

Therefore, we present not three, but four ways to post to Instagram on your computer!

1) NEW: Use Creator Studio on Facebook 


The NEWEST way to post to Instagram on PC is to use Facebook Creator Studio. 

Start here:

You will be prompted to connect your Instagram account(s) and go for there.

Read ‘How to Schedule Instagram Posts on a Desktop Without Third-Party Tools’ by Jenn Herman for Social Media Examiner for a thorough explanation on how to use this new option.

Once you do have access to this feature, you have several options to post to Instagram from your computer, including

  • Posting a photo or video (to IGTV)
  • Using PC or Mac
  • Uploading photos to Instagram now, or scheduling your content for later

Let us know in the comments if you have access and if you have used it!

2) Use an Instagram Approved Partner aka a  Third-Party App 

The next best way to post to Instagram using your computer is to use an Instagram approved partner aka third-party app.

We’ve written about this option before; we highly recommend you stick with Instagram approved partners and not just download any old app from the app store. Most third-party approved partners will let you schedule your Instagram content on your desktop computer but at the same time offer mobile apps to distribute additional content across social networks from your phone using the same apps and your preferred mobile devices.

For a full list of approved Instagram partners, click here

3) Use a Chrome Extension

Another ‘easy’ option to post to Instagram from a computer is to use a chrome extension. Of course, you’d have to be using that chrome browser in order for this to work.

If you like the Chrome web browser, check out this browser extension to post to Instagram on computer.

Desktop for Instagram

4) Put Browser in Developer Mode

Last but not least, you can put just about any browser, including Chrome, in developer mode to get to a ‘mobile view’ and trick your computer into mobile mode. 

How to post to Instagram from a computer (Mac or PC)

Watch this quick and easy-to-follow tutorial on how you can select a photo found on your computer to upload to Instagram without a phone!

Posting to Instagram on PC

What it comes down to is this; Instagram is a mobile app designed so that people will share real-life experiences, videos, stories, and multiple photos on the go, as they happen.

Marketers who manage multiple accounts for businesses are the ones who have demanded the convenience of desktop publishing and multiple account login.

The ‘regular' end-user doesn't require these changes.

It seems that Instagram aka Facebook is listening and to keep us marketers happy – as we are the ones placing ads – this latest Creator Studio update has us buzzing and smiling, right?

We hope that more social media platforms are listing. Ahum Twitter.

Twitter are you listing? We want multiple account login on the computer!

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