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5 Social Media Portfolio Examples to Inspire New Marketers

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Whether you love your current job, or you are looking for a change, having an up-to-date portfolio is a smart move for marketers. 

Just as you update your social media profiles, and especially your LinkedIn profile, it’s a great idea to look at your portfolio as a living, breathing representation of yourself. A portfolio is an on-going project that's never quite finished!

While many of our blog readers are experienced social media managers and social media marketers, some of you might have landed here to get inspired to get started

Today, we will be featuring 5 social media portfolio examples to inspire and motivate new social media managers!

When Showcasing Work is Needed

Let’s start first by finding out who asks for a portfolio. 

If you are a web designer, UI designer, graphic designer or have these skills and you are offering them as part of your social media manager packages, you will need a portfolio. 

More often than not, it’s the in-house and contractor positions that require a portfolio. As a freelancer, I’ve personally never been asked for a design work portfolio, but I have been asked for writing samples! 

That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have a portfolio for design (and I do but it’s only available via a private link) or that I will never be asked for one. I would recommend you have both available for that matter, not either-or. 

Those who hire designers in-house will want ‘proof’ of your ability to design, while those who want to work with you as a freelancer or web-based designer, will want access to a design portfolio to see past work. 

Showcasing your design work i.e your copywriting skills, video editing, Facebook advertising or website design just to name a few design processes, can be a great way to attract potential clients if you are a freelancer! 

How To Create a Social Media Manager Portfolio

Creating a portfolio seems to be a daunting task, but it does not have to be! 

In a previous article, we gave the best tip for creating a social media portfolio:

“Do your best to preserve your work as you go! Do not wait until your project is completed or until your client has gone out of business and “gulp” has deleted their social media channels (yes, that happens!)! 

That would mean no screenshots for you and no way to showcase the work you did. Keeping your portfolio updated and fresh also helps you not feel the need to constantly market! Your portfolio is ready at a moment’s notice and you can send it out to anyone at any time! 

Want to know the steps involved in creating a portfolio? Click here

What Should Be Included When Designing Your Portfolio?

What should be included in your portfolio is a function of what you offer and what services you want to sell. 

If you are a web designer, you need to include examples of site designs, and online portfolios in your web design portfolio. 

As a facebook advertiser, or digital marketer, including a case study on your portfolio website, in the form of a blog, is a great way to attract potential leads. Blogs are great for SEO and adding case studies gives you that “social proof”. No need to sell yourself or your services: the results of successful campaigns can do it for you! 

Always include a call to action at the end of the portfolio, whether it’s presented as a PDF, a printed flier or a design portfolio website. Without a call to action your lead will most likely not take any action, only “look”. Be specific what you want a person to do once they’ve browed your portfolio.

  • Call us now
  • Get in touch
  • Set up a consult
  • Join our online community
  • Connect with me
  • Learn more
  • Watch this video
  • Read online reviews

Whatever it is, make sure it’s a clear call to action! 

5 Portfolio Examples to Sink Your Teeth In!

Now it's time to give you five portfolio examples. 

Each of these people are active as social media managers and are part of our awesome online community

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Julia Babicheva's Portfolio Example

Julia's portfolio can be viewed as a PDF by clicking the image below.

Julia first introduces herself, then moves on to her experience, followed by examples of completed work, her expertise and finally, an invite (call to action) to “get in touch” to further the relationship.

Well done, Julia!

Juli Anna's Portfolio Example

Juli Anna's portfolio can be viewed as a PDF by clicking the image below.

This Juli, in addition to what we would expect from a portfolio – about me, resume, sample of work and services, as well as a “call to action” added her rates, and testimonials to her portfolio.

I love how branded this is, Juli Anne!

Tim Campbell's Portfolio Example

Tim Campbell-Smith, one of our blog writers, sent me his portfolio.

Click here to view Tim's Portfolio!

In his own words:

Kind of nontraditional and not always what people want, but prospects like it.

Tim Campbell-Smith, Social Marketer + Strategist

We love how Tim put it all in numbers!

Note Tim's call to action is “For portfolio and case studies, please send a request via email.

Niyatee Shah's Portfolio Example

Niyatee sent me a link to her portfolio, too.

Click the image to go to her website to see Niyats Portfolio.

While her portfolio seems shorter than the previous few we've looked at, this one is full of links to places where you can learn more about Niyat! It's a strategic way to get the audience involved. By clicking through to discover more about this social media marketer, they are getting involved and ‘invested'.

One more thing Niyat has done well: for SEO purposes, this is a great way to showcase a portfolio!

Garrett Ramos' Portfolio Example

Last but not least, here is Garrett Ramos' portfolio.

Hi, I'm Garrett Ramos. This is a collection of some of my personal work covering social media and content creation. Enjoy. 


Make sure to click through to Garrett's website to see his portfolio.

I like the imagery he used and I happily clicked on all the images to see samples of his work! Great job, Garrett.

Last Words on Portfolios for Marketers!

Marketers are creative people! You are creative!

Be creative in your portfolio. Be expressive. Be unique. Be different and stand out!

Approach building a portfolio the same way you approach building a new marketing campaign for a client. 😉

I dare you…

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