Organic vs Paid Growth on TikTok

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TikTok has rapidly become one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide, even among older demographics. With over 1 billion active users, it's the perfect place to connect with new customers as both a business and a creator. However, standing out organically can be a challenge with so much competition. That's where leveraging TikTok ads comes in.

Tyler is a digital marketing expert helping entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes grow their reach and sales through innovative social media advertising campaigns on TikTok. Through data-driven experimentation, he has developed a proven process for generating leads and boosting conversions using paid social ads.

One advantage Tyler highlighted is TikTok's more flexible compliance rules compared to Facebook and Instagram. Ads don't need as much compliance checking, making it easier to experiment. Cost per acquisition is also typically lower on TikTok when ads are properly targeted. Tyler gained 15,000 new followers for just $100 by running a targeted follower ad.

Both organic and paid content have their place, according to Tyler. Organic growth works best when befriending relevant communities through hashtags and engagement. However, paid ads allow you to reach entirely new audiences outside your network. Tyler recommends starting with low-cost follower and lead generation ads to build your profile.

With over 70% of TikTok users aged 18-34, it's the perfect platform to engage new customers. Don't miss Tyler's session at the upcoming TokShop Summit to learn more proven advertising techniques. He'll provide actionable tips you can start applying today to grow your brand and sales through TikTok. Register now to boost your business with the help of an industry leader in social media marketing.

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