11 Clever Ways To Organically Increase Facebook Likes

11 Clever Ways To Organically Increase Facebook Likes

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Do You Want To Increase Facebook Likes?

That's quite a loaded question!

Fact is, most if not all social media managers want to increase Facebook likes.

There is one caveat, of course. Social media managers and business owners should only want to increase Facebook likes if the page grows to gain the right audience and if this page growth will help grow the brand itself. Vanity likes, just for the sake of blowing up a number is not what is the desired outcome for most.

In this article, you will learn

  • when it is the right choice to increase Facebook likes with Facebook ads
  • when to think about increasing Facebook likes organically
  • ways to increase Facebook likes organically

When To Grow a Facebook Page with Facebook Ads

There are times when growing a Facebook page with ads is the right choice.

Use Facebook ads to increase Facebook likes when there is

  • a budget for marketing and advertising
  • an urgency to grow and to scale quickly
  • the need for ‘social proof' for a startup
  • a new product campaign on the horizon

This is by no means an exclusive list of ‘must place ads' scenarios. However many small businesses and brand who run ads to increase page likes do it for these very specific reasons.

When To Increase Facebook Likes Organically

If you have time on your hands as well as a clear understanding of your brand, including a

  • online voice
  • creative content
  • well-written copy
  • customer avatar
  • social media marketing plan

you can increase Facebook likes organically.

Time being the operative word here.

Social media mareketing is a marathon, not a sprint.

Along with time, you'd need some elbow grease, creativity and the willingness to try things.

When you consistently post amazing engaging content, your audience will respond.

Once you have engagement on your Facebook page, you can invite those who've engaged with a specific post to ‘like' your page. This includes engagement on videos and/or image posts.

become a social media manager

Organic Social Media Reach Isn't Dead!


‘Organic social media isn't dead!'

It just might look a little bit different than it did years ago before Facebook advertising was a ‘thing'.

Organic social media marketing includes content marketing:

All of these pieces of content can help you get traction on Facebook, organically!

What type of content does your current audience like?

Check your Facebook insights!

That is where you will find what types of content is performing the best. Find out what content does perform best and post more content like it going forward. Continue to test by posting and analyzing what works. Experiment with not only the type of content, but also the copy to go with it (tone of voice) and the timing and frequency of the posts.

How To Increase Facebook Likes Organically

There are many things you can do to boost your Facebook Page engagement and to increase Facebook likes. We've compiled a list of 11 ways to increase Facebook likes organically. Ideally, you'd implement as many as you can simultaneously!

To increase Facebook likes organically;

  1. Be authentic – Find your online voice and use it consistently and authentically.
  2. Provide valuable content – Always think about the end consumer when creating or curating content.
  3. Go Live on your page – Live video will reach your audience and lets them engage with you in real-time.
  4. Post with a consistent schedule – Provide so much value that your customers are looking for your content.
  5. Create giveaway and contest campaigns – These type of campaigns can help get you in front of a new audience.
  6. Utilize industry-related and local groups – Build your community in communities.
  7. Start your own Facebook group – Be the influencer and build your own community!
  8. Invite your post audience to like the page – Invite those who interact with your content to ‘like' the page.
  9. Compliment Facebook marketing with offline marketing – Create signs, print flyers, business cards etc.
  10. Involve employees with page engagement – Make it fun, but not required, for employees to interact.
  11. Partner up with a charity or local business – This will increase your local reach allowing for new audiences to find you.

Start 2019 With a Content Plan To Increase Facebook Likes!

Don't forget to plan ahead in order to succeed if your goal is to increase Facebook likes organically. You'll need to plan ahead for your holiday campaigns, shooting product images and video well before the campaigns go live. If you are a social media manager, this is the time to plan not only for your clients, but for your own marketing as well!

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