Is a Facebook Page Important to a Small Business

Is a Facebook Page Important to a Small Business?

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First Impression of a Facebook Page

Consumers often go online to check out a business before they purchase. Most often, they end up on Facebook.

Potential customers look for

  • about information
  • opening hours
  • directions
  • menu (when applicable)
  • recommendations
  • reviews
  • images
  • videos
  • activity
  • response rate

Frequently, a Facebook page is the first branded piece of marketing your future client or customer sees of you, your brand or your business. It is your Facebook Page, not your website, they go to first!

Therefore, even if your level of activity isn't much more than posting just a few times per month, it can still pay off to keep your Facebook page updated.

In this article, we will look at the importance of a Facebook page for a small business.

The Importance of a Facebook Page

Whether you have a beautiful website with a landing page, or not, a Facebook Page should not be ignored as a great place to gather intel about your customers.

Since your customers most likely spend quite a bit of time on Facebook, why not ask them questions about your sales process, get feedback about your products and do some market research for the next project? No matter if your page is small or large and has a lot or a few followers, this should work.

Another important piece to the importance of a Facebook Page for a small business is that a Facebook page can be linked to a Facebook group. This allows you, the business owner or social media manager, to get to know your customers in a much more intimate setting! Within the safe confines of a Facebook group tied to your brand, you can offer special training, special deals, special pricing and more in exchange for valuable feedback about your business.

Lastly, with a Facebook Page, you can run ads to target your ideal customer whenever you need to. Even if your Facebook Page has limited activity, you can still run ads any time you need to.

Can A Small Business Make Do Without a Facebook Page?

You aren't going to get much of a debate from us on this.

Of course, you can make do without a Facebook Page and still run a successful small business.

There are other ways to market your small business, both with traditional marketing campaigns like TV, radio and newspaper ads, PR, billboards, flyers, direct mail and with social media including email marketing, blogging, YouTube and just about any other social media platform.

But why would you not want to be on Facebook?

Why would you not want to have access to your customers 24/7? Just having the option to run ads alone should convince you to have a Facebook Page.

How about your customers having access to you 24/7, are you not excited by that prospect? With a Chatbot in place, you can make that happen!

Is there any reason you don't want to be found in a Google search? Facebook Pages are indexed by Google, along with all other social media profiles, therefore it's a great way to be found once someone searches. Hello, free SEO boost.

Do you not like to be active and available where your customers are? Most consumers have a Facebook profile they use often. Unless your avatar specifically excludes anyone on Facebook, we feel you can assume some of your customers will be on Facebook.

become a social media manager

Small Businesses and Facebook Pages

There are so many great ways to highlight your small business using Facebook pages.

You can

  • run giveaways and contests
  • create ads campaigns
  • link a Facebook group
  • build an online community
  • share videos
  • upload albums
  • produce a Facebook Live show
  • discover content to curate
  • retarget your web traffic with ads
  • connect with other local small businesses
  • organize events
  • use Facebook for customer service

and so much more.

Remember that building an online community takes time and effort.

Social media is like a marathon, not a sprint.

The Value of a Facebook Page for a Small Business

To conclude, even if your small business doesn't have an active Facebook Page, there is still value to be had in creating a Facebook Page and maintaining it.

That includes

  • perceived influence
  • local visibility
  • the ability for someone to tag your business
  • Facebook recommendations
  • being able to run ads
  • SEO boost

As one social media manager in our group so eloquently said when asked if Facebook Pages are important for a small business:

“Don’t be the consultant that let them drop their Facebook Page.”

All Small Businesses Should Have a Facebook Presence

You, the social media manager, should be recommending nothing else but that!

  • First, add a Facebook Page to your overall social media strategy.
  • Next, set up the page.
  • Start posting great content.
  • Run a few ads.
  • Update all pertinent business info when needed.
  • Keep active (we recommend posting at least once per week)

By not having a presence on Facebook, you miss an opportunity to make a great first impression!
Who wouldn't want to do that?

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