7 Crazy-Effective Facebook Messenger Marketing Tips You Need Right Now

7 Crazy-Effective Facebook Messenger Marketing Tips You Need Right Now

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Facebook Messenger Marketing Tips To Grow Your Business

Facebook has offered a goldmine for opportunities for social media marketers over the last five years.

But the once-unicorn of affordable and effective marketing has transformed into a donkey as the cost of Facebook ads keeps climbing and organic Facebook reach has dropped.

Earlier this year, when the Facebook News Feed algorithm changed, the price for ads skyrocketed. In 2018, CPMs were 122% higher year-over-year.

Organic social marketers are also feeling the squeeze. Engagement with traditional Facebook organic reach for businesses and brands is in the 0% to 1% range.

Luckily, there's a new option for Facebook advertisers on the most engaging channel in digital today.

Here are seven engaging Facebook Messenger marketing tactics you can take advantage of right now.

The examples here use my company MobileMonkey, the world's best Facebook Messenger marketing platform.

1. Use Facebook Messenger Ads

If you are going to use Facebook ads, then you need to update the destination from a landing page on your website to Facebook Messenger ads with a chatbot.

When you send a user to a website and ask them to fill out a form, only 2% to 4% will actually do it.

This means you are paying for ads that aren’t getting results. And, with the cost of Facebook ads being so high, each lead might cost $200 or more.

But when you use Facebook ads with the messages objective, someone who clicks on the ad lands in a Messenger experience where they can have a conversation with your business.

This brilliant hack captures their name and other contact details automatically and enters them into your database to send follow-up messaging to in Messenger. Each lead costs $3 to $5 with Messenger ads.

This ad is easy to create and cuts your CPAs 95%. Social media marketing no-brainer.

2. Embrace Chat Blasts

If you're a marketer who depends on email, you're probably used to open rates in the 10% to 20% range with click-through rates in the neighborhood of 4%. Not the end of the world if that's what you're used to.

But what if there was a channel showing 80% open rates and 20% click rates?

That's what marketers are finding with chat blasts and Facebook Messenger's automatic push notifications.

You don’t have to fight with spam filters promotions tabs filtering your message from the eyes of your contacts.

Building a chat blast with a free chatbot builder like MobileMonkey is as easy as using an email campaign builder like MailChimp to compose your email blasts.

That's what it looks like adding a GIF to a bit of chatbot dialog within the visual chatbot builder. Click and drag!

3. Use Drip Campaigns in Messenger

Drip campaigns are still excellent for nurturing customer relationships, particularly if your product or service makes onboarding necessary or comes with a natural learning curve.

While drip campaigns are traditionally employed through email, that approach isn’t ideal for engagement. The average click-through rate with an email is only around 4%. That's not awesome for the effort.

If you deliver your lead nurturing drip campaigns through Facebook Messenger, the click-through rate can reach 20%.

As you can see in the screen cap of the MobileMonkey Messenger bot drip campaign builder above, the process isn’t unlike setting one up for email. You just get to enjoy a better return on your efforts.

4. Try Facebook Post Comment Autoresponders

By using a chatbot that can respond to Facebook post commenters automatically, you can engage with users who are already engaging with your Facebook content.

These Facebook post autoresponders, or comment guards, allow you to connect with those people over Messenger and collect their contact details for follow-up messaging.

See how a comment guard works here. Autoresponders work best on posts that get lots of comments and conversation so your unicorn-engagement Facebook posts turn into a contact list you can follow up with.

5. Add a Messenger Chatbot Widget to Your Website

Adding a chat function to your website is incredibly beneficial. Sites with chats are six times more likely to convert than those that don’t include the feature.

But, if you power your website chat with a Facebook Messenger chatbot, the payoff is even bigger.

You have the ability to expand your Messenger contacts list and follow-up with anyone who reaches out, creating a potential win-win scenario for you and the users.

Users get instant answers to FAQs, ensuring they have the information they need quickly and efficiently. The business collects new leads that can be nurtured.

We've got a support bot right within the MobileMonkey app to answer questions you might have as you're building Messenger campaigns.


Plus, the widget can be programmed to hand the conversation over to a live operator at any time, enabling the highest level of customer support.

6. Run a Contest with a Messenger Bot

Contests can increase exposure, grow followers, and drive new leads. But running a contest can be complicated if you don’t have a workable solution.

MobileMonkey provides a contest chatbot template that can make offering a contest through Messenger a lead-driving formula for success. Plus, you can pick the ideal entry method, such as making it comment-based or using another approach and share important details, like when the winner will be announced.

In the end, you get to increase your Messenger contact list while the user gets a chance to win a prize, making it an engagement unicorn that gives you an opportunity to send follow-up promotional messages.

7. Do Webinar Sign-ups in Messenger

Webinars are excellent for engagement. Not only are webinars interactive content, but they provide the customer with value through learning opportunities, setting them up to be a better user of your product or service.

Driving webinar signups via email isn't always ideal, especially since your message can be trapped in spam filters or automatic folder redirects.

However, when you use Facebook Messenger as your unicorn secret sauce for registering attendees, you’ll get more sign-ups.

With MobileMonkey, you can connect any webinar hosting platform to Messenger, making your registration process seamless and convenient for users. Just tap pre-populated email fields and you're registered!

See how dead-simple it is, try signing up for this fake webinar here.

Plus you can send an event reminder with push-notification when the webinar is about to begin and see attendance multiply.

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Start Facebook Messenger Marketing Now and See Engagement Flourish

Facebook Messenger marketing is the next frontier for digital marketers thanks to interactive, engaging, personalized and scalable chatbots.

If you use MobileMonkey’s visual chatbot builder, the process of creating automated campaigns with chatbots is simple, too.

Whether you want to send content, nurture leads, or increase engagement, a chatbot on Facebook Messenger can do it with ease.

Have you run marketing campaigns on Facebook's chat application, Facebook Messenger, yet? Less than 1% of businesses have yet the opportunity here is staggering.

What did you think? Join the conversation and share in the comments.

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