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5 of the Most Common Asked Social Media Manager Interview Questions

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If you are currently in job search mode, or you are interested in hiring a social media manager, this article is for you. 

To prepare for your next social media manager interview, we have gathered some of the most common asked social media manager interview questions. 

☆ As the hiring manager, once you’ve created a job description and posted the job opening, be prepared for an influx of applications. 

☆ As the social media manager, once you’ve applied for the job, be prepared with a portfolio and resume to start the interview process

There is no better time to prepare for a social media manager job interview by reviewing the most common interview questions. Here are 5 of the most common social media interview questions:

1 ‘How Do You Handle Negative Comments and Reviews?’

This question reveals how you deal with adversity in the workplace.

When you answer this question in a social media manager interview, think about what your answers will tell the interviewer:

  • How you handle yourself under pressure
  • How a crisis affects your work style
  • Your understanding of client relationships
  • Professionalism, or lack thereof
  • Any previous experience dealing with criticism

There is no real right or wrong answer to this question, but here is the caveat: if you don’t know how to answer this question, it reveals your lack of experience. Anyone who has worked in social media has had to deal with negative reviews and comments to their client’s social media accounts. 

The best answer to this question includes discussing a crisis management plan as part of an overall social media strategy.

2 ‘What Is The Most Interesting Campaign You’ve Worked On?’

This question reveals your creativity and enthusiasm for the job.

This is not where you brag about results. This is where you show your creativity, your outside-the-box-thinking, and your enthusiasm for doing your job and being part of a team. This question will be the one that most likely will weigh heavily on whether you’d be a good fit in this company. 

The best answer to this question includes letting your love for managing social media and social media content creation shine through. 

3 ‘What Accomplishment Are You Most Proud Of?’

This question reveals some of what you value in life most: experiences vs accolades.

Here is where you can look to the past to dream about the future. Talk about achieving success in a difficult work environment, or sticking to long-term goals like getting a college degree or becoming certified.

While looking back at past accomplishments in the digital marketing space, don’t forget personal accomplishments aka running a marathon, climbing Machu Picchu or starting a charity. These types of accomplishments show character, determination and willpower and could help you land your dream job or project. 

Remember that people hire for attitude, as skills can be taught.

4 ‘What Tools Are You Currently Using and What Do you Like About Them?’

This question reveals your mindset, project management/tech skills and preferred learning style..

This is where your versatility and your skill set might separate you from the rest of the applicants. Don’t just mention tools to schedule posts, but also mention systems you’ve set up to get work done: project management tools, creation tools for video, photographs and graphics and more. Talk about why you use the tools and what the benefits are to using them.

Those that use and love talking about tools are organized, efficient and often on a career path to success. 

5 ‘How Would You Show Us ROI and Campaign Results?’

This question reveals your analytical thinking process, deductive reasoning, strategic planning and attention to detail. 

Social media marketing aka social media management is often compared to digital marketing. While a digital marketer can be in charge of social media management, most social media managers won't call themselves a digital marketer.

Additional Behavioral Interview Questions to Prepare For 

Here are a few additional questions to ponder and prepare for.

  • Can we see your portfolio?
  • Give us two campaigns ideas for our brand.
  • How do you determine paid advertising cost for a campaign?
  • How do you measure results?
  • What additional skills are you bringing to a new team?
  • What is the salary range you are looking for?
  • Do you have community management experience?

Don't Ever Answer This Interview Question!

There is one social media manager interview question you should not answer! It's such a ‘popular' yet devastating question, we've written TWO articles about this topic.

Decline to be part of this type of interview &
Don't fall for this interview tactic!

Make sure to read these both before your next job interview! It will save you time, heartache and preserve your self-respect and sanity.

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