5 Reasons to Celebrate Social Media Day This Year!

5 Reasons to Celebrate Social Media Day This Year!

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On June 30, 2019 the world will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Social Media Day.

Originally launched by Mashable in 2009, this official global celebration of all people and things social media, including social media professionals and social media platforms, is now in its 10th year and dare we say, more relevant than ever!

Social media professionals from all over the world come together to celebrate ‘their’ special day on June 30th.

Some will meet up at local events, others might join those events virtually through livestreaming, or join a summit if no local event is offered nearby.

Whatever way you, the social media manager, want to celebrate social media day, celebrate you should!

Here are 5 reasons we think you should join these festivities to celebrate this special day!

Reasons To Celebrate Social Media Day

We at Social Media Pro are always up for celebrating our industry!

This year, we are hosting the Social Media Day Summit from June 24 -June 30 with over 15 speakers!

The content we’ve prepared is going to inspire you.

The speakers we have lined up will blow your socks off with their knowledge.

become a social media manager

Besides all this great content and these great speakers we have lined up for the Social Media Day Summit, here are 5 additional reasons to celebrate Social Media Day!

1) Learn The Latest: Social Media Trends and Updates!

No social media day is complete without some basic training, the latest trends and the most recent updates. As social media changes so quickly and new platforms and new updates are almost a daily occurrence, staying up on all the latest in our industry can be… well…challenging!

Catch up on everything you might have missed this past year during our Summit!

The best part is that we don’t just offer platform help, or just trending topics. We’ve compiled the best variety of content we could to support you in your endeavors as a social media manager!

Our speakers are social media influencers who practice what they preach and thus speak from experience, not textbooks.

Everything these social media professionals share with us during the Summit, all tips and trends, updates and deep dives, comes from personal experiences.

The interviews we have conducted are live, on-the-spot interviews and our speakers did not disappoint! One by one by one; each of them shared deeply personal strategies, tips, and insights.

Don’t miss out on their content, possibly saving you months, even years, of trial and error.

2) Celebrate The Marketing Industry

If we don’t celebrate who will?

  • People distort the truth using social media.
  • Schools can be negative about social media.
  • Parents are downright scared of social media and its consequences.

Who are the protectors of the marketing industry?

We are!

It is up to us to show the world all the positive stories of social media, social media usage, social media marketing and more.

Almost every industry or profession has a special celebratory day! We are forever grateful to Mashable for stepping up 10 years ago and declaring June 30 ‘Social Media Day’

Did you know that our Social Media Pro co-founder Kate Buck Jr. was involved in the first Social Media Day celebrations?

3) Grow Your Social Media Business

By learning more about the industry of social media, you will find new ways to grow your business.

Whether you attend a #SMday event in person, or you decide on joining us for our Summit, take the opportunity to learn a new skill.

At our Social Media Day Summit, our expert speakers will present talks about

  • Messenger Bots!
  • Pinterest for Business!
  • Local Marketing Efforts!
  • LinkedIn Selling!
  • Facebook Groups!
  • Facebook Live!
  • Influencer Marketing!
  • Storytelling!
  • Lead Magnets!
  • Online Courses!
  • …and more

We suggest you pick at last one, possibly two topics related to something you know very little about and then learn, dive in and an implement.

That is how you grow your business!

Have we mentioned that our Social Media Day Summit is…FREE?

4) Connect with Influencers

The best part of any party, besides the food and drinks, is the people! While it's fun to reconnect with old friends, of course, and share a drink and a story, who isn't up for meeting some new people? We bet you've been at parties before where one of your friends introduced you to the coolest guy or the prettiest girl, or their best friend.

It can be like that on Social Media Day!

During social media day celebrations, you will have the opportunity to connect with and stay connected to industry influencers.

Here are some ways you can connect with an influencer during a celebration like #smday!

In-person events

  • Take a selfie with the influencer
  • Buy their book, get it signed
  • Support their presentation & sit in the front row!
  • Ask a question during a presentation
  • Ask for a video sound-bite or interview
  • Tweet out a quote
  • Grab a coffee together
  • Bring a (small) gift/token of appreciation
  • Tag them in pictures and videos you take!


  • Follow them on social media
  • Add them to a Twitter list
  • Write a review for a book
  • Give them a LinkedIn recommendation
  • Comment, like and share their posts
  • Join their Facebook group
  • Read and comment on a blog article
  • Subscribe to their YouTube channel

The goal is to get noticed by the influencer to start a relationship; connecting is only the first part of the journey!

5) Socialize with Social Media Peers

Last but not least, what good is any party if your friends aren’t there?!

Social media managers do report feeling isolated at times, many while working from a home office or remotely for a company.

How fun is this then; a real celebration of the social media industry, with you and your colleagues!

Connecting in real-life at a #smday event is best, of course, but if you can only join virtually due to time-restraints or physical location, no worries; you can still meet new people through Twitter lists, Facebook events and of course, the #smday hashtag as well as other related hashtags (like our summit hashtag #smdaysummit)

We understand the value of connecting with colleagues, peers, industry experts and influencers and the impact knowing you are not alone makes on a social media manager.

As owners of the largest social media managers Facebook group, we get a first-hand glimpse into the life of the ordinary social media manager.

Despite what some might think, social media management is not at all glamorous when in the trenches and can be quite lonely at times.

If you feel this way sometimes, take Social Media Day 2019 as a reason to connect with others in the industry to re-energize!

Celebrate Social Media Day 2019 With Us

Don’t wait any longer.

Celebrate Social Media Day 2019 with the Social Media Pro team and our incredible community.

Register today. It’s free!

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