How To Celebrate Social Media Day 2020

How To Celebrate Social Media Day 2020

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Did you know the social media industry has their very own social media holiday?

Of course we do! ?

While many social media managers use holiday calendars as inspiration to create relatable content for clients, not all social media professionals know of this special holiday dedicated to… us. 

Each year on June 30th, social media professionals celebrate Social Media Day! This comes from a fairly long-standing tradition – by internet standards – started 10 years ago by Mashable on June 30, 2010

From their humble beginnings in NYC, ‘Social Media Day’ has grown to be a worldwide phenomenon, an official global celebration. In-person and online celebrations of both Social Media Day and Social Media Week have sprouted up from Argentina to New York, Adelaide to San Diego, Cairo to Mexico and many more cities and countries in between. 

Due to the pandemic we are experiencing, World Social Media Day 2020 is shaping up to offer a completely different experience than any previous years. Most, if not all live Social Media Day events have been canceled due to social distancing guidelines – how will you be able to celebrate this year?

Fear not!

We have THE solution for you. Find out how and where to celebrate Social Media Day 2020 right here, right now. 

Why We Should All Celebrate Social Media Day 2020!

Social media is responsible for a new standard of how we communicate, and the true impact on global communication stems from the rise of social media.

This can be seen as a curse or a cure. 

While parents and educators might caution kids and teens again social media usage, those of us who make a living as social media professionals, or those of us who use social media to market our businesses, understand the impact, the changed lives and the far-fetching implication of a brave new online world we live in. 

Now more than ever, during the coronavirus pandemic, we need a reason to celebrate

Since this day was formed in part to celebrate global communication, we encourage you to start planning to use social media to reach out to your friends that live farthest from you on this day, and reach out to those who’ve been isolated and quarantined on your preferred social media platform.

What is your favorite social media platform?

  • Instagram YouTube 
  • Facebook and Twitter
  • SnapChat, TikTok or Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Reach out and use the official #smday hashtag, allowing you to network and connect with fellow social media professionals!

become a social media manager

The History of Social Media in 10 Powerful Moments

Our friends at Buffer app wrote an article highlighting the 10 most powerful moments that shaped social media history. 

Can you guess which moments might be included in that list?

Several of my personal guesses were indeed included. 

They were 

  • Ellen’s Selfie during the Oscars
  • The Start of Facebook

What wasn’t included was the lady on Facebook LIVE, laughing hysterically with a Chewbacca mask

Curious? See the full list here. 

Social Media Day 2020 Celebrations Around The World

We’ve done some digging and searching using the #smday hashtag. 

During previous years, May seemed to be the start of the the #smday celebration announcements. We’d notice event announcements pop up on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, so much so that in 2018 we wrote out an event list on our blog to help our blog readers locate an event nearby or online to join. That year we listed close to 25 live events! 

As of now, we’ve spotted just a handful of celebrations of Social Media Day 2020. 

Do not worry! Remember, we've already stated earlier, we have a plan!

We are doubly glad we were already working on our VIRTUAL, ONLINE celebration for Social Media Day 2020!

Now we are inviting you, your colleagues, your friends and your clients to come celebrate Social Media Day, and all social media professionals, with us for a week-long event. 

Join Us Virtually for Social Media Day 2020

You heard that right! 

Come celebrate all week long from June 29 – July 3 to celebrate Social Media Day 2020. We will celebrate this day virtually on June 30, 2020 during the 2nd Annual Social Media Day Summit.

What will that celebration look like? 

It's as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Register for our Social Media Day Summit here
  2. Join the Social Media Managers Facebook Group now to connect with 40K other social media professionals
  3. Invite your friends!

Curious about our speakers for the upcoming Social Media Day Summit? It's easy to connect with each speaker by using this Twitter list. You can also find each speaker on our summit website.

Won't you join us?

It's going to be… epic!

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