Building the Bridge Between Web2 and Web3

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Social media managers, listen up. YOU are the bridge between Web2 and Web3.

As more and more corporations and financial institutions are realizing the value of Web3 and are looking for ways to participate in this new iteration of the web, business leaders will be turning to social media professionals to take the lead on their Web3 projects and and guide them from Web2 into Web3.

We spoke with Eric ‘ERock' Christopher about how to build the bridge for companies who are wanting to make their entrance into Web3 and find accessible ways to participate in the Metaverse.

Building the Bridge Between Web2 and Web3 with Eric 'ERock' Christopher

How To Be the Bridge from Web2 to Web3

With our expertise and unique vantage point of Web2, social media managers are here to connect the dots for companies as they head into Web3.

You get to guide business leaders and be the trusted source for companies in this new frontier.

LinkedIn is an excellent resource for this.

Take one scroll through your LinkedIn feed and I can almost guarantee that you will see at least one post from someone talking about how they're starting their own NFT project, what coins they have invested in, or the new Web3 initiative they're collaborating on.

Be the liaison for these leaders. Offer to spearhead their social media campaign or consult on their digital marketing efforts to bridge the gap from Web2 to Web3.

In doing so, you keep your advantage as a social media expert and add value with the skills you've already been using in Web2.

Tools for Winning Clients from Web2 to Web3

As ERock shares with us – if you want to be a part of the next treasure trove of money that's going to be coming in from crypto and Web3, LinkedIn is the place to be.

And there are great tools that can aid in your client outreach while using the platform.

One tool ERock recommends for client outreach is an intelligent automation tool called Expandi.

Now when people hear automation, we often think of spam – and that is something we should all make sure to avoid. Spamming prospects will not work and you will not build relationships that way.

With intelligent automation tools, you can contact your prospects on LinkedIn and by email in a way that is true to who you are via smart automated sequences.

Coupling your automation tool with a personalized image tool like Hyperise is a great way to add an extra personalized touch to your outreach.

Hyperise creates dynamic personalized images and GIFs that work in conjunction with your existing outreach tools, and has proven to double outreach engagement.

With intelligent outreach tools, instead of just sending off a typical cold outreach email and hoping that you'll get a response, you now have multiple points of personalization with each prospect and your chances of grabbing a potential client's attention has just increased tenfold.

Growth Tip to Turn a Prospect into a Client

Now that you've connected with these prospects, how can you turn your connection into a client?

ERock shares a valuable growth tip for converting prospects into clients using a tool called LinkBoost.

LinkBoost generates qualified engagement on LinkedIn posts by using engagement pods to connect users who are interested in the content you're putting out and boost posts.

So, how can something like LinkBoost help with landing a client?

Everyone wants more eyeballs on their social media content. An engaged audience = more leads = more sales. It's why businesses hire social media managers in the first place.

With a tool like LinkBoost in your back pocket, you can use your engagement pod to increase the visibility of a potential clients content and give instant value to that prospect.

Want More?

ERock is sharing more of his tips on How to Win MetaClients in the Web3 Economy at our Metaverse Social Summit!

Learn how to bridge Web2 and Web3 with ERock Christopher at our Metaverse Social Summit

Coming up on October 20th, the Metaverse Social Summit will feature 8 expert speakers to answer your questions on Web3 and the Future of Marketing.

We’ve got a killer lineup and I want you there!

  • We’ll kick off with Joel Comm giving us the low-down on What Social Media Professionals Need to Know about Web3
  • Sebastian Rusk will walk us through How Web2 has Prepared Us for Web3 and how to transfer our skillset
  • Justin Rezvani will be talking about How Decentralized Social Media Works and the Opportunity it Creates
  • Jesse Jameson will reveal how to Make Money in the Metaverse
  • Eric ‘ERock’ Christopher will share more unique ideas for Winning Clients in the Web3 Economy
  • Lisa Buyer will cut through the noise and share the Myths, Musts, and Mantras for Marketing in the Metaverse

And we STILL have a couple surprises to come!

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