The Best Black Friday Deal for Social Media Managers

The Best Black Friday Deal for Social Media Managers

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Social Media Managers and Black Friday

Tools, software, equipment, and upgrades, oh my!

Black Friday is right around the corner, Black Friday deals are here and aren’t we all looking for the best deal on the greatest tools, equipment, and software we can find?

Those who own their own agency or freelance business surely will appreciate saving, but even a social media manager working for a company should get a kick out of saving money and creating some room in their marketing budget! 

While some of us might hold off buying until Cyber Monday, many will succumb to the temptation and start buying up “all the things”!

(I am totally speaking from personal experience here! ?)

Black Friday Ads Are Everywhere!

It started back in early November when the first Black Friday deals were announced. 

Here is some of the Black Friday deals ‘marketing jargon' we have seen have for these deals

  • Limited time offer
  • Year-long memberships 
  • Lifetime access
  • Coupon code
  • Lowest-price ever
  • Bundles
  • Early access
  • Exclusive access

While social media managers will go for these deals and offers and snag them up left and right, it’s a bit harder, but not impossible, for social media managers to offer a Black Friday deal (as a service provider). If you offer packages, a course or a-la-carte services, don't despair, it can be done! 

Social Media Pro's Best Black Friday Deal

We have gone crazy! 

We are excited to offer this crazy-good deal to social media managers all around the world! No matter where you live and no matter whether you celebrate Thanksgiving, or not, take advantage of this Blac Friday deal that will surely make you do a little happy dance!

We are offering three Best-Selling 2019 courses for only $97 each!

Pinterest Pro Course is one of our Black Friday Deals!

Did you know… 
55% of people that use Pinterest go there specifically to shop and buy?

If you’re working with a client in any business that has a product, a training, a service, anything that they want to get in front of people, Pinterest is the ideal platform for them to be on.

Local Marketing Pro is Our Second Black Friday Deal!

Are you…
brand new to Social Media Management? 

One of the best places to get started is with local marketing. Also called location-based marketing or neighborhood marketing—you are specifically targeting the community around a physical or brick and mortar location—it’s directed to the local population rather than the mass market.

Scoop Up Instagram Pro – Our Third Black Friday Deal!

Do you need to…
get your brand or product in front of whole new audiences quickly and organically?

Over 500 million people worldwide use Instagram DAILY and 60% of them are using the platform to discover and buy new products.

Three Courses On Sale; Three Great Deals!

Three of our 2019 best-selling courses are dramatically discounted for Black Friday: Pinterest Pro, Local Marketing Pro, and Instagram Pro.

Right now, you have two choices if you are new to any of these three platforms, or new to social media management:

1 Figure it out for yourself

That’s the hard way. Over the months, you risk keep hitting walls as you try to figure out the tactics, strategy, and day-to-day practicalities for Instagram, Pinterest, and the Local Marketing essentials. 


2 Learn from us and become an expert in a matter of days in three of our best-selling content areas. 

We’ve already put in the work and proven our methods with actual clients.  Why not just swipe our secrets and take the proven road to success? 

Hurry, This Black Friday Deal Expires Soon! 

All good things come to an end, and so will this offer! 

Our Black Friday offer ends MIDNIGHT Monday, December 2, 2019.

  • Grab it now.
  • Learn when you are ready.
  • Implement as you go! 

We dare you…start 2020 off with a BANG!

Click on the image below and get your courses right now!

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