What Is The Best Tool To Schedule Social Media Posts

What Is The Best Tool To Schedule Social Media Posts?

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The Best Tool is The One You Use!

We hear this question all the time:

What is the best tool to schedule social media posts?

There is no quick answer but here is one thing to remember with scheduling tools, or any other social-media-related tool or app you pay for; the best one, the best tool is the one you will actually use!

Therefore it is important to gather as much information as you can about a tool before paying for it.

Getting user feedback, from peers or other industry leaders, is important.

In this article, we will discuss the merits of using a scheduling tool for posting to social media. We will also help you figure out how to find the best scheduling tool for your business.

Why Schedule Social Media Posts?

Two words!

Time and Money … because time is money!



Anyone up for a virtual high five?


Using a scheduling tool for your social media posts will save you both time and money.

And who doesn’t want to do that?

But wait… if you have to pay for a tool, how does it save you money?

Don’t worry, we will get to that.

Ready? Read on.

Know What Tools That Schedule Social Media Posts Can Do!

There are quite a few scheduling tools on the market and new ones are added constantly.

Many of the tools we have encountered offer similar functions and features.

Usually, the biggest differentiators are the following features:

  • type of social media channels – where can the tool post
  • number of social media channels – how many channels per account
  • pricing
  • measuring and reporting – analytics
  • bulk uploading
  • team functionality
  • dashboard layout

Before checking out your options, it is a good idea to note down what your needs are, what your budget is and how many accounts you will need!

How Much Do Scheduling Tools Cost?

Each scheduling tool will have their own pricing, available on their website. If you work for a large agency, they might want to connect with each tool to ask about enterprise pricing. If you are a solopreneur, you may want a free or low-cost option.

Most tools will give you a break in pricing if you sign up and pay for a full year vs paying each month. They might also be able to ‘lock in’ a price point, give you a discount or a discount code or present you with a special, limited-time offer.

The best ways to go about getting access to the lowest price is to

a) schedule a demo

b) ask for a discount – be direct

c) buy on Black Friday or Cyber Monday

d) ask colleagues for an affiliate link or discount code

Here is one more thing to take into account with regard to cost.

Do a cost analysis on how much money you will save just in time alone when using a scheduling tool! If you look at the time spent on posting vs time spent scheduling, most tools are going to be worth it right out of the gate!

Now let’s look at your choices in scheduling tools!

become a social media manager

Choosing The Best Tool To Schedule Social Media Posts

Let’s look at some of your options – in alphabetical order A-Z! Some of these tools only schedule to one or two social media platforms, others will give you a full suite of social media platforms to post to. It’s up to you to find the best fit for your business.

NOTE: This is not a complete list.

If you want your tool to be added to this list, just leave a comment below with a link and we will add the tool here!

  • AgoraPulse – “Social Media Management Simplified”
  • Buffer – “The Most Intuitive Social Media Management Tool‎”
  • ContentCal – “Save Time and Create Better Social Media Content”
  • CoSchedule – “It’s Time to Fire Makeshift Marketing”
  • Crowdfire – “Social Media Management, Simplified”
  • Eclincher – “Best In Class Social Media Management Tool”
  • Engage121 – “We Deliver Digital Marketing Success”
  • Falcon – “The Platform for Every Kind of Social Media Marketer”
  • Grum – “Schedule Your Instagram From Web”
  • HeyOrca – “A Social Media Calendar for Digital Agencies”
  • Hootsuite – “The Best Way To Manage Social”
  • Later – “#1 marketing Platform for Instagram”
  • Loomly – “Your Simple Social Media Calendar”
  • MavSocial – “Streamline Your Social Media Management”
  • MeetEdgar – “Automate Posts with Meet Edgar”
  • OneUp – “Schedule your Google My Business and social media posts”
  • Onlypult – “Scheduled Posting To Instagram”
  • Planable – “Social Media Collaboration and Approval Platform”
  • Plannthat – “Instagram Planning, Scheduling + Analytics App”
  • Postplanner – “Smarter Social Media Management”
  • RecurPost – “Social Media Post Scheduler with Amazing Features”
  • Rignite – “Social Media Management & Marketing Software”
  • Schedugram – “The Ultimate Instagram Management Platform”
  • Sendible – “The #1 Social Media Management tool for Agencies”
  • Social Draft – “Social Management for Teams”
  • Social Jukebox – “Best Automated Social Networks Management Tool”
  • Social Mako – “Great Tool for Social Marketing”
  • Social Oomph – “Tools to Boost Your Social Media Productivity”
  • Social Pilot – “Simple & Cost-effective Social Media Management Tool for Teams and Agencies
  • Social Report – “The World’s Most Complet Social Media Management Platform”
  • Social Studio – “#1 Social Marketing Platform”
  • Spredfast – “Make Your Social Smarter”
  • Sprinklr – “Marketing Software for a New World of Business”
  • Sprout Social – “Social Media Management Solutions”
  • SmarterQueue – “The Smartest Way To Do Social Media. Properly.”
  • Swat – “Social Media Management For Teams”
  • Tailwind – “Easier Scheduling & Analytics”
  • Woop Social – “The Smarter Choice for Amazing Marketers”
  • Zoho -“Marketing Without the Markup”

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