How To Get Your Best Nine Instagram Photos of 2019

How To Get Your Best Nine Instagram Photos of 2019

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Can you believe it is almost 2020? Where did the time go? Did you accomplish everything you thought you would in 2019?

Before we know it we will be ‘back' in the roaring 20s! It's going to be a great decade!

But again, how crazy is it that's it will be 2020? 

This holiday season, before moving forward, look back! Check out your accomplishments, celebrate the goals you set and met, and pat yourself on the back for keeping on keeping on when the going was… tough.

We bet you love looking back on this year, whether it was great, exhausting, stressful, painful or the best year ever! With a new bank slate ready for us in 2020, the sky is the limit.

Hey, let's face it; it is fun to see the changes from month-to-month and year-to-year – in video and pictures!

Digital Memories To Last a Lifetime

 Digital is the name of the memory game!

  • Baby books
  • Photo albums
  • Calendars
  • Diaries 
  • Libraries

You name it, and content previously preserved on paper is now digitally accessible

Looking back to enjoy memories of time past has never been this easy! 

Even social media platforms understand the importance of preserving memories. Facebook has a special ‘memories’ section where you can select and see your past posts as well as a ‘year in review’ video! 

Looking At Your Instagram Photos of the Year

While scrolling back on Instagram and doing your own recognizance to find your top Instagram posts is certainly possible, why not make it easy on yourself? Find the Best Nine Instagram posts, with an easy to use tool!

Best Nine is well-loved by celebrities and influencers; their fans love it when they (re)share their best posts of the past year.

The thinking behind this is that if you pick the best nine images; the best of your content – which together make an awesome photo collage grid to share btw – your audience will love, love, love seeing those same images again in a compilation. 

become an instagram pro

Best Nine on Desktop

How this works is easy; no need to give the app an email address – just logging in to Instagram will get you your Best Nine. It’s a simple three-step process.  

First, you pick which year you want. This app can go back and pick your Best Nine from 2011 all the way to 2019, if your account goes back that far, that is!

Next, enter your Instagram username. The app will prompt you to make sure you are logged in to the right Instagram account. 

Then the app instantly delivers you your Best Nine!

Once you have your Best Nine, you can download the grid as a jpeg image to share on Instagram.

Best Nine App for Android or iPhone

Download the app in your app store or Google Play.
(It's available on Android and iPhone.)

The process is similar to the desktop version.

First, you select the year.

Next, log in to your Instagram account.

Once you do that, your Best Nine instantly appear. 

On the mobile version, I found a few additional fun ways to play around with the grid.

Fresh Ideas To Share The Best Nine Instagram Photos

Besides just posting the grid image on Instagram to show off your Best Nine photos, here are a few additional ideas!

  • Create a blog article with all nine images, telling your ‘Year in Review' story with pictures
  • Find the nine pictures on your camera and create your own video. (or, you can download and buy it on the app for an additional $0.99)
  • Share your Best Nine Instagram photos grid on other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn with a clear call-to-action to connect with you on Instagram.
  • Ask your friends to share their grids in a post on Facebook!

Using the Best Nine concept, you can also

  • Create a ‘Best Nine Instagram' photos grid based on the content you loved creating. Compare, and share what you loved and what your audience loved.
  • Select ‘Best Nine' Instagram photos for several additional categories (products, event, conferences, friends, meetups, pets, family)
  • Map out where your Best Nine pictures were taken!
  • Show off your Best Nine bloopers in a new grid, because we all know it took you 100 tries to get these awesome pics!

Wishing you a wonderful 2020! Happy New Year!

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