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How To Pick The Best Instagram Manager App

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While Instagram is a mobile app and was originally meant to be used as an ‘instant’ way of sharing visual content, we social media managers need a way to manage the following when in charge of a clients' Instagram account:

The million dollar question seems to be “What is the best Instagram Manager App for social media managers to make Instagram marketing more efficient?”

While there isn’t one perfect answer and not one perfect tool, in this article we will look at several options to help you the social media manager manage your clients' Instagram accounts alongside all the other social profiles you manage efficiently and professionally.

Before you make choices about what Instagram apps and tools to use, you will need to identify your needs as a freelancer or agency, as well as set your budget. 

Take into account business growth when you look at these apps and tools and ask yourself: “Will these tools still be affordable if I add more clients and will these tools be able to grow with me?” Nothing will be more frustrating than having to learn a new tool or system as you scale your business! 

Let’s start with the functionality all social media managers want and need; a scheduler app to schedule Instagram posts!

Identify Your Schedule Instagram App Needs

The function of being able to schedule your posts to Instagram is one we’ve been hoping Instagram would provide all along on their own platform, much like Facebook has done. 

While it’s not a perfect fit, the new Creator Studio by Facebook does allow you to schedule posts to Instagram and IGTV, for free! 

If you need more than what Creator Studio has to offer, we suggest you start by making a list of what functionality and price point an Instagram manager app needs to have in order to work for you and your scheduling needs. 

List out what you need an Instagram App to do.

What Instagram content do you need to share?

  • Instagram feed
  • Instagram stories
  • IGTV
  • Reels

Number of social accounts you need to be able to process.

  • One
  • Multiple clients

Price points to fit your budget needs.

  • Free
  • Monthly price per client
  • Monthly price per team member
  • Levels (small business, agency, enterprise)

Desktop and Mobile functionality.

  • Does the tool have an app?
  • Does the tool serve push notifications or publish for you?

In-app editing tools availability.

  • Yes or No
  • What type of tools are available?

Is the tool an official third party partner with Instagram? 

  • Yes
  • No

Does the tool offer Instagram analytics?

  • How far back?
  • How extensive
  • Reporting templates

Cross social network functionality.

  • Other platforms this tool works for?
  • Is there an extra cost associated?

Once you consider all of these questions for yourself as a freelancer or agency, also think about the current clients you serve as well as any new potential clients you plan to attract and how you will need to serve their needs! 

Planning ahead is smart business

One-Function Instagram Manager Apps

While scheduling seems to be the number one ‘ask’ social media managers have as far as Instagram tools, there are many other apps and tools social media managers need access to. 

Here are some single-function Instagram apps and tools social media managers use on a daily basis to manage their clients’ Instagram business accounts. 

Most often, social media manager do not need access to these tools on a daily basis but they do help the workflow or overall performance and management style. 

Most of the tools mentioned above help you with productivity and efficiency. 

become an instagram pro

Instagram Management Strategy

While this article tells you about tools and apps you might want or need to manage multiple Instagram accounts, we want to make sure you understand that Instagram management all starts with a social media strategy plan and a hashtag strategy.

Before launching head-first into Instagram and posting content, you will need to research the industry, audience and hashtags for each new client.

Automation Should Not Replace Human Interaction

While tools and apps will make you more efficient and more productive in your role as social media manager, automation should never, ever replace human interaction and relationship building.

Be genuine on social media and interact with your audience. Build relationships!

The Instagram Tool Social Media Pro Uses

The last question we want to answer is what do we at Social Media Pro use for Instagram management. We are happy to share that we use Tailwind as our preferred tool to manage Instagram.

Now that you know what to look for in the best Instagram manager apps and tools, we wish you happy hunting.

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