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5 Reasons You Need to Attend the Social Media Content Summit

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The Social Media Pro® team is at it again! After last year’s success of our second annual 5-day Social Media Day Summit with 19K+ attendees, and our one-day Social Media Video Summit, we are thrilled to announce the first Social Media Content Summit to take place on Thursday March 18, 2021. Won’t you join us? 

This virtual event is perfect for content creators, freelance social media managers, small business owners, and anyone in marketing ready to learn more about all aspects of the social media content creation process! 

Signing up is easy, and FREE!

If you’re not quite convinced that signing up for a free virtual summit where you’ll get free training by some of our industry’s best and brightest is right for you, keep reading! We give you 5 reasons you need to attend our upcoming Social Media Content Summit

1 Listen to Industry Leaders 

We are excited for our speaker line up. We’ve invited seven incredible industry leaders who practice what they teach each and every day in their own businesses. We are thrilled to introduce you to these speakers, including:

2 Learn Content Creation Systems and Processes

A successful content creation plan is all about creating systems and processes to implement a social media content strategy.

For those who've been winging it; a content strategy is more than just ideas. Content planning includes creating calendars, the content creation process, content tools and more. Without a plan, testing and measurable results, you are just ‘throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks’.

Our content experts will give you guidance and ideas on how to systematize the content creation process. 

3 Gain Knowledge, Insights and Inspiration

Content marketing encompasses many disciplines within the marketing industry. Our experts will share their knowledge, insights and inspiration about copywriting, influencer marketing, agile marketing, digital marketing and more.

Our speakers for this digital summit are senior level marketing professionals, who’ve been in the field of marketing for years.

As keynote speakers, trainers, instructors, live show hosts and agency owners, they know a lot about scaling and using content creation processes that work!

4 Win One of Several Prizes Donated by Our Sponsors

We’ve secured several amazing sponsors who are excited to be giving away excellent prizes. 

Sponsors for the Social Media Content Summit include:

  • one-year pass to Social Media Pro®
  • one-year Socialinsider Small Agency Plan with analytics for 40 Social Media profiles; 12 months of data posts and access for 3 team members
  • lifetime access to‘s automated content repurposing platform for podcasts, live streams, and videos
  • one year use of StreamYard – live streaming studio in your browser (5)
  • FREE one-year listing on the Social Media Manager Pro Directory. (5)

You don’t have to be present to win any of these prizes, but you do have to register for the Social Media Content Summit to be eligible!

5 Connect with Community Members in Chat!

We are excited that during this summit, you will have access to our community, team and in certain cases, speakers, via chat! You’ll be able to ask questions and get answers in real time. 

While a virtual event doesn’t give you the same live experience as say an in person event like Social Media Marketing World in San Diego, a virtual summit can give you the same opportunities to network if you put in a bit of effort to connect. 

(BONUS) Stay In and Join From Home!

Learn and connect from home! We know this is yet another great reason to attend the Social Media Content Summit.

You will receive step-by-step, actionable tips to improve your social media content and you don't have to dress up or leave your home to be part of it. 

Social Media Day Summit & Social Media Week

What’s beyond this summit?

Once this summit has successfully launched, team Social Media Pro® will turn our eyes to the 5-day Social Media Day Summit which usually coincides with Social Media Week events around the globe, always falling on and around June 30, which is International Social Media Day

The Social Media Day Summit was one of the largest online marketing events of 2020 and we are excited to bring it back! 

Are you ready? Register now for the 2021 Social Media Content Summit!

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