2018 Social Media Day Events Around the World

2018 Social Media Day Events Around the World

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Will You Be Celebrating World Social Media Day This Year?

Social Media Marketers Unite!

Let's party!

We sure hope you are celebrating this special Social Media Day in a special way.

World Social Media Day was started by Mashable in 2010 as a way to

recognize and celebrate social media’s impact on global communication

June 30th, 2018 marks the ninth-annual official global celebration; will you take part?

become a social media manager

Follow The Hashtag #SMDay

If you are hoping to attend a live event on World Social Media Day, we have created a list of Social Media Day events for you to check out. Alternatively, you can follow the #smday hashtag and try to find and connect to any additional events in your corner of the world and more importantly, connect with other social media marketers who might want to connect and celebrate together.

Each live event seems to be using a variation of the #smday hashtag, adding their location to the end. In the list below, you will find the corresponding hashtag with each live event listing.

NOTE: Not all events will happen on June 30! Several events we found will be taking place earlier in June.

Join Us For Social Media Pro LIVE: SMDay 2018

Social Media Pro is excited to announce that we are hosting our very own live event on Friday & Saturday, June  29 & 30!

Join us for the Social Media Pro LIVE: SMDay 2018 event on our Facebook page hosted by Kate Buck Jr. and Jesse Jameson of Social Media Pro.

We’ll be live-streaming to our Facebook page from Austin with interviews from social media events across the US – get all the details on our Facebook page!

We are excited to be hosting numerous influencers and industry greats, as well as local participants at other Social Media Day live events around the world!

2018 social media day events

Ready to find out how you can join?

Social Media Day Events In the USA!

Social Media Pro LIVE: SMDay 2018
June 29 & 30
Social Media Pro Facebook Page

Social Media Week Lima
June 20-21
Lima, Ohio

Social Media Day Lafayette
June 22
Lafayette, Louisianna

Social Media Day Wichita
June 27
Wichita, KS

Social Media Day NYC
June 27
New York, NY
Mashable Meetup

Social Media Day Philadelphia
June 28
Philadelphia, PA

Social Media Day Plainview
June 28
Plainview, NY

Social Media Day Jacksonville
June 29-June 30
Jacksonville, FL

Rocks Digital Marketing Conference & Social Media Day
June 29 & 30
Richardson, TX

Social Media Day Denver
June 29
Denver CO

Social Media Day San Diego
June 29
San Diego CA

Social Media Day Houston
June 30
Houston TX

Social Media Day Phoenix
June 30
Phoenix AZ

Social Media Day Memphis
June 30
Memphis, TN

Social Media Day Events From Around The World!

Social Media Day Rosario
June 15
Rosario, Argentina

Social Media Day Halifax
June 22
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Social Media Conference Suriname
June 25-26
Paramaribo, Suriname

Social Media Day Aachen
June 29
Aachen, Germany

Social Media Day Universidad Latina
June 29
San Jose, Costa Rica

Social Media Day Jordan
June 30
Amman, Jordan

ReDi Social Media Day
June 30- July 1
Ahmedabad, India

Social Media Day Surat
June 30
Surat, India

Social Media Day Community Chalk Tweet
June 30
Windsor, Essex, Canada

Are You Hosting or Attending a #SMDay Event Not Listed Here?

We would love to add your event to this growing list of #SMDay events!

Please send an email with details of your event to [email protected], or leave a comment below. We will make sure to update this list all month!

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