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Social Media has become one of the most powerful ways for a business to attract new customers, and it continues to be one of the best ways to gain repeat business.  There's a Social Media conversation going on in every marketplace.  If you and your company are not a part of that conversation, then you're losing business to your competitors who are engaged. 

We'll show you how to jump right in and make the most of Social Media in a way that best fits the needs of your business.  The playbook in our course comes straight from our own Social Media Agency where we service clients both large and small.  All of our Instructors are active professionals on the cutting edge of Social Media Marketing.

Our course will help you to choose the Social Networks that are the best fit for your business.  You are moments away from access to fresh training content that has the potential to give your business a voice that can be heard far and wide.

The HNI 5-Step Approach to Social Media - Module 1

Duration: 1h 10m

We begin by demystifying Social Media and sharing the 5-step approach that we use in our agency.

Branding Your Business - Module 3

Duration: 1hr 12m

Branding is about mindshare.  Learn all about building your unique brand to reach the right people and stay top of mind with the value that you offer.

Content & Connections - Module 5

Duration: 15m

You don't want to post just any old content.  Here you will learn how to find the best topics that get the greatest engagement in your particular marketplace.

Bonus Course #1 - Facebook Pro

Duration: 3h 55m

Learn Facebook's role in your Social Media strategy. We'll explore the Newsfeed, Personal Profiles, Groups & Pages.  Next we deep dive into helping you to create the best Facebook marketing strategy for your business.

Creating Your Ideal Customer Profile - Module 2

Duration: 22m

Nothing impacts your marketing efforts more than targeting to the right audience. In this module you learn how to do just that.

Your Editorial Calendar - Module 4

Duration: 30m

Learn how to maintain an effective editorial calendar to manage your content and promotions so that they get the most reach for your business.

Setting Up Your Social Profiles - Module 6

Duration: 30m

How well does your Social Profile represent you and your business? Learn these proven tips for setting up Social Profiles that get you noticed. 

Bonus Course #2 - Twitter Pro

Duration: 4h 23m

What can Twitter do for your business?  We'll help you learn how to quickly craft the best plan for you.  

Next we explore the Twitter tools that make your efforts more effective and efficient.

What People Are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"The ROI has been huge!"

After investing a lot of money in other social media training options, I finally found the right actionable solution for my business. What I’ve learned has far surpassed the content of competing SM products. The ROI has been huge!

Patty Dominguez
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"Next thing you know I'm a best selling author"

I started implementing the strategies from this training in my own business. Next thing you know I’m a bestselling author.

Debbie 'Takara' Shelor
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"I now approach my business with a greater degree of confidence and aptitude."

The systems and strategies that I have learned are incredibly valuable.  I now approach my business with a greater degree of confidence and aptitude.

Dr. Carrie Rose Ed.D 

Social Media Managers Are In High Demand!

We've trained more SMM's than anyone!

We run the most active Facebook group for Social Media Professionals and consistently receive new success stories from our students. Our students share that they are thrilled with how their lives have changed for the better doing the work they love to do.  You are already spending time on Social Networks.  Why not get paid for it?

Looking to start a business of your own?  Social Media Management is fun, exciting, and profitable.  Already have a business providing online services?  Extend your offering to include Social Media Marketing.

The Social Media Manager Pro training course includes all of the training in the Social Media Pro course, as well as the following training Modules:

Packaging & Pricing - Module 2

Duration: 1hr 49m

In this module, you will see the packaging and pricing module that we use in our own agency.  You'll get downloadable templates that you can use in your own business.

Managing Clients - Module 4

Duration: 1h 35m

Now we dive into easy to follow strategies for managing your clients, including many of the daily checklists that we use in our own agency.  We also show you how to measure your results and provide reporting to your clients.

Running Your Business - Module 6

Duration:  55m

This module explores the best way to manage the day to day operations of your Social Media Management business.

Social Media for Local Businesses - Module 8

Duration:  55m

There are important nuances of Managing Social Media for a traditional brick and mortar local business.   Here, we show you the best practices that produce fast results. 

What is a Social Media Manager? - Module 1

Duration:  43m

In this first module, we explore the ever expanding role of the Social Media Manager.

Getting Clients - Module 3

Duration: 2h 21m

Next, we'll show you where to find the businesses who are starved for what you have to offer.  This in-depth module has helped many of our students find their first clients in days.

Reputation Management - Module 5

Duration:  35m

The need for reputation management skills continues to grow as more businesses step into Social Media. We'll show you the best practices to follow as well as unique strategies that we have learned along the way.

Beyond Social Media Management - Module 7

Duration:  35m

Want to become a recognized Social Media expert in your market?  We show you how to move beyond Social Media Management and how to become a Social Media Strategist.

Documents, Presentations, Handouts...

We have included handouts, presentations, checklists, client agreements, and other useful documents that you can download and use in your business.

What People Are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"I’m now running my own business."

With the help of this serious social media training, I’m now running my own business where I help others build and grow their online presence and profits.

Camille Rodriquez (Polka Dot Impressions)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"Social Media Manager Pro has given me time-freedom to create the lifestyle of my dreams"

In less than 12 months, without any previous online experience, I became a stay at home father and a marketer for local businesses and entrepreneurs. Social Media Manager Pro has given me time-freedom to create the lifestyle of my dreams and I am happy and grateful I’ve built strong meaningful relationships with loving, like-minded people.

Daniel Chiteji (Marama Local Business Marketing)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"Now I’m managing 12 brands!"

Through this training I’ve gained valuable skills that complemented my IT background and allowed me to reinvent myself. Now I’m managing 12 brands.

Johnny Pineda (Top-Rank Media)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"I tripled my former income as a paralegal!"

This program literally changed my life! I have great clients, control over my workload, and have tripled my former income as a paralegal.

Karen Naide (Project Social)

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For a limited time, you can gain immediate access to the entire Social Media Pro training course and the Social Media Manager Pro training course...

You'll also gain access to the following bonuses...

Access to a private Facebook Group

With Social Media Pro CONNECT you gain access to our private Facebook Group where you can interact with our community of students.


CONNECT - Live Weekly Webinars

Many of our students find this to be one of the most valuable features of our training.  Several times a month we hold live webinars.  We bring on guest experts to share "What's Working Now" on the the top social networks.  We also do live Q&A sessions and review our students' Social Properties, Offers, and Websites and provide feedback.


CONNECT Webinar Archives - 3 Years

We've now been holding our live training webinars for the past 3 years.  As a part of your CONNECT membership you gain access to our extensive archive of training.


Facebook Advertising Pro 

Senior instructor Jesse Jameson has run many millions of dollars in Facebook advertising for a wide range of clients.  In this comprehensive 7 hour training course you'll get to look over his shoulder as he demystifies all aspects of paid advertising on Facebook. 


Social Retargeting Pro

If you are not retargeting the visitors of your website then you are wasting money on your marketing! Plain and simple.  Facebook Retargeting is easy and immediately effective.  Access to this best selling course is included with the Social Media CONNECT monthly membership. 


Mobile Leads Pro

For many businesses, LEADS are the lifeblood.  Generating leads on Facebook (with VERIFIED contact information) is as easy as Tap Tap and done.  In this course you will learn how to target your ideal prospect and then get them to share their contact information with you without them ever having to type any information into a form.  This is a low cost / high converting lead generation method.


WordPress Pro

Chances are that in your online marketing efforts you have crossed paths with WordPress.  More than 75 Million websites are built on WordPress. Website Pro is a comprehensive training course that takes the mystery out of this powerful website platform and it's included with your CONNECT Membership.


Facebook Pro

Facebook has now surpassed Google as a traffic source to content publishers and is now just as important to your online marketing efforts as Search Engine Ranking.  This comprehensive course by Social Media Rock Star and Social Media Pro co-founder Kate Buck Jr. shows you how to get the most out of the internets #1 Social Network.


Twitter Pro

Is Twitter right for your business?  This is the first question that we help you answer in this complete course.  You'll learn when and how to use Twitter to expand your reach in any market.   You'll discover daily best practices to maximize your efforts while spending the least amount of time necessary.

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